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Turn Your Home into an Airbnb and Travel the World

Turn Your Home into an Airbnb and Travel the World

You know what Airbnb is and you think it’s a good idea for real estate investment. The only problem is, you aren’t in any position to buy a second home. You’re in luck! This article will teach you how to turn your own personal home into an Airbnb.

Confused yet? Not to worry. The global economy has shifted in recent years causing more and more people to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle. Instead of selling your house when you hit the road, you’re going to turn it into an income stream to fund your full-time travel.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Current Home

Have you ever dreamt of traveling the world indefinitely?

For most people their biggest, wildest, craziest dreams have always felt out of reach. You have probably tried every side hustle on the internet and attempted every possible way to earn extra money.

Without extra cash, there is no hope of your insane next level dream becoming reality.

Here’s your sign that you’ve been ignoring your easiest way to earn extra income. You need to learn how to turn your home into an Airbnb. An Airbnb rental portfolio can make any dream a reality. 

By renting out your home to guests, you can generate passive income and go explore the world.

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The Journey to Becoming an Airbnb Host

Transforming your home into a successful Airbnb unit requires careful planning, preparation, and dedication. From assessing your property’s potential to creating an outstanding listing and managing your Airbnb remotely, this guide will walk you through the essential steps to turn your home into a thriving vacation rental while you travel the world.

Embracing the Opportunities and Rewards

Renting out your primary residence can nerve racking. But your first step is just to consider the idea. That house you’ve been sleeping in all these years could actually become an Airbnb property.

Not only can airbnb-generated income fund your travels, it can also build generational wealth. 

Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the potential of your home!

Assessing Your Home’s Airbnb Potential

Save me from the immediate rejection of the idea your home could become an Airbnb. Everyone has this idea that investment property is some higher caliber than a regular home.

An Airbnb owner is nothing more than a normal property owner who got a business license.

Understanding Your Property’s Unique Appeal

It’s hard to look at that spare bedroom and living space through the eyes of a potential renter. You see a tattered old home with missing door trim, chipped paint, and a gash in the floor.

Short-term guests see a yard their kid can run around in after flying 7 hours with a toddler. They see a kitchen that allows them to stay at home for dinner instead of wrangling 3 kids to Applebees. Business travelers see your desk with a beautiful bookshelf backdrop for their zoom meetings.

You see property damage. They see a unique experience.

Understanding Your Local Market

Before turning your home into an Airbnb, it’s crucial to understand the local rental market. Research the demand for short-term rentals in your area, considering factors such as seasonality, nearby attractions, and the presence of other Airbnb listings. 

This information will help you gauge your property’s potential and identify opportunities to stand out from the competition. Get creative in your thinking. Maybe your spare room could become a unique feature that would attract your ideal guest.

Evaluating Your Property’s Unique Features

Take a critical look at your home and identify its unique features that will appeal to guests. Consider aspects such as location, size, layout, design, and special amenities like a hot tub, garden, or a stunning view. 

Let me give you two examples of critical features for our family as we travel the world and rent short-term property. Firstly, we need desks to work. Unlike a typical vacationer we use the Airbnb platform to find places where we can digital nomad and continue working. Secondly, we want one bedroom to be very separate from the other bedrooms. We are a married couple with two pre-teen girls, I bet you can guess why we want some sound privacy.

Understanding what sets your property apart can help you market it more effectively and attract the right guests. One of the best ways Airbnb owners can get their first guest is by providing a big difference from other local rentals.

identify your ideal Airbnb guest

Identifying Target Guest Demographics

Define your ideal guest demographic based on your property’s features and location. For example, a family-friendly home close to popular tourist destinations might cater to families with children, while a stylish apartment in a trendy neighborhood could attract young couples or solo travelers. 

By understanding your target audience, you can tailor your listing and amenities to meet their specific needs and preferences, increasing the likelihood of bookings and positive reviews.

Preparing Your Home for Airbnb Guests

I can guarantee the very first thing you need to do to prepare your home for Airbnb hosting is to minimize your stuff. Your entire house needs a minimalist overhaul.

Messy to Minimalist Complete Course

Minimalism changed our lives. It took us years of struggle to finally embrace minimalism as a tool to live the life we wanted. Learn from our mistakes and complete your minimalist journey in record time.

Creating a Welcoming and Comfortable Space

The next step is to deep clean every area of your home. As the homeowner you don’t spend as much time cleaning your entire home because it’s your grime. Your rental business won’t tolerate a dirty house, so you’ll be cleaning areas you forgot existed.

