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72 Remote Summer Side Hustles

72 Remote Summer Side Hustles

Everyone I have ever coached has some story they tell themselves which involves life calming down “later.” You convince yourself you’ll do the things you want to do once something out of your control happens. Summer side hustles can expand your financial resources to change the trajectory of your life.

When you boil down excuses it almost always comes down to lack of money. You lack time because your time is spent keeping yourself financially afloat. The lack of capital to start your ideas are directly related to financial shortfalls. Even your physical location being far away from resources is a result of your current financial situation.

Buckling down and creating a financial cushion can change your ability to make choices. Instead of putting off making the choice you can decide to take the risk, invest the time, and do the bold thing. A summer side hustle isn’t just a couple extra bucks in your pocket, it’s a door to possibility.

Find the right summer side hustle to put you on a new path this year.

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Outdoor and Physical Summer Side Hustles

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, you have a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income with outdoor and physical summer side hustles. Embrace the warm weather and get your hands dirty, or cash in on fun activities while staying fit.

1. Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is a classic summer side hustle that requires little more than a lawnmower and your time. Offer your services in your neighborhood and set a schedule that works for you. Regular maintenance often leads to repeat business.

2. Gardening Services

Gardening services can range from planting to regular weeding. Whether it’s tending to flower beds or setting up vegetable patches, your green thumb can turn gardens into lush escapes and put extra cash in your wallet.

3. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Pool cleaning is in high demand as homeowners want to beat the heat without the hassle. Learn the basics of chemical treatment and pool care, and offer weekly maintenance to keep those swimming pools sparkling.

pool maintenance as a summer side gig

4. Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning

Offer pressure washing services to clean driveways, patios, and siding, or specialize in window cleaning. These tasks can drastically improve a home’s curb appeal and are perfect as a summer side hustle.

5. Bike Rental Service

With the right location, a bike rental service can be a lucrative seasonal gig. Cater to tourists or locals looking for outdoor adventures. Ensure you have a fleet of well-maintained bikes and safety equipment.

6. Mobile Car Detailing

Take advantage of the good weather and start a mobile car detailing business. You can bring your services directly to your customers’ homes or workplaces, providing convenience and a thorough clean.

7. Surf Lessons Instructor

If you’re skilled at surfing, why not teach others? As a surf lessons instructor, you can share your passion and help beginners catch their first waves. Safety and fun are key components of this exciting summer side hustle.

summer side hustle

8. Kayak Guide

Become a kayak guide and lead groups on scenic tours along local waterways. It’s a fantastic way to explore nature while assisting others in learning a new skill, all the while making money.

9. Stand-Up Paddleboard Instructor

Stand-up paddleboarding is gaining popularity. As an instructor, you’ll teach balance, paddling techniques, and safety, making this a rewarding way to spend your summer outdoors.

10. Fruit Stand Operator

Local produce is in vogue, and running a fruit stand is a great way to participate in farmers markets or roadside sales. Source fresh fruits from local farms and promote healthy eating while turning a profit.

11. Ice Cream Stand Operator

Ice cream and summer are a perfect match. Launch an ice cream stand in a busy area or near parks to offer sweet relief on hot days. Unique flavors can set you apart from the competition.

summer side hustle

12. Mobile Coffee Cart

A mobile coffee cart can be a hit, especially at early morning events or in business districts. Offer quality coffee and pastries, and your cart could become a morning staple for many.

13. Inflatable Movie Screen Rental

Purchase an inflatable movie screen and projector to rent out for summer movie nights. You should charge different rates for weeknights versus weekends. Plus, add on an additional fee for setting up the screen outside a certain radius from your home.

14. Painting Mailboxes

Add a splash of creativity to the neighborhood! Painting mailboxes is a fun and artistic summer side hustle. It’s perfect for those who enjoy outdoor work and have a flair for design. Offer to refresh and personalize mailboxes for your community. This not only beautifies the neighborhood but also brings a unique touch to each home.

15. Junk Removal

Help others declutter while making money. Junk removal is in high demand, especially during the summer when people are looking to clear out their spaces. This side hustle is great for those who don’t mind some heavy lifting and have access to a truck or large vehicle. Offer services for home cleanouts, recycling, and disposal, making it easier for people to enjoy their tidy, spacious homes.

summer side hustle

Creative and Artistic Summer Side Hustles

Summer offers the perfect opportunity to explore creative and artistic side hustles that not only feed your passion but can also be lucrative. If you’re drawn to the arts, crafts, or design, these ventures allow you to turn your artistic abilities into a profitable summer side hustle.

