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Veronica Hanson

Hola! Konichiwa! Hello! I’m Veronica!

I’m a recovering “American Dream” addict. My entire life was carefully created to show off on social media. I bought the designer items, sent the kids to a prestigious private school, drove my electric vehicle, and had the quintessential white picket fence.

I was also bored AF.

In college I studied psychology and I’m endlessly fascinated (and sometimes exasperated) by our human quirks and illogical behaviors.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2006 and, trust me, passion is cute but profit? That’s the real MVP. Before diving headfirst into the blogging world, I was racking up awards in my previous business like they were going out of style. From personal sales volume to team sales volume and recruiting, I was on fire! These accolades whisked me away on trips to New York, Cabo, Nashville, the Bahamas, and Chicago. And if you’re impressed by titles, I proudly held spots on the President’s Club and Board of Directors for many years. Not too shabby, huh?

My online course catalog includes the Homeowner Hustle where I teach homeowners to transform the house they live in into income. Turning my personal home into an Airbnb started with a solar eclipse, every hotel in the city being sold-out, and a neighbor joking about renting out our backyards. Fast forward, and $200,000 later, I’d say it was one of my better ADHD impulsive decisions.

I’ve lived the slow travel life for three years now, bouncing from the Dominican Republic to Egypt, Thailand, and now, the bustling streets of Tokyo. Here, I’ve learned that any interaction can turn into an unintentional game of charades. But, the safety and peace of mind that comes with living abroad is priceless.

Nowadays I’m a minimalist, and aspiring author, who’s obsessed with multiple streams of income.

Unlike the new age philosophy of protecting your time by saying no as a complete sentence, I love having the time freedom to say YES! I say yes to adventure, opportunity, and life.

Family means everything. Thirteen years of marriage has taught me one thing: Change is inevitable. Embrace it. With two amazing daughters by my side and adventures that span the globe, our next stop is Portugal!

Now, don’t let the 5-star hotels, posh lounges, and luxurious trips fool you. Behind the scenes, there’s a whole world of travel hacking with points, miles, and some very strategic planning.

If you’ve made it this far, you might want to know that I’d rather meet for tacos than drinks. You’re most likely to hear Backstreet Boys blaring from my speakers. My favorite movie is Crybaby with none other than my idol Ricki Lake. And, I pride myself on always putting the shopping cart back even in the rain.

My life mantra? “Your mind is meant to be changed, your heart is meant to be followed.” So, whether you’re here for some nomad life insights, money hacks, or just a good laugh, remember: Life is messy, and I’m just trying to navigate it out in the open so I can inspire others to live their dream too.

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