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Veronica Hanson

Hola! Konichiwa! Hello!

I’m a recovering “American Dream” addict. My entire life was carefully created to show off on social media. I bought the designer items, sent the kids to a prestigious private school, drove my electric vehicle, and had the quintessential white picket fence.

I was also bored AF.

Nowadays I’m a minimalist, nomad, travel hacker, obsessed with multiple streams of income.

If you’re here you might want to know that I’d rather meet for tacos than drinks. You’re most likely to hear Backstreet Boys blaring from my speakers. My favorite movie is Crybaby with none other than my idol Ricki Lake. I pride myself on always putting the shopping cart back even in the rain.

Unlike the new age philosophy of protecting your time by saying no as a complete sentence, I love having the time freedom to say YES! I say yes to adventure, opportunity, and life.