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11 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

11 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

The day to day obligations of life have an unfortunate way of getting in the way of romantic gestures and alone time with your great husband. If you’re looking for good ideas about how to express love to your husband in words so you can keep the spark alive until next time, you’re in the right place.

The best way to express love is to do it in the love language your partner feels most deeply. Your next best option is to just do sweet things and express sweet words whenever and however you are able. There is no right way to start being more romantic. The only thing you can do is try to show your partner everyday that out of everyone in the entire universe you made the right choice when you married them.

I half hope that these small things can pull your attention away from daily tasks if only for a moment to express love to your person. The love of my life is the only person I could imagine by my side during difficult times and on every special day. I assume you’re looking for ideas because you feel the same about a man in your life. So, on this Valentine’s Day and every day make sure to say nice things because the most important thing is knowing someone loves you.

How I Express Love to My Husband

My husband Bret spent years of our marriage doing tasks around the house with the thought that those actions showed his love for me. Only problem is, my love languages are physical touch and words of affirmation. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, pick up the book 5 Languages of Love by Gary Chapman. Anyway, once I realized he really needed me to do those boring chores to show my love our connection changed.

Now I make sure the grocery shopping is done and the dining table is cleared because that has the biggest impact on my husbands mood. In turn, he stopped doing those mundane tasks because what I really care about is the verbal adoration. I want him to tell me I’m the most beautiful woman in the world and what a great mother I am. And I want the kisses and embraces throughout the day. Before we knew how to express love to one another we wasted our energy on the wrong actions.

If you need to express love to your husband in words because he receives love through words of affirmation, than this article is for you.

how to express love to husband in words

#1 Start With a Good Morning Message

Crafting a good morning message can start the day off on the right foot. When you express love to your husband first thing in the morning it puts a different vibe on the day. These gestures are a great way to keep you on the top of his mind even when you are physically apart. Wake up your best husband with romantic words either hand written or via text.

Kickstart His Day with Affection 

Beginning by greeting him with a “Good morning,” paired with sweet messages is always the best thing. For example, “Good morning, my love,” instantly warms his heart. Imagine you’re Jane Austen authoring a romantic letter. Your words should evoke emotions of love as if it’s the first time he’s hearing them.

Love Language in Text 

Every person has a specific love language. Some appreciate words of affirmation, others might find joy in acts of service. If your husband cherishes verbal expressions, a text saying, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” can be profoundly impactful. For a husband who’s love language is physical touch, you could write, “The way you felt inside of me last night will be on my mind all day.”

Your message doesn’t need to be complex. Keep it genuine and from the heart, which is key in learning how to express love to your husband in words. Your husband will appreciate the sentiment and feel cherished at the start of his day.

#2 Leave Love Notes in Unexpected Places

Expressing love can sometimes be as simple as leaving little surprises in unexpected places. Love notes are a timeless form of romantic gesture that can brighten your husband’s day and show him how much you care. When considering how to express love to your husband in words, think about the power of an unexpected note with just the right words.

Don’t get hung up on needing the right supplies. Grab the random blue crayon from the kitchen drawer and last week’s junk mail to scrawl your emotional love message. You could leave this note where he least expects it. For example, tuck a note inside his laptop bag, or maybe hide it between the pages of the book he’s reading.

Tailor the Surprise

  • Personalize – Reference an inside joke or a fond memory.
  • Dress It Up – Add in a naughty photo or add a spritz of your perfume.
  • Location – Pick places like his car dashboard, inside a grocery store shopping list, or under his pillow.

Small gestures of love don’t have to be reserved for big occasions. It’s these spontaneous moments that enrich your connection. You might think of hidden love notes as corny but a lot of things that are wonderful can be criticized by those who don’t understand. Be corny and write beautiful things to your darling husband.

how to express love to husband in words

#3 Use Words of Affirmation Daily

When you’re considering how to express love to your better half in words, incorporating daily affirmations can significantly strengthen your bond. Speaking your partner’s love language, especially if it’s words of affirmation, shows appreciation and fosters a deeper connection. Start each day with a positive affirmation geared toward your husband to make him feel valued.

Here’s how you can effectively use words of affirmation:

  • Be Genuine – Choose words that truly reflect your feelings and observations. Your sincerity will resonate more than any grand statement.
  • Be Specific – Rather than generic compliments, highlight specifics like, “I admire how you handled that situation with kindness.”
  • Be Encouraging – Affirmations can also serve as a means of support, for instance, “I believe in your abilities and dreams.”

Don’t wait for the big moments to try and say the right things. Everyday moments can be filled with magical words that give your husband the kind of love life people envy.