Decluttering and Organizing Your Space

Remove all personal items and any excessive decorations to make the space feel open and inviting. Every day until the day your first renter checks in you will continuously declutter and minimize your stuff. 

Provide storage solutions, such as empty drawers and closet space, which will allow guests to settle in comfortably during their stay. Make your space easy to use by eliminating the vast majority of kitchen clutter. Leave only your best quality and condition items.

Turn Your Home into an Airbnb

Designing Welcoming and Comfortable Spaces

Design each room with your target guests in mind, ensuring that the space is functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Choose complimentary colors, quality furnishings, and comfortable bedding to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. 

Don’t forget to add small touches, like soft lighting and artwork, to make the space feel warm and inviting. Less is more when it comes to Airbnb decor. Think thrift store finds as opposed to expensive antiques as guests could possibly steal or break any items you put in the home.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Regulations

Safety is a top priority for guests, so it’s essential to ensure that your home meets all safety standards and local short-term rental regulations. For example, in my jurisdiction there is a requirement that nothing can obstruct access to the electrical panel.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, provide fire extinguishers, and clearly display emergency contact information. Additionally, research local laws and regulations governing long-term rental to ensure you go above and beyond those requirements.

Providing Essential Amenities for Guests

To ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, provide essential amenities such as clean linens, towels, toilet paper, and a well-equipped kitchen. The coffee maker doesn’t do your guest any good without some coffee. Consider keeping low cost amenities such as coffee stocked for your next guest.

I highly recommend offering Wi-Fi, streaming services, and charging cords to enhance their digital experience. Providing these essentials will not only contribute to great reviews but also help you maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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Storing Personal Belongings and Valuables

When we first turned our personal home into a part-time Airbnb the number one question I got was, “What do you do with all your stuff?” Valid question considering the average person has over 300,000 possessions.

Spoiler Alert: My #1 piece of advice regarding your stuff is, DO NOT get a storage unit. Do you hear me? I repeat, do not pay a monthly fee to a warehouse to keep your junk.

Ensuring Privacy and Security

In reality it is highly likely there will be documents, heirlooms, and personal treasures that you aren’t ready to part with. You could make the choice to keep those items in your home and create spaces where your Airbnb guests are not allowed to access.

If there is an option to keep items at a trusted friend or family members home, that would be my suggestion. We keep several boxes of our possessions at my mother in law’s home in case we ever decide to settle down somewhere long term.

Identifying Storage Solutions

Many people don’t have the option of leaving items at someone else’s home, that’s okay. 

Before leaving your home to guests, it’s essential to store your personal belongings and valuables securely. Determine if there is an extra room that can be locked for personal item storage. 

A locked room is preferable to a locked cabinet or drawer because your guest will be less tempted and less able to try to access that space.

If a suitable room doesn’t exist than a locking cabinet is your next best option. The good news about utilizing a cabinet is you will be forced to be extremely mindful about what you are keeping. As a minimalist my heart is happy when people don’t hang on to junk.

Securing Valuables and Sensitive Documents

Sensitive documents such as passports, birth certificates, and marriage licenses need to go with you as you travel the world. You can’t keep those items locked up in your Airbnb investment.

Valuable such as jewelry should be stored off site in a safety deposit box. Many banks will offer high value clients a safe deposit box for free as a perk for maintaining a relationship with the bank. I highly suggest setting up this secure storage space before leaving the country.

Maintaining a Personal Touch in Your Home

Although it’s important to create a neutral space for your guests, adding a few personal touches can make your home feel more welcoming and unique. Display family photos, a curated book collection, or children’s artwork to give your property character and charm. 

It is very obvious to a guest if your home was lived in versus being set up exclusively for Airbnb income. A great way to establish a connection with the guests is to make them feel as if they were invited into your home. When they feel connected to you the good reviews will reflect the extra mile you went to making your house feel like a home.

Creating an Outstanding Airbnb Listing

You’ve done everything the right way. You got your Airbnb business license, set up a dedicated email address, paid for insurance coverage, and now you want the Airbnb income to start rolling in.

Captivating Your Audience

You won’t make a single dollar if you can’t get potential guests to click on your listing from any of the short-term rental platforms. All your time, effort, and money is now represented by a one inch by one inch photo on a website you have no control over.

Capturing High-Quality Photos of Your Home

First impressions matter, and high-quality photos are the key to capturing your potential guests’ attention. Invest in a professional photographer to take well-lit, clear, and appealing images of your home. 

