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Can Teenagers Earn Remote Income?

Can Teenagers Earn Remote Income?

Teenagers have long sense wanted to earn their own money. Back in our day the easiest ways to make a few bucks was to do odd jobs like mowing lawns or babysitting. These days a traditional part-time job pays minimum wage and just doesn’t produce a lot of money. This guide is aimed at how to earn money as a teenager using the good old world wide web. Do teenagers even know that’s what www stands for?

If there is one lesson I can impart on a teenager it’s to open up a Roth IRA. Day one of earning one dollar you should have a retirement account. I can feel your eye roll through this screen as I type this, but I want you to be a millionaire. The magic of compound interest means even a few dollars invested in a Roth IRA now has WAY more power than lots of money invested later once you’re making good money.

Ok enough of the money lecture. Now let’s find you a good way to earn remote income on your own schedule. This list will outline the most common ways for using your laptop or phone to earn money in your free time.

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earn money remotely as teenager

The Appeal of Remote Work for Teens

If you’re seeking information on how to earn money teenager, remote work offers a flexible alternative to traditional jobs at places like movie theaters and grocery stores. The digital age has ushered in endless online business opportunities that require nothing more than internet access and a can-do attitude.

Side hustles such as being a virtual assistant or running a small online business open doors to valuable experience. While it can be hard work, the payoff is sweet. You gain not only money online but also work experience that may be advantageous later on.

Remote jobs are perceived as some of the best ways for you to earn extra money. Unlike rigid part-time positions, working remotely can complement your study schedule, granting a degree of financial independence early on. These good jobs often serve as an easy way to save for college, a car, or other big purchases in addition to the retirement account I mentioned earlier.

If you’re in the right place aiming for financial freedom, the world of remote work is ready for you. With commitment and an entrepreneurial spirit, your side hustles can grow into more than just a way to make money, they can evolve into small businesses.

Identifying Your Skills and Interests

When you’re exploring how to earn money as a teenager, understanding your unique abilities is a life hack for not hating your summer jobs. Take stock of what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at. Are you artistic, tech-savvy, or do you have a knack for communication?

Reflection is a Great Idea

  • Jot down what activities make you lose track of time.
  • Consider projects you’re proud of, no matter how small.

Different Ways to Discover

  • Ask family and friends what they think you’re good at.
  • Volunteer or take part-time jobs to test different roles.

Your specific skill set is like a Swiss Army knife for the job market. Sports can mean teamwork skills, while gaming may demonstrate strategic thinking. Being aware of what you bring to the table is the first step in finding work you’ll love and how much money you can make from it. Remember, young people have a fresh perspective that’s valuable in many fields. Use this to your advantage.

Starting a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel (sometimes referred as YT channel) is a fantastic way for you to enter the digital entrepreneur space as a teenager. Your interests, whether they be in video games, daily vlogs, or educational content, can attract viewers and potential revenue. Remember, the content you share reflects your brand, so choose topics you are passionate about and that resonate with your audience.

ways for teenagers to earn money

Develop Your Strategy

Initially, decide on the kind of YouTube videos you want to make. Do you want to entertain with gameplay commentaries? Or educate with tutorials? Perhaps, you want to share your daily life through vlogs. Use social media accounts to gauge what your peers enjoy watching and to direct traffic to your channel.

Setting Up the Channel

To get started, sign in with your Google account and create a new YT channel. Optimize your channel by filling out all the details, adding a catchy channel name, and brand it with a memorable logo and banner. Consistency in your visuals across different platforms strengthens your brand identity.

Create and Upload Content

Start producing content. You’ll need basic video editing skills to piece together your footage for a polished finish. Free editing software can serve you well initially. Post content regularly to build an audience. The consistency will be key to growing your subscriber base. Always keep your content engaging and interactive to maintain viewer interest.

Monetization Opportunities

Once you meet YouTube’s monetization criteria, you can start earning through ads revenue. But, as soon as you have an audience you can start utilizing affiliate links, video sponsorships, creating merchandise for your audience to purchase through an online marketplace like Etsy or selling online courses on a platform like Teachable. Remember, how to earn money teenager style doesn’t happen overnight, but with perseverance and creativity, you can build a revenue-generating channel.


