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Navigating Modern Marriage

Our Swift Vegas Wedding

Fourteen years ago, my husband and I transformed our 5 week engagement into a marriage. A Las Vegas ceremony with just 5 guests sealed our fate. This spontaneous decision was the first step to a lifetime of adventure. Over the years, we’ve learned that the essence of a thriving marriage lies not in remaining unchanged but in supporting and celebrating the evolution of each partner.

Embracing Change Within Marriage

The institution of marriage, whether viewed through the lens of a religious ceremony or a civil marriage, is about more than just a marriage license. You have to make a continuous commitment to grow together. We’ve become multiple versions of ourselves throughout our marriage, supporting each other’s individual journeys. Healthy marriages focus on the importance of mutual support and embracing change.

Legal Requirement to Get Married

Navigating marriage also involves understanding its legal aspects. A lot of people don’t know that before the wedding ceremony you have to get a marriage certificate and pay an application fee.  State law dictates the necessary documentation  for the marriage license, name change, new driver’s license, an updated social security number. These elements are crucial for ensuring that all legal rights and responsibilities are recognized, from the state level to the federal government in the United States. We’ve managed these necessities efficiently, including understanding the need for in-person appointments at the county clerk’s office or managing marriage application processes.

Learn about navigating documents such as prenuptial agreements and engaging in meaningful rituals that reinforce the marital bond. Whether it’s understanding the waiting period for a marriage license or the conditions for a divorce decree, being informed helps in managing the practical aspects of marriage.

Global Recognition of Diverse Marriages

Our journey through marriage has also opened our eyes to the diverse forms of legal recognition and cultural practices surrounding marriage ceremonies, including civil unions and same-sex marriage. There are still parts of the world preventing interracial marriage or acknowledgment of same-sex couples.

Additionally, such things like joint assets or financial mingling can be viewed differently by a foreign government. In Japan we can’t have a joint bank account or jointly own a home. Make sure you have many layers of documentation for long-term relationships or marriage arrangements that don’t match your current government code.

Preventing Divorce

These days so many marriages end. Choosing the the right partner on your first marriage is hugely dependent on your own self awareness. You can’t marry the type of person who would be perfect for an imaginary version of yourself. Marry the person who is the best match for who you actually are.

Align your goals, sexual relationship, and daily life compatibility before agreeing to settle down.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Reflecting on our marriage, we recognize it as a dynamic partnership. When one of us falls apart the other person tries to hold it together. If one isn’t thinking clearly the other does the thinking. As one of us changes the other tries to keep up with that rate of of change.

Our blog aims to guide marriage partners, who want more out of their relationship. Join us as we explore how embracing change within and around the marriage can lead to a more fulfilling and resilient union.