Nomad Family Packing Tips

In this post you will learn the best nomad family packing tips. Most families will never consider the idea of becoming a nomad family because it is ingrained in western societies that stability is an important family value. But, despite the odds, you’re ready to start an incredible adventure of traveling with your family! Congratulations!

Finding Friends as a Nomad

Leaving friends to become a nomad is a central concern of most people exploring the lifestyle. Finding friends as a nomad is not meant to replace your friends back home. Your daily life will be greatly enhanced by meeting locals, tourists, and other like minded nomads. The fear of many introverts is the awkwardness of

Is Minimalism Good for Kids?

The first reaction of moms is that it’s impossible to be a minimalist if you have children. Most people question, “Is minimalism good for kids?” Short answer, yes. Long answer, stripping your child of all physical objects will more than likely cause long term trauma. However, getting your child to appreciate the world around them