If you’re a teenager looking to harness your creativity for some extra cash, freelancing provides a flexible path. Whether it’s through writing, graphic design, or web design, the digital marketplace is ripe with opportunities.

As a freelance writer, you can craft articles, blog posts, or social media content. Start by setting up a profile on platforms like or joining content mills that connect you with writing jobs. Just create engaging pieces and watch your portfolio grow!

freelancing for teenagers

Table of Opportunities for Teen Freelancers

Article WritingFreelancer.comA variety of writing gigs from creative to technical writing.
Graphic DesignFiverrOffer logo creation, custom illustrations, and more.
Web DesignUpworkProvide web building services for diverse clients.

In graphic design, sites like Fiverr allow you as a graphic designer to sell unique designs such as logos or merchandise art. Your artistic skills can translate into a lucrative side hustle. Ensure your portfolio showcases a range of styles to attract a broad clientele.

Web design is another high-demand field where you can thrive. As a budding web designer, you can offer website creation and maintenance services. Master a few web development tools, and you’re good to go.

Remember, before wasting too much time with trial and error, research how to earn money as a teenager through freelancing. With diligence and a bit of marketing, turn your talents into economic ventures.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

If you’re a teen looking to find out how to earn money, becoming a virtual assistant (VA) could be an excellent avenue for you. As a VA, you’ll offer administrative support to businesses or individuals from a remote location. This role might entail a variety of tasks, such as customer service, data entry, and managing emails and schedules.

Getting Started

  • Develop Skills – Sharpen your organizational and communication abilities. Technology proficiency is key, including familiarity with email and various software.
  • Setup – Ensure you have a computer and a stable internet connection.

Finding Work

  • Source Jobs – Look for VA jobs on online job boards and freelance platforms.
  • Build a Profile – Create a strong online presence with profiles on sites like LinkedIn to showcase your skills.

Your role may vary based on your employer’s needs, but typically you’ll be expected to handle tasks that help streamline their workload. Being organized and having strong time-management skills will help you excel in this position. Remember, this job can be highly flexible, making it an ideal choice for balancing school and work.


When exploring how to earn money as a teenager through e-commerce, consider selling goods online. This approach can turn a passion or hobby into a profitable venture.

ecommerce remote work

Identify Your Niche

Start by sorting through your old clothes and other items you no longer need. You could uncover goods in great condition that might interest buyers looking for vintage or pre-loved fashion pieces.

Choose the Right Platform

Facebook Marketplace and other online marketplaces are ideal spots to list your items. These platforms have a large audience, increasing your chances of a quick sale.

Setting Your Prices

Items can be sold at a higher price if they’re in demand or rare. Do some research to understand what similar items are going for and price yours competitively to attract buyers.

You can successfully sell online and make some extra cash. Photography and writing skills will help you stand out in the crowded world of selling things online.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Embarking on the journey of affiliate marketing is a great strategy on how to earn money teenager. You can start by choosing products you are interested in and sign up for their affiliate programs. An affiliate program will provide you with a unique affiliate link that you can share with your audience.

You’ll earn a commission for every purchase made through your affiliate links. Share these links on your blog, social media, or website to maximize visibility. It’s crucial to only promote products that align with your interests and values to maintain trust with your following.

Build an Interconnected Web Presence

Everything flows together in the online world. Your presence on social media platforms can drive traffic to your e-commerce sales and further flow over to a website or other writing platforms. Everywhere you exist online can link to other places you exist and affiliate links can be sprinkled everywhere.

Participating in Online Surveys and Reviews

If you’re a teen looking into how to earn money, online surveys can be a convenient option. Survey Junkie and similar platforms allow you to share your opinion and earn rewards. These tasks can usually be done with ease from your phone or laptop.

