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9 Activities Kids Can Do to Get Them Off Tech

9 Activities Kids Can Do to Get Them Off Tech

I am always looking for creative ways to get my kids off technology. Instead of  screen time I’ve compiled a list of things to do when bored at home for kids in grade school.

One thing that doesn’t every work with my kids is reminding them about how much fun I had as a kid without technology. We had a lot of fun coming up with new games and just hanging out with kids in the neighborhood.

I guess I probably sound like a boring old person suggesting my best ideas from the dark ages. But, if. you have bored kids at home than here are my fun ideas to get them out of their screen time induced trance.

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activities for kids when bored

Embracing the Adventure of Play

You can create an adventure right in your living rooms, gardens, and kitchens. I’ll guide you nine activities that promise to be much more than just boredom busters. From transforming your dining room table into a scene for a fairy garden, to concocting homemade ice cream in your kitchen, you’re kids are sure to have a good time. These activities are perfect for kids of all ages and will encourage the entire family to join in the fun.

Connecting Through Creativity

Ask an older sibling to help you with creative activities involving younger siblings. Discovering science using everyday household items gets creative juices flowing. Plus, kids look at things from a whole different perspective so they can take a good idea and make it epic.

Put Down the Screen

So, let’s put aside the video games and social media for a moment. You’re about to discover the best ways to entertain and educate your kids, encouraging an environment where their imagination can soar. Ready to explore some fun activities and create new, screen-free experiences? 

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Creative Crafting

Suggestion #1: Sock Puppets & Mini-Theater

First up in our things to do when bored at home for kids is creating magical sock puppets. It’s a fantastic way to repurpose those lone socks missing their pairs. Grab some buttons, yarn, and fabric scraps, and let your kids’ imaginations take the lead. Crafting these quirky characters is not only a fun activity but also a great way to develop fine motor skills.

Once your puppet troupe is ready, it’s showtime! Transform your living room into a mini-theater. Drape a blanket over a table, add some makeshift curtains, and your stage is set. This puppet show is about entertainment and a wonderful exercise in storytelling and creativity. Encourage your kids to script their own tales, bringing their sock puppets to life. It’s storytelling at its best, building imagination, writing skills and verbal communication.

To enhance this experience, involve the whole family. Older siblings can help younger children with their puppet designs, making it a fun way for family members to spend quality time together. Use different materials like felt, sequins, or even toilet paper rolls for added creativity. Challenge your kids to come up with secret messages or magical stories for their puppets, tapping into their love for mystery and adventure. This puppet-making activity is a great option for a rainy day, turning free time into a showcase of creativity and family bonding. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to divert kids from screen time and engage them in a hands-on, creative activity.

puppets for bored kids

Suggestion #2: Homemade Treasure Maps

Next, let’s navigate the exciting world of homemade treasure maps. This is a great activity for kids of all ages and a creative way to teach them about maps and directions. With just a piece of paper, some tea bags to age it, and markers, you can create an ancient-looking map. Hide some “treasure”, maybe a box of homemade cookies or small toys, and let the hunt begin!

Set up the treasure hunt in your house or garden, making sure to include some fun clues. This entertains and also educates, as children learn to interpret symbols and follow directions. It’s a thrilling way to turn an ordinary day at home into an extraordinary adventure. Plus, it’s a perfect opportunity for the entire family to get involved and enjoy some quality time together.

Tailoring Adventures for All Ages

Adding to the excitement of homemade treasure maps, consider incorporating elements that appeal to various ages. For older kids, the clues could be more complex, involving riddles or using a compass. Incorporate unique themes, like a lego hunt or a time capsule quest, to spark their imagination further. To make it more engaging, include tasks at each clue point, maybe a simple magic trick, a bike ride to the next clue, or a quick art challenge. This ensures that the treasure hunt is not only a journey of discovery but also a series of fun, educational activities that every family member can enjoy. Remember, the best thing about this activity is the joy of spending time together, learning new things, and creating your own fun.

These creative crafting activities, the sock puppets and treasure maps, offers an enchanting escape for bored kids. They ignite imagination, teach valuable skills, and bring families together. They’re perfect examples of how simple, creative ideas can transform a regular day at home into an lasting memory.

Physical Fun

Suggestion #3: Indoor Obstacle Course

For our next activity, let’s get moving with an indoor obstacle course! This is a brilliant way to burn off energy and is perfect for rainy days. You can easily design a course using cushions, chairs, and toys, turning your living room into an exciting challenge zone. Tailor the difficulty based on your child’s age, ensuring it’s safe yet stimulating.

This activity is indeed fun and it’s a great way to promote physical development and gross motor skills. Have your kids crawl under tables, hop over lines of socks, or weave through a maze of chairs. You are encouraging problem-solving, agility, and endurance. And the best part? You can change the course each time, keeping it fresh and exciting for your kids. Try adding fun elements like a hula hoop jump or a tunnel made from empty boxes for little kids. Use items like shaving cream for sensory stations or have older children help design the course, enhancing their creativity and leadership skills. This obstacle course can become a classic game that your family returns to time and again, creating great times and cherished memories.

