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Embracing Expat Life

Our Expat Journey Begins

In November 2020, our family took our new role of remote worker in search of a lower cost of living. With only a one-way ticket, we left the United States without a concrete plan. I was driven by a desire for new experiences and a better quality of life for our kids. Our adventure started with one year in the Dominican Republic, soaking in the sun and learning how to be expats. Living outside our native country was a major change but, in this specific case it lead to a much higher standard of living.

Navigating the Practicalities of Expat Life

Living abroad is more than adjusting to cultural differences in a different country. it requires understanding and managing practical aspects such as entry requirements, tax liability, and health insurance. We share our experiences with the foreign earned income exclusion, navigating US expat taxes, and the intricacies of finding housing and education options. Our goal is to help other expats manage these essential elements smoothly. Our main content is catered to US expats getting a digital nomad visa, permanent residency, or even dual citizenship.

Cultural Immersion and Building Connections

One of the most enriching aspects of expat life is the deep cultural immersion from learning a new language to integrating with locals. Living in Japan for two years, my kids not only learned the language but also visited historical sites far away from popular expat destinations. Our blog offers tips on how to quickly adapt to new environments. Everything from learning the local language to understanding cultural nuances that can help expats feel more at home in their host country.

Educational Opportunities Abroad

For families considering the expat life, education is a major concern. We discuss the benefits of international schools and how they were the best choice  for expat children. Our experiences in different countries teach parents how to choose the best educational paths for their children abroad. If you are going to stay in a country for an extended period of time than local school with full integration might be the right choice.

Planning the Next Move: Portugal

As we prepare for our move to Portugal, I will discuss major factors like using rental income to qualify a passive income visa. Our journey proves that with the right preparation and resources, moving to a new country can be an easy process. American expatriates are making the conscious lifestyle choice to to move abroad for a significant increase in happiness.

Building a Life Abroad

Expat life is not just about living in a foreign country. You are attempting to turn your country of residence into your new home. From securing foreign tax credits to setting up bank accounts, learn to build a new life abroad effectively. We also explore how expats can maintain ties to their home country. Keeping in touch with friends and family is just as important as adjusting to your new life.

Connecting with the Expat Community

A vital part of adjusting to expat life is connecting with the expat community. These networks can be invaluable for support, advice, and friendship. We share how engaging with other expats has helped us navigate the challenges of living abroad. Hanging out with other like minded US persons can make the transition easier for new expats.

Our expat blog is a resource for anyone considering or currently navigating expat life. Through our posts, we aim to provide valuable insights from our years of experience. Join us as we continue our journey, exploring different cultures and sharing the lessons we learn along the way.