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Embracing Minimalism as a Family

My Break from Material Possessions

It all started with a moment of frustration—unable to find my daughter’s doll hidden amongst the clutter on our kitchen island. That day, I realized that our possessions were not just occupying space, they were obscuring our lives. This epiphany led me to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, shedding most of our belongings. Now, my family of four can fit all our possessions into just 8 suitcases, focusing on experiences rather than material things.

Minimalism is More Than Just Less Stuff

Minimalism is often misunderstood as merely getting rid of things. However, it’s more about having enough mental and physical space for all the things you really want. By adopting minimalist living principles, we’ve experienced less stress, more clarity, and an enhanced focus on what truly matters.

Worldwide Minimalism Movement

I’ve experienced the minimalist design concepts of beach living in Dominican Republic. Currently I live in my version of a tiny home in Japan. This lifestyle aligns perfectly with the ideas of Japanese influencer Marie Kondo, who advocate for the life-changing magic of tidying up to create joy in daily life. My next minimalist home will be in Portugal where I will have extra money because I won’t waste it on junk.

Practical Steps to Minimalist Living

Our journey to minimalism wasn’t an overnight change. The first steps involved getting rid of excess items in all areas of life. Of coure sorting through sentimental items took the most time. The result? A clutter-free environment, plus ,ore free time, reduced cortisol levels, and an overall better quality of life.

Influence of Minimalist Art and Design

The minimalist aesthetic isn’t just neutral paint colors and empty space. Inspirations is deeply rooted in modern art and design, drawing inspiration from artists like Donald Judd and movements like abstract expressionism which emphasize simplicity and functionality. These principles have profoundly influenced our interior design, favoring clean countertops, geometric forms, and minimalist spaces that reflect our values and lifestyle.

Financial Freedom through Minimalism

One of the great benefits of minimalism is the financial freedom it offers. By prioritizing fewer, higher-quality purchases, we’ve saved a lot of money and reduced our environmental impact. This shift has allowed us to invest in experiences and opportunities that enrich our lives far more than any new purchase could. Our life has fewer possessions but we have a good life.

Minimalism and Family Life

Minimalism has also transformed the life of every family member. With fewer distractions and less time spent managing possessions, we spend more quality time together. We would never have been able to make the big move to become a slow travel family without first embracing a minimalist mindset. This lifestyle has taught us the value of simple living and the importance of focusing on the relationships that bring us joy.

Go From Messy to Minimalist

My goal is to inspire others to consider how this lifestyle could be a great way to change their lives. The principles of minimalism can help you eliminate toxic relationships, embrace a digital detox, and flex your decision-making muscle.

I can help you get out of our comfort zone and create the life of your dreams. Get my e-course Messy to Minimalist so you can reduce the amount of time you spend before taking action. Get over your excuses and let my experience create a positive impact on your minimalist journey.