Showcase the unique features and amenities that set your property apart and highlight the spaces where guests will spend most of their time, like the living room, bedrooms, and outdoor areas.

Be a little ‘extra’ and stage your home before the real estate photographer arrives. Have fresh cut flowers and a bowl of limes in the kitchen. Set the dining room table like you’re about to serve dinner to the Queen of England. Draw a bubble bath and put a tray of wine and a good book in the bathroom.

how to turn home into airbnb

Crafting a Compelling Listing Description

Real quick, have you heard of SEO? Search engine optimization just means writing with your clients search terms in mind. What would someone type into google to find your house?

  • Secluded home near Houston
  • Penthouse in downtown San Francisco
  • House with a yard in Atlanta
  • View of Central Park in New York

Your listing description should be engaging, informative, and tailored to whatever your target audience would search for. Use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture of your home and the experience guests can expect.

Highlight the unique features, local attractions, and any special touches you’ve added to make your property stand out. Be sure to mention any house rules, restrictions, or requirements to ensure a smooth booking process and avoid misunderstandings.

The best way to avoid negative reviews is to be honest and forthcoming in your Airbnb listing. Don’t overstate the benefits or features of your Airbnb unit.

Highlighting Unique Selling Points and Local Attractions

To make your listing more appealing, emphasize the unique selling points of your home and highlight local attractions that may interest your guests. Are you close to a popular beach, a vibrant nightlife scene, or beautiful hiking trails?

Don’t assume all vacation rental guests are looking for big cities and the most popular tourist destinations. There is a huge increase in travel to small cities. Your local craft beer festival, city wide water fight, or race car derby might be just the escape your potential guest is looking for.

Share this information in your listing to help potential guests envision themselves enjoying these experiences during their stay at your Airbnb. This approach will not only increase bookings but also contribute to being able to charge higher prices.

Managing Your Airbnb While Traveling

New hosts have a nervousness about launching an Airbnb property and then taking off to travel the world. There is some internal comfort for people knowing they are close by in case some Airbnb horror story starts to unfold at your investment property.

Do Not Stress About the Horror Stories

Take a deep breath and remember you charge higher rates than a traditional rental property in order to employ professionals to manage the in person needs of your home. There is even a dedicated cleaning fee so that a professional housecleaner can recycle those beer bottles, wipe up that sauce on the stove, and empty out the refrigerator.

I cannot overstate how emotionally invested Airbnb owners are in the finite details of their home. Take a look at any Airbnb management group and see people flipping out over dirty dishes left int he sink or a broken Ikea table.

All the mental anguish Airbnb property owners put themselves through is absurd. Let the professionals do their job and you go enjoy the benefits of your real estate portfolio.

minimalism is good for mental health

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Building a Trustworthy Local Support Team

Assemble a reliable local support team, including a property manager, housekeeper, and maintenance staff, to ensure your home is well-maintained and ready for guests while you’re traveling. 

Want a complete list of professionals you should have on speed dial?

  • Housekeeper
  • Landscaper
  • Property Manager
  • Insurance Agent
  • Handyman
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • HVAC
  • Pest Control
  • Virtual Assistant
  • On Call Help
  • Real Estate Agent

Your support team will be responsible for addressing any issues that may arise during guest stays, so choose individuals with excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic.

Implementing Smart Technology Solutions

Leverage smart technology to manage your property remotely. Install keyless entry systems, smart thermostats, and security cameras to monitor your property and grant guest access without being physically present. 

These technologies will not only enhance the guest experience but also provide peace of mind knowing your home is secure.

Pro Tip: Do not spend even one minute of your time reviewing security camera footage unless their is a problem at your home. If your guests steal the television, sure review the recordings. Your guests claim there was a robbery at your home, defiantly look over the tapes. But do not for any reason log on out of curiosity to see if your guests made it inside your home successfully. I 100% guarantee that you will know if your guests haven’t been able to access the nightly rental they paid for.

How to turn Home into an Airbnb

Streamlining Guest Communication

Effective communication is crucial for maintaining guest satisfaction. Set up automated messaging systems, like scheduled emails or SMS reminders, to provide guests with essential information, such as check-in instructions and house rules. 

Additionally, establish a communication plan with your support team to ensure you’re only in the loop when necessary. To be quite frank, you do not need to be made aware of your renter breaking a lamp. Your trusted team of professionals can source a new lamp or decide that side table is not a safe place to keep a lamp all without your input.