Here’s a simple guide to getting started:

  • Sign Up – Choose reputable survey sites and create an account. Look for platforms like Survey Junkie that are known to be teen-friendly.
  • Complete Profiles – Fill out your profile information accurately. This helps in receiving surveys that match your interests.
online reviews and surveys


Survey sites typically offer points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Keep track of your earnings and know the minimum payout to plan your cash-ins.

Tips for Earning with Online Surveys

  • Stay Active – Regular participation increases your chance of earning more.
  • Be Honest – Provide genuine responses for quality results and continued opportunities.
  • Redeem Rewards – Choose payout options wisely. Gift cards can be a great alternative if you can’t receive cash directly.

Remember, every survey completed inches you closer to that extra cash. Use your spare time effectively, and online surveys can eventually pay off.

Tutoring and Teaching Online

If you’re wondering how to earn money teenager-style, look no further than the world of online tutoring. It’s a fantastic way for you to share your knowledge and assist younger students. You can choose to specialize in a specific topic, or offer help across various subjects.

Getting Started

To begin, ensure you have a reliable internet connection and a quiet working environment. You may need to present proof of your academic abilities in the subject you plan to teach. Some platforms might also ask for teaching experience, but others are more flexible, especially if you’re tutoring your peers or younger kids.

Where to Find Jobs

  • PalFish – Teach English online, mainly to students in China.
  • Preply – No age restrictions, offers tutoring in over 100 subjects.
  • Tutorpeers – Ideal for peer tutoring opportunities.

Remember, the pay varies by platform but it can be a good source of income. Stay patient and persistent, and you may find a rewarding experience that also boosts your earnings.

teaching english online

Digital Product Creation

Creating digital products is a fantastic way for you to tap into online revenue streams. With just an internet connection and a dose of creativity, the digital world is your marketplace. Here’s how to earn money teenager style by venturing into the realm of digital goods.

Find Your Niche

Choose a digital product that aligns with your interests or skills.

  • E-books on topics you’re passionate about
  • Music or beats if you’re musically inclined
  • Stock Images for those with a keen eye for photography

Design and Development

Once you’ve pinpointed your niche, start developing your product.

  • Use free or paid software to design your product
  • Ensure your creations are high-quality and original
  • Consider user experience when creating digital tools or apps

Marketing Your Product

The internet is full of platforms to sell your creations.

  • Etsy for unique digital art
  • Amazon Kindle for e-books
  • Teachable for online courses

Blogging and Content Creation

Starting a blog is a flexible way for you to dive into the world of online earning. Your first step is choosing a niche that excites you. With dedication, your blog can become a showcase of good content that draws in readers.

When creating blog posts, make them engaging and relevant to your audience. Use images, infographics, and videos to make your content more appealing. Share your posts on social media and optimize them for search engines.

Monetization comes next. You can earn through affiliate marketing, selling digital products, ad revenue based on views, or even sponsored posts as you grow your audience. It’s important to consistently produce quality content to grow your audience.

By blogging, you learn valuable skills like SEO, content marketing, and digital strategy. These can open up other online job opportunities. To succeed in how to earn money teenager, stay authentic and keep learning from your experiences.

blogging and content creation

Social Media Management and Marketing

As a teenager looking to earn money, social media management is a fantastic avenue to explore. You’re already familiar with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, why not use that knowledge to your advantage? Businesses and personal brands need help maintaining an active, engaging presence across these platforms.

Managing social media requires you to create content, schedule posts, and interact with the audience. Crafting visually appealing posts and understanding what gets likes and shares can turn your skill into a lucrative gig. It’s more than just posting pictures, you’re building a brand’s voice and online community.

Begin by:

  • Identifying local businesses or online brands that could benefit from a fresh social media approach.
  • Offering your services for free initially to build a portfolio of your work.
  • Researching SEO best practices to drive more traffic to your client’s pages.

Using tools for scheduling, analytics, and graphic design, like Canva and Hootsuite, can also streamline your work process. Become the go-to expert for how to earn money teenager style on social media and watch opportunities come your way! Remember to keep learning and stay updated on the latest social media trends to provide the best service possible.