Morning AffirmationsEvening Affirmations
“Your dedication inspires me every day.”“I love unwinding with you after a long day.”
“I appreciate the love you give to our family.”“Thank you for being my rock.”

Consistent, positive words reinforce that the love and respect you have for your husband are unwavering. By doing this, you’re not only saying “I love you,” but also showing it through words.

#4 Share Romantic Texts During the Day

Sending your husband romantic love messages throughout the day is a powerful way to express your love. Craft romantic messages that remind him he’s the beat of your heart, even during the busiest hours. It’s a personal touch that says you’re thinking of him every single day.

Sample Sweet Texts

  • “Just a little note to say you’re on my mind and in my heart, always.”
  • “Your love is the rhythm that keeps my heart beating. Missing you!”
  • “The adventures we have together make life worth living.”
  • “Having you as my soul mate is the best feeling in the world!”

Text messages don’t have to be long, they just need to be heartfelt. Personalize your message to reflect your feelings and your husband’s personality. Even a simple text can light up his day and reinforce the bond you share.

  • Start with something playful – “Guess who’s got the biggest smile thinking of you?”
  • Then, send a sweet midday reminder – “If love was a song, you’d be the melody that plays on repeat in my heart.”
  • End the day on a loving note – “No matter how long the day, my love for you grows stronger.”

Remember, learning how to express love to your husband in words can be simple with these tips. Dance your fingers across the keyboard and let sweet texts bridge the distance until you can be together again.

how to express love to husband in words

#5 Compliment Him in Front of Others

When you want to know how to express love to your husband in words, consider the power of public praise. Complimenting him in front of others is not just about flattery, it’s about recognizing his qualities publicly. This gesture shows your husband and those around him that you’re proud of who he is and what he does.

Create Moments of Praise

Look for opportunities to compliment your husband when you’re socializing with family, friends, or even colleagues. An earnest compliment like, “You’re such a thoughtful person” carries weight and can make him feel like a stud.

Be Specific in Your Compliments

Instead of generic praise, highlight specific actions or traits. Say things like, “I admired how you motivated your team last week during that meeting” or “Your sense of humor always lights up the room.”

Your sincere words can significantly impact his confidence and reinforce the bond between you. Remember, fairy tales often highlight characters being praised for their virtues. Your husband will appreciate being acknowledged as that kind of person in front of others. These moments of public praise not only express love but also build up his self-esteem and the respect others have for him.

how to express love to husband in words

#6 Write Him a Love Letter for No Special Occasion

Sometimes, the best time to express your love is unexpectedly, on an ordinary day. Writing love letters is one of the sweetest things and a timeless way to convey your feelings, and doing so without a special occasion can make it even more meaningful. It highlights that your affection doesn’t need a holiday to be celebrated.

When crafting your love letter, start with genuine emotions. Reflect on the aspects of your relationship that spark joy in your life. Think about the jokes that only the two of you understand and the shared moments that are exclusively yours. Your husband will cherish your recognition of these unique bonds.

Here’s a simple structure to guide your writing:

  • Begin with affection – Address him in a way that resonates with your bond, perhaps with a personal nickname.
  • List Details – Mention little things he does that you admire or appreciate, like how he prepares coffee for you each morning or the way he smiles when he’s up to something playful.
  • Dig Deeper – Share what these actions mean to you and how they’ve impacted your view of true love.

The perfect love message doesn’t need flowery formal language. It just needs to reflect your honest and deep emotional connection. By using your own voice and expressing your true feelings, you demonstrate how to express love to your husband in words that resonate sincerely with his heart.

#7 Express Gratitude for the Little Things

Expressing gratitude for the small moments can make a significant impact in your relationship. When considering how to express love to your husband in words, don’t overlook the everyday gestures. A simple “Thank you for making coffee this morning” or “I noticed you took out the trash, I appreciate it” goes a long way especially during hard times.

It’s in the Details

  • Morning routines – Acknowledge his effort to start your day with ease.
  • Household chores – Even the chore done without being asked deserves recognition.
  • Caring gestures – The warm hug or quick kiss he gives you deserves a verbal response.

Relationships fall apart when people give up. Making sure to be appreciative of the little things ensures your husband won’t feel unappreciated. Think about the last time you did something annoying around the house and it went unnoticed; it didn’t feel good right? You can prevent that kind of discontentment and start to turn your household into the kind of place that notices and acknowledges behaviors.

#8 Celebrate His Achievements with Heartfelt Praise

When your good husband achieves something noteworthy, your words can have a profound impact on his celebration. Begin by congratulating him with a sincere, “Congratulations on your success!” Express how his success makes you feel. Use phrases like, “I’m so proud of you,”  and “I’m the luckiest woman” to convey your admiration. Remember, your support is his cherished reward.