Give your team the autonomy to ensure you guest has a great Airbnb experience while maintaining a profitable business. Set up parameters for authorized expenses versus issues that need your approval.

Monitoring and Adjusting Your Pricing Strategy

Consider using a channel manager to diversify the number of websites your property is listed on. Sticking to just Airbnb might be convenient but doesn’t allow anti-Airbnb travelers the ability to reserve your vacation rental.

Staying Organized and Compliant

Even while traveling, it’s essential to stay organized and compliant with local regulations. Use property management software or digital tools to track bookings, financial records, and tax obligations.

Additionally, maintain open communication with your support team to stay informed about any changes in local laws or ordinances that may affect your Airbnb business.

Financial Concerns Running an Airbnb Remotely

Navigating the Financial Aspects of Renting Your Primary Residence

Oh Uncle Sam gets really confused when there is a dramatic change to the real estate market. The concept of renting out your primary residence is a new and nuanced subject.

Be sure to consult a real estate expert and tax professional to ensure compliance with local taxes, short-term rental fees, and any other costs associated with owning a transient rental.

Maximizing Profit and Minimizing Risk

Unlike long-term tenants you don’t have the ability to pull a credit report or run a background check on potential renters. Your business strategy involves assuming a higher risk based on the anonymity short-term rental guests feel and in return you receive higher nightly rates.

Understanding Tax Implications

Renting your primary residence on Airbnb can have tax implications. Familiarize yourself with local tax laws and consult a tax professional to ensure you’re accurately reporting your rental income and taking advantage of any applicable deductions. 

Staying tax compliant is crucial to avoid penalties and protect your financial interests. In the United States the tax code has gone from one page of rules in 1913 to 6,871 pages in 2022. There is a mind boggling number of ways you can screw up your tax obligations.

Be sure to find a tax professional who is familiar with not just traditional rental income but specifically Airbnb-generated income.

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Launch your Airbnb Business

Evaluating Insurance Requirements

Before listing your home on Airbnb, review your homeowners or renters insurance policy to determine if it covers short-term rentals. 

If not, you need to obtain additional coverage or a specific short-term rental insurance policy to protect your property and belongings from potential damages or liability issues.

Budgeting for Expenses and Maintenance Costs

You have unique insight for how to turn your home into an Airbnb because you lived there.

Account for regular upgrades and maintenance costs associated with renting your primary residence, such as new linens, worn out mattresses, dirty carpets, and broken furniture. Establish a budget to ensure you’re allocating funds appropriately so that there are no unexpected financial strains.

Analyzing Your Property’s Profitability

Regularly assess the financial performance of your Airbnb to ensure you’re meeting your revenue goals. Track your income and expenses, and calculate key performance indicators, such as occupancy rate and average daily rate, to gauge the success of your listing. Use this data to inform pricing decisions, marketing strategies, and improvements to your property that could increase its appeal to potential guests.

Turn Your Home into an Airbnb to Fund Retirment

Setting Up a Financial Safety Net

While renting your primary residence can be a lucrative endeavor, it’s essential to have a financial safety net in case of unexpected issues or fluctuations in income. 

Build an emergency fund to cover any unforeseen expenses, such as construction or periods of low bookings. While it would be wonderful if we could ensure our real estate asset would always be cash flowing, there is a financial risk to any real estate investment.

Maintaining Your Home’s Condition and Guest Satisfaction

You know your house inside and out. You lived there. It should be easy for you to anticipate the future needs of your home in order to maintain a livable and comfortable space.

Upholding High Standards

Sure, when you lived in the house the sink faucet worked perfectly. But, five years later your renter is letting you know that it’s dripping constantly even when the water is off. This news should not shock you.

You knew when you lived there that someday the wiring would need to be updated or the sprinkler system needed to be replaced. All your insider knowledge can help you prioritize and maintain guest satisfaction for years to come.

Operate Your Airbnb Remotely as You Travel the World

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

To keep your home in excellent condition, schedule regular maintenance and inspections. Many services such as HVAC cleaning or hot tub maintenance offer monthly memberships. You pay a monthly fee which entitles you to quarterly or semi-annual proactive maintenance. 

Coordinate with your local support team to address any necessary repairs or updates, such as repainting walls, fixing plumbing issues, or replacing worn furniture. Regular upkeep will not only prolong the life of your property but also contribute to a positive guest experience.