Scaling Your Business by Hiring Extra Help

I’ve got good news! If you get good at social media management you’ll likely grow to the point where you have more clients than you can handle on your own. You can transition from being a solopreneur to operating a full scale agency by hiring offshore workers at a low hourly rate.

Developing Apps and Software

If you’re interested in software development and want to know how to earn money as a teenager, creating apps is a viable avenue. Initially, you’ll need to build your coding skills in languages relevant to mobile app development, such as Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android. Coding can be self-taught through online resources, or you may consider taking courses to enhance your proficiency.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary skills, brainstorm app ideas that solve a problem or fill a niche. Start with a simple project to manage more easily and gradually tackle more complex ones. Remember, the user experience of your app is crucial, so focus on designing an intuitive and appealing interface.

To monetize your app, you have several options:

  • Advertisements – Incorporate ads into your app to generate revenue.
  • In-App Purchases – Offer additional features or content for a fee.
  • Subscription Services – Create a recurring revenue stream by providing premium app services.
  • Direct Sales – Charge users to download your app.

Before launch, test your app thoroughly to ensure reliability. Once ready, you can publish it on platforms like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll need to become a registered developer on these platforms, which may involve a fee. Promote your app through social media and online communities to gain users and feedback. As you learn and improve, your apps can attract more users, which in turn helps you succeed in the competitive world of app development.

Photography and Art

Photography and art are not just hobbies. They’re avenues through which you can channel your creativity and potentially earn an income. As a teenager interested in the visual arts, several options are at your disposal. From displaying your work at local galleries to selling digital prints online, there’s a spectrum of opportunities for you to explore.

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Selling Your Artwork

  • Local Exhibitions – Offer your art and photographs for sale at school events, community fairs, or local art shows.
  • Stock Photography – Try websites like Shutterstock or PicFair to showcase your best photographs for sale.
  • Online Marketplaces – Utilize platforms like Etsy or Redbubble to sell prints, custom artwork, print on demand products, or digital downloads.
earn money through photography as teenager

Leveraging Social Media

  • Instagram and Pinterest – Showcase your portfolio and attract potential buyers by maintaining an active presence on visual-centered social platforms.
  • Influencer Collaborations – Partner with brands or other creatives for sponsored content, expanding your reach and earning potential.

Digital Ventures

  • Start a Blog – Share your journey, review gear, or teach photography tips to attract followers and advertisers.
  • YouTube Channel – Create engaging content about your art or photography process and monetize through ad revenue.

In mastering the art of photography, you unlock the potential to how to earn money teenager. Your unique perspective is valuable. Focus on honing your skills and engaging with your audience, and you could soon see your passion for the arts transform into a profitable endeavor.

Conducting Online Classes or Workshops

As a tech-savvy teenager looking for ways to earn money, creating an online course or workshop can be a lucrative option. Your knowledge in a particular subject can serve as a valuable resource. It’s all about sharing what you know with others who are eager to learn.

Start by identifying your strengths. Are you a whiz in mathematics, a language lover, or a computer programming aficionado? Use these skills to create engaging virtual learning experiences. Remember, the beauty of online classes is that you can reach students from all over the globe without ever leaving your room.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Outline Your Course – Decide the topics you’ll cover and the structure of each session.
  • Choose a Platform – Research and select the online platform that fits your teaching style.
  • Market Your Classes – Use social media and other online forums to promote your workshops.

By following these steps, you’re not just figuring out how to earn money teenager, you’re also enhancing your communication skills and building a reputation as an instructor. Keep classes interactive and inclusive to ensure a memorable learning experience for your students.

Remote Internships and Apprenticeships

Discovering how to earn money as a teenager can be an exciting venture, especially when exploring the digital realm. Remote internships and apprenticeships are a fantastic way to gain professional experience while contributing to your career development from the comfort of your home.

remote internships and apprenticeships


These short-term, often project-based roles enable you to work directly with professionals in your field of interest. Often offered by companies during the summer, these opportunities can range from assisting with tasks to engaging in meaningful projects.


Gain industry experience, network with professionals, learn new skills.