Acknowledge the Effort Behind His Success

Your understanding of his effort magnifies the celebration. Say, “I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked for this.” Your acknowledgment of his dedication turns his personal success into a shared joy. Celebrate the man he is, emphasizing the special qualities that make him your special man.

Reinforce Your Pride in Him

Ensure your pride is evident. Let him know he’s your hero. Mention specifically what about his achievements makes you proud. You could say, “Your determination and courage are inspiring.” Articulating how to express love to your husband in words during these moments even when the achievement is career related.

#9 Reminisce About Your Journey Together

Reflecting on your shared history is a heartwarming way to express your devotion. Remembering the milestones, like your first date or wedding day, strengthens your bond. Highlight these moments in words to show your husband the depth of your love.

First Love

Reminiscing about the first encounter is a great way to turn any conversation light hearted because there is usually mild disagreement about how the story goes. Recount the spark that ignited your love story. Share how the butterflies felt and how they’ve evolved into a steady flame of affection.

Married Life

Cherish memories of your wedding through images and words. Bring to life the essence of your married life with anecdotes. Focus on both joyful and challenging times, acknowledging how you’ve grown together. Use phrases that express gratitude for his presence in your life.

Turning Point

Identify a significant turning point in your relationship. Describe how it cemented your commitment and enriched your understanding of each other. For example, in my marriage the moment we became minimalists was significant as well as the moment we agreed to Airbnb our house and become nomadic.

By using these memories to express love in words to your husband, you are being a good wife. Your words can serve as a gentle reminder of the beautiful journey you continue to share.

how to express love to husband in words

#10 Plan a Romantic Surprise With a Thoughtful Message

Planning a romantic surprise for your dear husband can deepen your connection and express your affection in memorable ways. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, or even on any regular day, a loving gesture combined with sweet love messages can make all the difference. Begin by crafting a message that comes from the heart, reflecting your appreciation and love for him.

Choose Your Words Wisely

  • Tell him he’s your everything.
  • Remind him that he’s not just your partner but also your best friend.
  • Express gratitude for every shared moment, emphasizing his importance in your life.

Create a Surprise

  • A handwritten letter, hidden where he least expects it, can be a delightful surprise.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt that leads to a romantic setting, with each clue accompanied by romantic quotes.
  • Send him a series of text messages or emails throughout the day, revealing beautiful love quotes in each one.

To truly understand how to express love to husband in words, remember it’s not about grand gestures but the thoughtfulness behind them. Personalize your message to reflect shared moments or inside jokes. Keep it genuine and speak to who he is and what he means to you. Your love words have the power to uplift his spirits and make him smile, reminding him of the bond you share.

#11 End the Day With Words of Love

Concluding the day with tender expression can foster a peaceful close. As night approaches, it’s the perfect time for you to show your husband how much he means to you. Here are some thoughtful ways to express your love:

Good Night Affections

  • Whisper to him, “Good night, my love,” ensuring your voice carries warmth.
  • Share your longing for tomorrow to come, so you can create more memories together.

Sweet Dreams Wishes

  • Remind him to have sweet dreams, with hopes they’re filled with joy.
  • Wish him a serene night’s rest, gently suggesting you’ll be in his dreams.

Affectionate Recap

  • Boldly recap the day, highlighting moments you cherished.
  • Express gratitude for his presence, making every ordinary event extraordinary.

Naughty Sentiments

  • Initiate intimacy verbally by telling him exactly what you are going to do to him or what you want him to do to you.
  • Become a different woman between the sheets by dirty talking and role playing during sexual encounters.

In your nightly ritual, don’t just tell him good night and roll over to scroll social media on your smart phone. Reinforce your endearments with a gentle touch, words, and action. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it.

In learning how to express love to your husband in words, the smallest gestures infused with genuine affection speak volumes. It’s these nightly offerings of love that can ensure both of you drift off feeling cherished and connected.

how to express love to husband in words

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Express Your Love

Expressing your love to your husband with words is a simple act that, done sincerely, can strengthen the bonds of your marriage. Remember, it’s not about extravagant gifts but the heartfelt message that counts. When you communicate your feelings, you reinforce the foundation of true love that your entire life together is built upon.

Consistent and thoughtful words can be some of the best gifts for nurturing a happy marriage. Whether it’s through a daily compliment, a love letter, or a simple romantic text message, your words have the power to make his whole day. Your efforts to articulate your love play a crucial role in building a lifetime of happiness.

You’re not just planning for today, but for the rest of your life. Keep learning new ways to express love to your husband in words so that your life stays content for years to come.

FAQ: How to Express Love to Husband in Words


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