Prioritizing Cleanliness and Hygiene

Ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between guest stays. Hire a reliable and experienced cleaning crew to uphold high standards of cleanliness and maintain positive guest reviews. 

Provide them with a detailed checklist of tasks, including deep cleaning high-touch areas, restocking supplies, and laundering linens, to guarantee consistency in your home’s presentation.

By far, sourcing a good cleaner is the most important hire you will make. Your cleaning staff is your eyes and ears. Their ability to maintain your property is the single most important factor in ensuring five-star guest reviews.

Gathering and Implementing Guest Feedback

Actively seek feedback from your guests to identify areas of improvement and gauge their overall satisfaction. Encourage guests to leave reviews on your Airbnb listing and engage in post-stay surveys. 

Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. Use this feedback to make informed decisions about updates or changes to your home, and to address any concerns that may arise.

Staying Updated on Local Regulations and Community Guidelines

Stay informed about local regulations, community guidelines, and Airbnb policies that may impact your listing. Regularly communicate with your support team and neighbors to ensure your home remains compliant with any restrictions, such as noise or parking regulations, and to maintain a positive relationship with your community.

Continuously Improving Your Guest Experience

Strive to enhance your guest experience by updating amenities, providing personalized touches, and staying informed about industry trends. By continuously improving your property and offering a high level of hospitality, you’ll increase the likelihood of repeat bookings, positive reviews, and recommendations, ultimately boosting your Airbnb’s success.

How to Turn Home into a Short-Term Rental

Embrace the Freedom of Renting Your Home and Traveling the World

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d want to give up the life I worked so hard to build. Society told me that a house in the suburbs, getting married and popping out kids would make me happy. By all accounts I was supposed to be happy.

But that’s the thing about following social expectations, your end result had nothing to do with your dreams. I’ve wanted to run away and travel the world for as long as I could remember.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Untangling the complicated web of lies you’ve been telling yourself is not easy. For so many years you’ve suppressed and denied the desires deep inside you.

In fact, you’ve convinced yourself that people like you couldn’t live a life like that. You make excuses about why you are choosing not to pursue that dream. It makes you feel better to claim it’s your choice to live the life you are living.

Fun Fact: You can live the life that you secretly wish you had.

Financial Freedom through Airbnb

When we originally launched our Airbnb we just dipped our toe in the water. For the first two years we operated our family home as a part-time Airbnb.

That meant we priced our nightly rate higher than the competition in order to make vacating our own house worth it. For each of those two years our house was rented a little over 50 nights. Both of those years generated over $40,000 in revenue.

Not only did we cash flow over $80k we used that money to go on vacations people like us could never have afforded. We took the kids to Paris, Milan, Zurich, Tokyo, San Francisco and more.

Renting your primary residence on Airbnb can provide financial freedom, allowing you to fund your travel adventures.

Personal Growth and Enriching Experiences

We took an Airbnb break during the early part of the pandemic while we considered our next moves. Eventually we decided to turn our family home into a full-time Airbnb property.

For the past two and a half years my family has been living abroad in various countries. We spent a year in Dominican Republic, long term stayed in Egypt and Thailand, visited France, Jordan, Turkey, and Singapore. Now we live in Japan, all while running our Airbnb remotely.

Traveling the world while renting your home offers numerous personal growth opportunities and enriching experiences, such as:

  • Discovering new cultures, cuisines, and traditions
  • Making new friends and forming lasting connections
  • Learning new languages and skills
  • Gaining a broader perspective on life and the world around you
running an Airbnb remotely as you travel

Building a Network of Like-Minded Individuals

As you travel and rent your home, you’ll encounter other travelers, Airbnb hosts, and digital nomads who share your passion for adventure. No shade, but most of your family and friends back home will be confused and possibly dismissive of your new lifestyle choices.

By building a network of like-minded individuals, you’ll have endless advice, support, and adventure buddies. You are not alone in your desires to make the most of the time you have on this Earth.

Enjoying a Flexible Lifestyle

Renting your home on Airbnb and traveling the world allows you to enjoy a flexible lifestyle where you can work from anywhere, set your own schedule, and prioritize the experiences that matter most to you.

You are going to be the person who tells stories that people can’t believe are real. Instead of living a basic life you are actively choosing everyday to live an authentic adventure.

Embrace the freedom and independence that comes with being a remote Airbnb host and world traveler. At the end of your life you will be able to look back in shock about how many wonderful memories you were able to create because you took this chance.


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