These are more structured than internships and tend to last longer. You’ll receive hands-on training in a specific field, which can sometimes lead to a full-time position.


Earn while you learn, build a solid foundation for your career, get a head start in the professional world.

You can apply to these positions on job platforms or company websites. Keep your resume updated, tailor your cover letter for each application, and prepare for virtual interviews. Seize these opportunities for an early taste of the professional environment and use them to kickstart your journey in the working world.

Managing a Dropshipping Business

Embarking on a dropshipping venture is a practical way for you to engage in ecommerce as a teenager. Start by selecting products to sell that resonate with you, leveraging your unique insights into trends and interests of your age group. It’s all about finding the right niche that appeals to your potential customers.

Next, set up an online store on platforms like Shopify, which caters to young entrepreneurs. You’ll need a parent or legal guardian to handle contractual matters if you’re under 18, such as setting up payment processors or advertising services. While how to earn money teenager may be your goal, partnering with a trustworthy adult is essential to navigate legalities until you’re 18 years of age.

Manage dropshipping business

Dropshipping Essentials

  • Choose Your Niche Carefully – Select products that have a demand among your peers.
  • Find Reliable Suppliers – Partner with suppliers who offer quality products and dependable shipping.
  • Build Your Brand – Create a strong brand identity to stand out in the online retail space.
  • Market Strategically – Use social media to reach your audience with creative and engaging content.

In managing your business, keep a close eye on customer service and feedback. Your reputation online builds trust and can encourage repeat sales. Be patient and prepared to learn from the experience, as success in dropshipping often takes time and persistence.

Offering Music Lessons Online

If you’re musically talented and wondering how to earn money teenager, offering online music lessons can be a rewarding option. You have the chance to share your love for music while helping others improve their skills. You can teach a range of musical instruments, from piano and guitar to violin and drums.

Getting Started

First, identify your area of expertise and the instrument(s) you’re proficient in. You’ll need a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and good-quality audio equipment. Next, create a lesson plan that outlines music lessons objectives, course material, and structure.

Promoting Your Services

  • Build a Profile – List your experience, teaching style, and rates on online platforms dedicated to online teaching.
  • Social Media – Use platforms like TikTok and YouTube to give potential students a taste of your teaching style.
  • Referrals – Encourage family and friends to spread the word. Offer a free lesson to new students to attract them to your service.

Be patient and adaptable to different learning styles. With enthusiasm and dedication, online music lessons can be both a fulfilling and lucrative pursuit.

music lessons online

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Turning Your Teen Years Into a Launchpad for Financial Success

Earning money as a teenager offers both immediate financial benefits and valuable life lessons. Embrace the journey of discovering what you enjoy and what you excel at. Your efforts now set the stage for future financial independence. Here are some final points to remember:

  • Be proactive – Search for jobs or gigs that resonate with your interests and skills. Your passion can turn a basic job into a fulfilling experience.
  • Stay safe – Prioritize online and offline safety while seeking out opportunities.
  • Balance is key – Ensure your work doesn’t hinder school or personal growth.

As you apply the advice from this article on how to earn money teenager, stay optimistic and open to learning. Your work ethic and experiences now can significantly shape your future career and financial path.

Don’t Waste Your Early Income

My first job at the age of 14 was being a camp counselor after school and over the summers. Money from that job got deposited into my bank account and I immediately spent it on Tommy Hilfiger jeans or going to the movie theater with friends. It makes me cringe thinking about how much that money would be worth today if I had just put it in a Roth IRA and asked my parents to pay for my movie ticket instead.

I know I’m a geriatric millennial sounding like a boomer giving financial advice, but I practice what I preach. My kids have been dog walking and modeling since they were in elementary school and 100% of that money has gone into their Roth IRA’s. Starting early is a great way to turn your small amount of money into a very very large amount of money.

Hopefully you see the value of both earning and saving money as a teenager. Let me know the best online jobs you’ve found. Oh, and by the way not all investment companies will open Roth IRA’s for minors. My kids account is with Fidelity in case you’re looking for a company willing to open a retirement account for a kid.

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