Suggestion #4: Dance Party with a Twist

Next on our list of fun things to do when bored at home is a dance party. It’s more than just dancing. Clear some space in your living room, pump up the volume, and let everyone show off their best dance moves. I love to set the mood with streamers or by blowing up balloons. You can even spring for a disco ball or projector lights.

To add another fun twist, incorporate games like freeze dance or musical chairs. When the music stops, everyone freezes, a fantastic way to inject laughter and suspense into the party. Encourage family members to join in and share their favorite songs to build an epic entire family playlist. This activity is a great way to have fun and also an excellent form of exercise and a chance for everyone to bond over their love for music. Use this opportunity to introduce kids to different musical instruments or new genres of music, expanding their cultural horizons. Older siblings can take turns being the DJ, picking out favorite songs or introducing new tunes. And why not make it educational by incorporating a ‘guess the music’ game or a jigsaw puzzle challenge during breaks, adding to the fun and variety of the dance party?

Our Physical Fun activities offer fantastic ways for kids to stay active and engaged indoors. Perfect for rainy days or any time your kids need to burn off some energy, these suggestions are sure to keep the fun going while keeping them moving!

dance party when kids are bored

Culinary Creations

Suggestion #5: Bake Cookies Together

When pondering a screen-free activity, why not turn to the heart of the home, the kitchen? Baking cookies is a delicious and educational activity. Choose simple recipes that are suitable for kids of all ages, allowing them to get hands-on with the dough.

This activity is about more than just baking and it’s a learning experience. Kids can measure ingredients, understanding math in a practical setting, and learn about kitchen safety. Once the cookies are baked, it’s time for the best part, decorating! Provide different colored icings, sprinkles, and toppings, and let your children’s creativity run wild. It’s a great way to spend time together and enjoy the delicious results of your efforts.

Suggestion #6: Make Homemade Ice Cream

Continuing with our theme of fun things to do when bored at home for kids, let’s make homemade ice cream! It’s easier than you might think, and you don’t necessarily need an ice cream maker. With some basic ingredients and a little elbow grease, you can whip up a batch of this frozen treat.

Encourage your kids to experiment with different flavors and toppings, making their unique ice cream creations. This is a fantastic way to teach basic science concepts. As you mix and freeze the ingredients, explain the simple chemical reactions happening. Making ice cream at home is not only a tasty activity but also an educational one, where kids learn the science behind their favorite treats.

These culinary activities offer a great way to engage kids in creative, hands-on learning. Baking cookies and making ice cream are just perfect screen-free activities for kids. They are opportunities to create lasting memories and instill valuable skills. So next time your kids are looking for something to do, why not head to the kitchen and start cooking up some fun? Stay tuned for more exciting ideas to keep your kids entertained and educated!

Drifter on Twitter: “4 cool science activities for kids 🥳 / Twitter”

4 cool science activities for kids 🥳

Brain Teasers

Suggestion #7: Science Experiments at Home

In our quest for screen-free activities for kids, let’s turn to the fascinating world of science experiments! You don’t need a lab. Your home is already full of potential. Simple and safe experiments can be done with everyday household items, sparking curiosity and learning.

These activities are more than just fun, they’re educational. For instance, mix food coloring with dish soap and milk to demonstrate chemical reactions and surface tension. Or, create a homemade volcano to learn about reactions between acids and bases. These experiments introduce basic science concepts like density and viscosity in an interactive and enjoyable way. It’s a fun approach to learning that encourages inquiry and observation.

Suggestion #8: DIY Board Games

Another great idea is creating DIY board games. It’s an amazing way to harness their creativity and strategic thinking. Using cardboard boxes, paper, and other materials, you can design and build your own board games. This activity not only stimulates creativity but also helps in developing problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.

Imagine the fun in crafting the game board, creating rules, and even making the pieces. Then, cap it off with a family game night, playing the games you’ve created together. It’s a fantastic way to bond as a family and enjoy the satisfaction of playing with something you’ve made with your own hands. This experience is about playing, creating and learning together.

Through these activities, we’ve explored engaging and educational activities that challenge their minds and stimulate their creativity. Science experiments and DIY board games offer a fantastic blend of learning, creativity, and fun, all without the need for screens. Stay tuned for more exciting ideas to keep your kids intellectually engaged and entertained!

diy board games for bored kids

Nature Exploration

Suggestion #9: Nature Scavenger Hunt

As we continue our journey through, let’s step outside and embrace the beauty of nature. A nature scavenger hunt is an exhilarating way to explore the outdoors, be it your backyard or the local park. This activity is an adventure into the natural world.

Start by creating a list of items for your kids to find. The list can include objects of different shapes, colors, and textures, encouraging kids to observe their environment closely. They might look for a round stone, a green leaf, or a feather. This hunt is a fantastic opportunity to teach them about nature and local flora. As they search for items, they learn to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the natural world around them.

