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6 Reasons Corporations Hate Minimalism

6 Reasons Corporations Hate Minimalism

I shudder to think about how much corporations rule our lives. Corporations control our bodies, our surroundings, and even our desires. I for one feel it’s high time to take control back. Corporations hate minimalism because it promotes freedom from their control.

Reduces Consumption

Consuming less is the enemy of corporations. Minimalism reduces spending by encouraging less accumulation of products.

Corporations know that you buy products to fulfill some emotional need you have. However, minimalists have begun a journey that makes clear that their desires aren’t tied to objects.

Less consumerism, less profits for corporations, minimalism course

Messy to Minimalist E-Course

Breaking the pattern of accumulation isn’t as easy as being told to stop. Learning the emotional triggers of maximalist behavior is a good first step. This course covers instructional as well as informational aspects of the minimalism process.

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Financial Independence

Staying on the brink of broke is good for corporations in two ways. Firstly, you will be beholden on corporations to provide a paycheck to sustain your lifestyle. Secondly, being broke keeps you in a hamster wheel of purchasing in an attempt to create happiness.

Having enough money to meet all your needs isn’t enough to make someone happy. You need enough money to solve random problems that creep up and to pursue your desires. If you stopped wasting money on stuff, you could finally get a handle on how to create financial independence.

Sustainable Living

Being mindful of not just your consumption but the impact corporations have on the environment is not ideal for them. The environment and resources suffer from the gross negligence of corporations that remain largely unchecked. Profit first priorities have left many business modals exploiting our earth for far too long.

Corporations hate minimalism for calling attention to the fact that no individual person recycling or mending their clothes could ever add up to the impact of big business shifting their behavior. More attention is being paid to corporate virtue singling through empty sustainability campaigns. People are sick of companies and their empty promises.

Calm Over Clutter

Companies face reduced demand as large sections of the population shift away from a materialistic lifestyle. As far as corporations are concerned there is a product to fix every pain point and increases joy in every moment.

Minimalists prioritize calm, which they can more easily achieve by having fewer products. Corporations hate minimalism for showing people they can be happy without material things. Prioritizing mental health, experiences, and calm are some of minimalisms best attributes.

Ceases Comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy according to Theodore Rosevelt. When you spend time and energy looking at other people for a sense of what you should be striving for, it takes away our autonomy. The goal post is always moving if you try to ‘keep up with the Joneses.’

Minimalism helps you realize that your desires come from within, not from comparison with others. Corporations don’t want you to shift your focus inward because comparison keeps you buying the latest and greatest to achieve imaginary points in society.

Why corporations fear the rise of minimalism

Slowing Down

Fast-paced life is good for corporations because you always seek out quick fixes and don’t have time to consider alternatives. Minimalists can resist consumerism because they are slower and more intentional with their life, including purchasing decisions.

Slowing down to focus on what truly matters allows minimalists to disconnect from the constant pressure to buy things. Busyness is a toxic trait of civilized societies. Do people really think we are on this planet to constantly feel pressured and stressed? That seems so crazy.

Corporations Hate Minimalism

Minimalism can be seen as a threat to corporations, who rely on high levels of consumption to make profits. Don’t hit up my inbox yelling about some company that doesn’t exploit workers, the planet, or it’s customers. I will just fall down an ADHD rabbit hole trying explain to you how that company is just like the rest of them.

Despite popular belief, we do not need corporations in order to survive. Corporations are not the saviors of your economy or our problems. In fact, corporations have destroyed our economy and our self worth. Your value is not based on your countries GDP or the dollars you spend.

This world needs more happy people. People become happy by pursuing their passions, not by owning the right products.


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