16. Beach Photography and Art Selling

Capture the beauty of summer with your camera or canvas and sell your beach photography and art. Beach photography can be marketed to tourists as unique souvenirs, while original artwork has a market both in person and on e-commerce platforms.

17. Photography Classes

Your skill behind the lens can be shared by offering photography classes. Teach enthusiasts how to take stunning summer shots, either in-person or through online workshops.

18. Craft Selling at Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are not just for produce but also a hotspot for craft selling. Display your handmade crafts at local farmers markets to tap into customers who appreciate unique, artisanal items.

make crafts to sell for extra money

19. Jewelry Making and Selling Online

Combine creativity and enterprise by making and selling your own jewelry. Utilize online marketplaces to reach a broad audience looking for that perfect summer accessory.

20. Handmade Soap and Beauty Products

Concocting and selling handmade soap and beauty products can be a refreshing summer side hustle. Sell your products online or at local fairs and markets.

21. Custom T-Shirt Designing

Design and sell custom t-shirts celebrating everything from local events to summer themes. It’s a fun way to share your designs with a larger audience.

22. Handcrafted Furniture Selling

If you have a knack for woodworking, selling handcrafted furniture can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Showcase your work at local markets or online.

summer side hustle

23. Custom Woodworking

Offer bespoke woodworking services. This can range from small decorative pieces to larger furniture items.

24. Thrift Store Flipper

Visit thrift stores to find items to refurbish and flip. This can be an exhilarating way to give old items a new lease on life while making a profit.

25. Drone Photography Service

Offer a drone photography service to capture summertime events from a breathtaking perspective. It’s a unique angle that can attract various clients, from real estate to outdoor weddings.

26. Home Decorating Consultant

Your eye for design could make you the perfect home decorating consultant. Assist clients in organizing and beautifying their spaces for a fresh summer look.

create content as a summer side gig

Tech and Online Summer Side Hustles

With the summer months offering more free time, it’s a golden opportunity to dive into tech and online side hustles. These options allow you to work from anywhere and often fit flexibly around other commitments.

27. Virtual Event Planning

Leverage your event planning skills virtually. Coordinate and manage webinars, online workshops, and virtual meet-ups for professional or personal occasions.

28. Freelance Writing

Your way with words can turn into a lucrative remote income as a freelance writer. You can write blog posts, articles, or even eBooks on a variety of topics for different clients.

Become a Contributing Writer for Nomad Veronica

29. Graphic Design

If you have a flair for visuals, graphic design offers a canvas to monetize your creativity. Design logos, marketing materials, and social media graphics to build your portfolio.

summer side hustle

30. Web Development and Design

Creating and redesigning websites can be a profitable summer side hustle. Small businesses often look for freelance developers to enhance their online presence.

31. App Development

In an increasingly mobile world, app development skills are in high demand. Use your summer to develop apps for clients or even start your own project.

32. SEO Consulting

Help businesses rank higher on search engines with your SEO consulting services. As a consultant, you’ll optimize content and advise on digital marketing strategies.

33. Social Media Management

Your knack for trending topics can translate into social media management. Drive engagement and brand recognition for clients during the high-traffic summer months.

online summer side hustles

34. Virtual Assistant Services

Offer your organizational talents as a virtual assistant. Tasks may include scheduling, email management, and other administrative duties.

35. Online Course Creation

Transform your knowledge into digital marketing gold by creating online courses. Teach skills you’re passionate about and reach learners globally.

36. Resume Writing Service

Assist job seekers by crafting compelling resumes. A well-written resume can make a significant impact on a job hunt, and your services can be crucial in that process.

37. Translation Service

If you’re bilingual, provide translation services. Translate documents, websites, and even video subtitles to help businesses reach a broader audience.

earn extra money over the summer

38. Computer Tech Support

Offer support for common technical issues as a remote tech support specialist. You can guide users through resolving their problems over the phone or via chat.

39. Custom Video Editing

Your videography skills can be offered as videography services. Edit summer events, promotional materials, or YouTube content for various clients.

