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Raising Kids in the Tech Era

Impact of Global Living on Children

Living outside of America for nearly four years, our family has embraced the nomadic lifestyle. This shift was partly driven by the desire to escape the growing concern of gun violence and to provide a safer, more enriching environment for our daughters. We share our individual experiences of how different settings have influenced their upbringing. Different topics like challenges of sibling relationships to managing my oldest daughter’s ADHD are central focuses.

Technology and Kids

As we travel, technology remains a cornerstone of our children’s education and recreation. It’s essential to create a safe digital space, which is why we rely heavily on kid profiles and parental controls. I wish there was a family-friendly video app that could ensure the content is appropriate. Sadly, extremely close monitoring for inappropriate videos is still necessary. It’s a balance between kids’ inner creativity and avoiding exposing them to inappropriate content. We utilize features like time limits and parental setup to maintain a balanced digital diet.

Step Away From the Device

It’s not just the youngest users who need a technology time limit. The entire point of video recommendations catered to your own viewing preferences is to keep you watching indefinitely. Youtube creators and even online video games thrive on ad revenue which means everything is intended to drag on story lines as long as possible. Previously, videos would only earn money when they made commercial content. Now it’s tricky all kinds of videos can be monetized and the only goal is holding attention.

Educational Content on the Go

Traveling doesn’t mean education has to be put on hold. We leverage a variety of online resources to supplement our children’s learning. FromYouTube creators who specialize in family-friendly videos to educational apps that provide a safer online experience. Every age category has numerous apps for a wide variety of topics from math to science to cooking.

Role of Social Media in Family Travel

Social media serves as a bridge connecting us to other traveling families and our loved ones back home. We share our experiences and insights on traveling with kids, including how to have the best experience as parents and improve your child’s experience. Social media also helps us engage with a community of like-minded individuals who provide support and share the joys and challenges of raising kids on the move. In fact, if it wasn’t for the way Youtube curates videos we may never have seen the on video that ultimately changed our lives and turned us into a traveling family.

Managing Entertainment and Downtime

Whether it’s cooling off at a splash pad or settling down for some quiet time with their favorite shows, finding ways to keep kids entertained is never ending. We discuss how services like YouTube Kids help by providing age-appropriate, family-friendly content that can be tailored to the newest interests of our children, ensuring they have the right experience while respecting their individuality.

Lessons Learned from Full-Time Travel

This lifestyle has taught us all invaluable lessons about flexibility, resilience, and the importance of providing a global perspective from a young age. Our blog shares stories of how these experiences shape our family dynamics. Get advice on everything from maintaining routines to embracing the spontaneous adventures that come with living internationally.

Raising kids in a nomadic setting presents unique challenges and opportunities. Our blog is a resource for families who dream of exploring the world while keeping their children engaged, educated, and above all, safe in a constantly changing environment.