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    Veronica Hanson

    With sixteen years as an entrepreneur Veronica has turned multiple streams of income into a lifestyle. She use to leverage her time to earn more income, but now she leverages her ever growing residual income to be in more control of her time.

    Favorite Color: Green

    Favorite Musician: Backstreet Boys

    Starbucks Order: Venti Soy Peppermint Mocha No Whip served hot or iced depending on the weather

    Fave Animal: Peacock

    Astrologicl Sign: Aquarius

    Obsessed With: Generational Wealth

    Bret Hanson

    Trained as a Certified Fraud Examiner Bret is contracting remotely for international companies providing expert level preparation in obtaining large lines of credits. Currently serving as the President of the Lake Grove Fire District Board of Directors.

    Favorite Color: Green

    Favorite Musician: Odesza

    Starbucks Order: Nitro Cold Brew with Extra Sweet Cream & Roasted Ham & Swiss

    Fave Animal: Frog

    Astrologicl Sign: Taurus

    Obsessed With: Adventure


    Favorite Color: Green

    Favorite Musician: Melanie Martinez

    Starbucks Order: Seriously Strawberry Frappuccino add a banana, whipped cream on top and bottom

    Fave Animal: Deer

    Astrological Sign: Pisces

    Obsessed With: Pokemon


    Favorite Color: Dark Purple

    Favorite Musician: Ariana Grande

    Starbucks Order: Chocolate Milk and Bacon & Gruyère Sous Vide Egg Bites

    Fave Animal: Kangaroo

    Astrological Sign: Pisces

    Obsessed With: Slime

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    Your mind is meant to be changed, your heart is meant to be followed.

    Veronica Hanson

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