40. Virtual Reality Experience Creator

Innovate by designing virtual reality experiences. This unique service can be marketed to education sectors, real estate, and entertainment industries.

41. 3D Printing Service

Turn designs into reality with a 3D printing service. This can range from prototypes to custom home décor items, catering to a niche market during the summer.

summer side hustle

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Personal Development and Education Summer Side Hustles

Summer is a great time to monetize your passion for personal development and education. Through these summer side hustles, you can enrich others’ lives while fueling your own growth and income.

42. Music Lessons

If you’re musically inclined, teaching music lessons is a rewarding way to share your talent. If you know how to play guitar, piano, or violin, you can teach students of all ages and skills levels either in person or online.

43. Street Performance

Street performance combines entertainment and musicianship into a unique summer side hustle. Find a busy street corner or a popular public space, and captivate an audience while earning tips.

44. Language Teaching Online

Offer your linguistic skills through language teaching online. With platforms like iTalki or your own independent setup, language tutoring is in high demand and it’s a flexible way to make money over the summer.

summer side hustle

45. Meal Prep

Offer meal planning grocery lists and recipes or cook full meals on demand. Ensure you have the proper food handler’s license and cook in a certified kitchen. Provide road trip snack packs and on the road meals perfect for families on the go during summer.

46. Children’s Book Author

Craft imaginative stories as a children’s book author. This creative outlet is perfect for storytellers who want to inspire young minds while exploring self-publishing avenues.

47. Cultural Workshop Hosting

Host cultural workshops to celebrate diversity and teach others about different global traditions. These events can be marketed to schools, community centers, or conducted online.

48. Online Fitness Challenges Organizer

Lead by example by orchestrating online fitness challenges. Help participants stay motivated and reach their goals, keeping everyone active and engaged throughout the summer.

fitness summer side hustle

49. Virtual Dance Classes

Get others moving by hosting virtual dance classes. Perfect for dance enthusiasts of any style, this hustle allows you to share your passion and keep fit simultaneously.

50. Online Wellness Workshops

Run online wellness workshops to promote holistic health. Cover topics like mindfulness, yoga, or nutrition, offering tools and techniques for a balanced lifestyle.

Health, Fitness, and Wellness Summer Side Hustles

Summer offers the perfect opportunity for wellness enthusiasts to turn their passion into profit. From teaching yoga in the park to providing personalized health coaching, you can make the most of the sunny days with these health, fitness, and wellness side hustles.

51. Outdoor Yoga Instructor

Imagine guiding a morning sun salutation as a yoga instructor in the fresh, open air. You’ll need to market your classes well and choose picturesque, accessible locations. Consider offering group or private sessions to accommodate different preferences.

outdoor summer side hustles

52. Fitness Coach

As a fitness coach, you can take advantage of the longer days to inspire and train clients outdoors. Organize boot camps, running groups, or cycling tours. This summer side hustle is not only rewarding but also helps others stay active during vacation months.

53. Health and Nutrition Coaching

Share your expertise in health coaching by helping clients achieve their wellness goals. Offer custom dietary advice and regular check-ins. Boost your reach by creating informative content on social media platforms.

54. Personal Training Online

If you prefer a digital approach, personal training online lets you reach clients far beyond your local area. Ensure your training plans are tailored to individual needs, and use video conferencing tools to guide workouts live.

55. Elderly Walking Companion

Offer your time and companionship to walk with elderly people. Many elderly folks would like to stay active but are un-steady and could use a helping hand. Children of baby boomers could hire you to stay keep their parents company.

meal planning as a job

56. Virtual Makeup Tutorials

Capitalize on the trend for summer beauty by offering makeup tutorials online. As a talented makeup artist, you can show how to create looks that are perfect for summer weddings, festivals, and other events. Quality tutorials require good lighting and clear instructions.

Pet Care Summer Side Hustles

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, pet owners seek extra help for their furry friends. Summer is the perfect time to capitalize on pet care services as a side hustle. Engaging with animals can not only fill your wallet but also bring joy and physical activity into your daily routine.

57. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and with animals, dog walking is an ideal summer side hustle for you. You can offer your services during the workday or when owners go on vacations, providing much-needed exercise and company to dogs. Here’s a simple way to get started:

  • Create flyers or profiles on pet care platforms.
  • Set your rates. Consider charging per walk or offering package deals.
  • Network locally. Let neighbors and friends know you’re available.

