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365 Daily Affirmations for Kids

365 Daily Affirmations for Kids

Make sure to snag your free digital download, 365 Daily Affirmations for Kids.

Getting in the habit of positive self talk is good for everyone. Children are very accustomed to hearing positive reinforcement from external voices. However, it takes consistent strategic effort to teach them how to speak highly about themselves.

Many adults practicing affirmations focus on their relationships, career, and money goals. I have two daughters who are eight and ten years old. I created age appropriate affirmations for my kids and wanted to share them with you.

365 Daily Affirmations for Children
365 Daily Affirmations for kids

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a short positive statement used to counteract negative thoughts in your own mind.

Affirmations are stated as a current state of being. You speak the affirmation as if you have already achieved it. You would not start your affirmation with, “I will” or “I’m going to” or “Someday I.”

If we leave our mind to run wild it will often gravitate to self-sabotaging thought loops. Telling yourself you can’t do something repeatedly ends up as a self fulfilling prophecy.

Switching your mindset to intentional positive thought loops can have the opposite effect. When your mind hears over and over that it can do something, surprisingly the distance from here to there becomes clearer. Your subconscious will fill in gaps between now and the outcome you’re seeking.

Ignoring your thought patterns is a big mistake. Your thoughts control your actions and your actions create your reality. Your daily life experiences are a direct result of your past thoughts.

365 Affirmations for Kids

Why Should Kids do Affirmations?

Affirmations for kids can have a powerful compounding effect throughout their life.

All of us can think of times in our lives when we thought really negatively about ourselves. We trash talked our bodies, our abilities, and our futures. But kids can get years of positive affirmation habit formation before those negative life experiences ever come up.

Any already established habit is much more likely to prevent slipping into bad behavior. Affirmations have the same effect on children because their mind has already created the positive pathways.

Children deserve those extra years of positivity to set their life on a favorable path. I highly recommend you fill your child’s mind with daily affirmations. The positive effects will snowball and you will continue to see the effects for years to come.

Are Affirmations and Mantras the Same Thing?

Technically, affirmations and mantras are not the same thing.

But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t used interchangeably in practice.

Mantras can be a sound, word, or phrase used during meditation. Historically a mantra has been associated with spiritual connection. Using a mantra to clear your mind for the purpose of reaching transcendence is the goal of many meditation practitioners.

When it comes to using positive self talk with children, I generally refer to that practice as affirmation.

Daily Mantras for Kids

How Can a Parent Start Using Affirmations with Kids?

Firstly, you download your free digital copy of 365 Daily Affirmations for Kids.

There is no prep work necessary. Either print the daily affirmations or save it on your device for easy access. Tomorrow morning when your child wakes up, refer to the list.

If your child can’t read, you’ll read the affirmation for the day to them. Afterward, have your child repeat the affirmation back to you. Have fun with saying the affirmations each morning. Shout the affirmation, sing the affirmation, call and repeat the affirmation, overall you just want your child repeatedly saying the phrase.

If your child can read, you’ll have them read the affirmation for the day. Similarly, engage with your child in saying the affirmation out loud to each other. Find fun ways to repeat the affirmation over and over. Say the affirmation in a silly voice, encourage them to write it in white board marker on the mirror, ask them to text you the affirmation later in the day, therefore keeping the affirmation at the top of their mind all day long.

365 Daily Affirmations for Children

Kids can benefit from a daily positive affirmation practice. Indeed, you as the parent will benefit as well. As you participate in your child’s daily affirmation process surely you’ll see an impact on your own thought loops.

Once your child’s daily affirmation ritual is established eventually they will look forward to it.

I’m so excited for you to start your daily affirmation routine with your child. Share your experience with starting your affirmation journey on social media. Be sure to tag me @nomadveronica on FB or IG.