Not only is this activity fun, but it’s also educational. It’s a chance for kids to learn about different plants, insects, and birds they encounter. Discuss the items they find, share fun facts, and maybe even do a little research together when you get back home. It’s an interactive way to combine fun, learning, and physical activity.

This nature scavenger hunt encapsulates the essence of what we aim for in things to do when bored at home for kids. It’s educational, engaging, and a healthy way to connect with the environment. It encourages curiosity, observation, and a love for the outdoors, making it a perfect activity for young explorers. Stay tuned for more inspiring ideas to help your kids discover the joy of the world beyond screens!

More Fun Activities for Kids at Home

While our main list of things to do when bored at home for kids covers a wide range of engaging activities, there are always more ideas worth exploring. You can create a boredom jar with activities listed on popsicle sticks. Pre-order supplies for every activity you write down so that your kids can dive right in as soon as they are bored.

1. Building a Fairy Garden

Transform a corner of your garden or a container into a magical fairy garden. Kids can use soil, plants, and different items like pebbles, twigs, and small figurines to create a miniature enchanted world. I love this activity because there are so many fun ways to decorate a whimsical garden.

2. Crafting Secret Messages and Codes

Explore the intriguing world of secret messages and codes with your kids. Teach them how to create and decode messages using simple ciphers or homemade invisible ink (using lemon juice and heat). This activity not only adds an element of mystery and fun but also enhances their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It’s a playful way to engage in a unique form of communication and can even be turned into an exciting game or treasure hunt using these secret messages. 

secret messages play

3. Learning a New Language or Skill

Utilize free time to start learning a new language or skill. There are numerous online resources and apps designed for kids, making learning interactive and fun. Becoming proficient at a language opens up doors for new books or travel adventures.

4. Organizing a Movie Theater Day

Transform your living room into a movie theater for a day. Let kids make tickets, set up a snack bar with popcorn and homemade treats, and choose their favorite films to watch. It’s a great way for the family to relax and spend time together.

5. Creating Art with Recycled Materials

Encourage kids to use recycled materials like toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, and old magazines to create art. They can build models, make collages, or even create an art gallery at home. This promotes creativity and teaches the importance of recycling.

6. Hosting a Family Book Club

Choose a book that the entire family can enjoy and hold regular book club meetings to discuss it. This can be a wonderful way to encourage reading and comprehension skills, and it’s also a great opportunity for family bonding.

7. Exploring the World of Card and Board Games

Revisit the world of card games and board games. Classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Clue can provide hours of entertainment and are a great way to develop strategic thinking and social skills. Card games like Uno, Sushi Go, and Go Fish are also family favorites.

card and board games

8. Backyard Camping Adventure

Transform your backyard into a camping site for a night. Set up a tent, prepare some snacks, and enjoy a night under the stars. This mini-adventure is perfect for teaching kids about nature, and you can even include activities like stargazing or storytelling.

9. DIY Time Capsule

Create a time capsule with your kids. Let them gather items that are important to them or represent the current time. Decorate a box, place the items inside, and choose a date in the future to reopen it. This activity is not only fun but also serves as a beautiful memory-keeper and a way to teach kids about the passage of time.

10. Exploring Nature through Photography

Encourage your kids to explore photography using a simple camera or a smartphone. They can capture the beauty of nature in your garden or during walks in the park. This activity enhances their observational skills and appreciation for the environment, and it can be a wonderful way for them to express their creativity.

These things to do when bored at home for kids provide a wealth of additional options for things to do when bored at home for kids, each offering unique benefits and learning opportunities. They are perfect for keeping kids engaged, learning, and most importantly, having fun.

Embracing Creativity and Adventure at Home

Creating a Family Vision

Setting Family Goals

Now that you have a great starting point of things to do when bored at home for kids, it's evident that the opportunities for fun, learning, and adventure are endless. Take the time to create a family vision board so that you all have a clear picture of your family goals. Everyone's willingness to get off technology and be part of the family can be increased with a clear vision.

creating family vision

Beyond Screen Time

These activities are alternatives to screen time and they are gateways to a world of imagination and discovery. They encourage kids to engage their creative juices, develop problem-solving skills, and most importantly, spend quality time with family. Experts are always saying how limited screen time is totally safe and normal, but I'm not convinced there is enough research on long term effects of technology usage.

Boredom is a Good Thing

These ideas are more than just boredom busters, they play a crucial role in the cognitive and emotional development of children. My mom used to tell me that boredom breeds creativity. A key piece of advice from me, a geriatric millennial, is to not shove endless entertainment in your kids face, let them learn to solve their own boredom.

Your Role in Their Creative Journey

Remember that you can help in bringing these activities to life through some simple Amazon orders. Encourage your children to try new things, explore their interests, and most importantly, have fun. By doing so, you're filling their time as well as creating memories and laying the foundation for a well-rounded, imaginative, and joyful childhood.

Keep Exploring, Keep Growing

The next time your kids are searching for things to do when bored at home, revisit this list and let the adventures begin anew. Each day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and create together. 

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