Pet sitting involves staying with the pet at the owner’s home, keeping them company, and taking care of their day-to-day needs. It often goes beyond dogs and can include cats, birds, or even reptiles. Crafting a trustworthy and reliable reputation is key in this role.

58. Pet Grooming Service

Launching a pet grooming service can attract clients looking for a convenient way to keep their pets clean and comfortable during summer. You can provide services such as bathing, hair trimming, and nail clipping. To begin:

  • Acquire basic grooming supplies like shampoos, clippers, brushes.
  • Learn grooming techniques. You can watch tutorials or attend a short course.
  • Offer a comfortable experience. A calm demeanor helps soothe anxious pets.

Pet grooming can be a lucrative side hustle due to the regularity with which pet owners seek these services, particularly during the months when pets may need more frequent grooming due to shedding and outdoor activity.

summer side jobs for pet lovers

Hospitality and Event Summer Side Hustles

Turn your love for events and hospitality into a profitable side hustle. Opportunities listed below are perfect for making the most of the sunny season. Each role not only pads your wallet but also brings joy and unique experiences to others. So, get ready to create unforgettable summer memories while earning!

59. Airbnb Hosting

Transform your extra space into a lucrative summer side hustle. Airbnb Hosting lets you meet new people while earning extra income. Perfect for those who love hospitality and sharing their space.

60. Tourist Experience Creator

Use your local knowledge to create unique experiences for tourists. Whether it’s a culinary tour, a historical walk, or an adventure outing, this side hustle lets you showcase the best of your area.

61. Event Planning

Have a knack for organizing? Event planning could be your ideal summer side hustle. From small gatherings to large events, help others make their celebrations memorable.

summer side hustle

62. Wedding Coordination

Turn a couple’s dream day into reality. Wedding coordination is perfect for detail-oriented, organized individuals who love to see a plan come together beautifully.

63. Travel Blogging or Vlogging

Share your travel adventures and tips with the world. This side hustle is great for those who love to explore and have a knack for storytelling through blogs or videos.

64. Local Tour Guiding

Love your city? Share your passion as a local tour guide. From historical landmarks to hidden gems, show off your city’s charm to visitors.

65. Boat Tour Operator

If you have access to a boat, consider offering guided tours. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the water while providing an unforgettable experience for tourists and locals alike.

become a tour guide in the summer

66. Home Organization Service

Help others declutter and organize their homes. If you have a talent for creating tidy, functional spaces, this side hustle could be highly rewarding and in demand.

Specialized and Miscellaneous Summer Side Hustles

Tap into your unique skills with specialized side hustles. Diverse summer side hustles let you make the most of your talents while enjoying the season’s flexibility and fun. Get ready to turn your passion into profit! 

67. Voice-Over Artist

Lend your voice to various projects like commercials, audiobooks, or animations. This creative side hustle can be done remotely and offers a world of opportunity.

68. Baking and Cake Decorating

Turn your baking hobby into a profitable venture. From custom cakes to delicious pastries, offer your baked goods locally or start a delivery service.

summer side hustle

69. Local Delivery Service

With the rise of online shopping, local delivery services are in high demand. Start a service delivering anything from groceries to gifts, providing convenience and a personal touch.

70. Tax Preparation Service

If you have a knack for numbers, offer your services for tax preparation. Especially relevant in the lead-up to tax season, this hustle can be both profitable and helpful to others.

71. Homemade Candle Making

Create and sell your own candles. It’s a fun and creative way to make money, perfect for those who enjoy crafts and have a flair for design.

72. Mobile Phone Repair Service

Skilled with electronics? Start a mobile phone repair service. As people rely more on their devices, the demand for quick and convenient repairs grows.

unique summer jobs

Ignite Your Summer with Exciting Side Hustles

That’s a wrap on our journey through 72 fantastic summer side hustles. Each hustle offers a unique way to make your summer both fun and profitable.

Remember, the key is to find what resonates with you. Whether it’s leveraging tech skills in web development, exploring the great outdoors as a kayak guide, or unleashing your culinary talents with baking, there’s something for everyone. These hustles aren’t just about making money but also enjoying your summer to the fullest while doing something you love.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your passion and start hustling.

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