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Our Family’s Journey in Full-Time Travel

Experiences Over Possessions

For nearly four years, my family has embraced a lifestyle of full-time slow traveling. We explore new cultures and create memories that last a lifetime. With our kids experiencing 16 countries and myself venturing through 21, we advocate for the value of travel over material goods. We believe that memories made from global adventures are truly priceless. No item will ever create the value in your life that travel can.

Couple and Multi-Generational Travel

Traveling isn’t just a solo or nuclear family activity for us. My husband and I cherish our trips together as a couple, appreciating the world in a different light. Additionally, we’ve experienced the joy of multi-generational vacations. These travels strengthen family bonds and create shared experiences that span generations.

Insights into the Travel Industry

As seasoned travelers, we’ve navigated the various facets of the travel industry, from booking flights and hotels to renting cars. Our experiences offer valuable insights into the best practices for travel planning and execution. We share tips on everything from securing the best deals on cruises to understanding the terms of service of travel platforms and ensuring smooth booking confirmations.

Professional Travel Advisor

I can advise your worldwide adventure from both inside and outside the travel industry. As a professional travel agent I can advise on the tourism sector in a way that other agents cannot. I can book your vacation from start to finish anywhere outside the United States.

The Future of Travel

The future of travel is an exciting prospect for us. With advancements in air travel and the growing emphasis on sustainable tourism, we are keen on adapting and exploring how these changes affect our travel plans. We engage with the latest reports from both the public and private sectors of the travel industry, staying updated on trends that shape how we see and interact with the world.

Encouraging Others to Explore

Through our blog and social media platforms, we encourage more families to consider travel as a key component of their lives. We offer guides, reviews, and personal anecdotes that make travel more accessible and appealing. Whether it’s a weekend getaway in New York or an extended stay in a remote part of the world, our content aims to inspire and equip other families to embark on their own travel adventures.

Value of World Travel

Travel has transformed our family, teaching us about the world and ourselves. It’s more than just visiting new places; it’s about experiencing global cultures, meeting new people, and learning life lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom. We continue to share our journey, hoping to inspire others to put aside fears, push beyond their comfort zones, and discover the immense benefits that travel can bring to their lives.

Join us as we continue to explore the globe, sharing the best things the world has to offer, and proving that when it comes to making memories, the whole world is our home.