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17 Best Marriage Movies That Will Warm Your Heart

17 Best Marriage Movies That Will Warm Your Heart

Gone are the days of snuggling up with your beloved to watch weekly tv shows. Now that we have endless streaming services I wanted to narrow down the best movies about marriage to fill a romantic evening at home.

The volume of content being produced is not a good reason to waste hours of your life watching bad films. I’ve included both realistic movies about the first time couple’s realize they are in love and classic movies about forbidden love.

If you know of any romantic comedies or Valentine’s day movies I’ve overlooked please comment them below. Now pop some popcorn, pour a bottle of wine, and cuddle up with these marriage movies that celebrate young lovers and romantic good times.

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best movies about marriage

Classic Marriage Stories

You’ll see how the best movies about marriage offer deep insights into relationships. They are showcasing the complexities of love and commitment through classic storytelling. These films tackle the joys and challenges of married life, including groundbreaking portrayals of difficult subjects.

1. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Interracial Marriage)

This 1967 classic is a landmark film in its depiction of an interracial marriage. Spencer Tracy delivers a powerful performance, portraying a father coming to terms with his daughter’s engagement to a black doctor. Through its compelling narrative, it challenges the societal norms of the time and paints a heartfelt portrait of familial love overcoming prejudice.

2. Annie Hall (Non-Traditional Relationship)

Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall” remains an iconic film, illustrating the ups and downs of a non-traditional relationship. This movie takes you on a journey through the idiosyncratic love affair between a comedy writer and a singer. It’s a witty exploration of love and compatibility in a modern world that often resists the confines of a happy marriage.

Modern Takes on Marriage

Exploring the intricacies of married life, recent cinema has given us films that openly address the complexities of family relations and marriage problems. They are offering you a look into the realism of marital issues and the deeply personal journey of divorce proceedings.

3. Marriage Story (Divorce)

Marriage Story,” directed by Noah Baumbach, gives you an intimate look into the unraveling of a marriage between Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver). Through their journey, life of a family is depicted with raw honesty as you witness the struggles of navigating through divorce. This film delves into the emotional stress of family problems. It also shines a light on the legal complexities of divorce proceedings.

4. Blue Valentine (A Realistic View)

Starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, “Blue Valentine” is a film that presents the often unspoken realities of a strained marriage. As one of the best movies about marriage, it portrays the nuanced and gradual disintegration of a relationship. This reflect on marital problems in a manner that’s both compelling and heart-wrenching. This story invites you to confront the uncomfortable truth that fairy tales often sidestep.

Cross-Cultural Marriages

When you explore the good movies about marriage, you’ll see just how beautifully film can portray the joys and challenges of cross-cultural unions. These stories capture the essence of love triumphing over the complexities of differing backgrounds.

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Cultural Differences)

  • Creation – Written by and starring Nia Vardalos
  • Plot – A Greek American woman falls for a non-Greek man, which creates a comedic cultural clash.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” brilliantly showcases the collision and eventual blending of a traditional Greek family with American culture. Through your eyes, you witness the hilarious and touching moments as the couple maneuvers through their cultural differences to get married. This film emphasizes that love can bridge cultural gaps

best movies about marriage

6. Monsoon Wedding (Indian Culture)

  • Director – Mira Nair
  • Setting – An extravagant Punjabi Hindu wedding in New Delhi

Explore the vibrant and colorful world of “Monsoon Wedding,” where traditional Indian culture meets modern global influences. As a viewer, you’re invited to a celebration that faces the challenges and changes a married woman in India can go through. This film delicately handles the intricate dynamics of an Indian wedding, enriching your understanding of cross-cultural marriages.

Marriage Amidst Life Challenges

Movies about marriage often reflect the complexities and trials that couples face in their shared lives. In your journey to understand the facets of marital bonds, you’ll find that some of the great movies about marriage bring to life the struggles within family life and how years of union can be tested.

7. The Story of Us (Marital Problems)

In “The Story of Us,” Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer portray a couple navigating through intense marital problems. After years of marriage, life of a family starts unraveling, revealing the main reasons behind their growing discontent. The film captures the emotional struggles and the effort it takes to bridge the gaps that time and complacency have widened.

8. Revolutionary Road (1950s America)

“Revolutionary Road,” featuring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, transports you to the 1950s and its portrayal of the American Dream. It’s a raw examination of a young couple’s marital problems as they confront their lost dreams and aspirations. Winslet’s character represents many women of the time. She is dealing with the suppression of her desires for the sake of her family. This leads to a turbulent journey through marriage.

Unconventional Relationships

Exploring the great movies about marriage doesn’t always mean traditional love stories. Sometimes, it’s the unusual bond that captivates your heart, offering a fresh perspective on romantic connections.

9. Her (JFuturistic)

In the Oscar-winning film “Her”, you’ll find yourself in a near-future Los Angeles. Here, Joaquin Phoenix portrays Theodore, a lonely writer who forms an unexpected relationship with an AI operating system. This futuristic romantic narrative challenges conventional boundaries and delves into the complex emotions associated with love and companionship.

10. The Graduate (Unconventional Affair)

“The Graduate”, featuring Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock, presents a complicated extramarital affair with an older woman. This iconic romantic comedy portrays an intricate love story that juggles seduction, confusion, and the youthful quest for meaning amidst societal pressures.

Heartwarming Love Stories

Your journey through the best movies about marriage includes tales of enduring love and the supportive bonds marriage can bring. These stories remind you of the beauty found in shared life experiences with a loved one.

best movies about marriage

11. The Notebook (Enduring Love)

In “The Notebook,” you witness a quintessential love story between characters portrayed by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Their portrayal of a couple whose love endures life’s many stages, including the challenges of family life, resonates deeply. The strength of their love, which stretches across the years, embodies the power of love and the concept of true love. This leave you with a hopeful, happy ending.

12. Julie & Julia (Marriage Support)

“Julie & Julia” showcases a different facet of married life. With Meryl Streep’s character exploring her passion for cooking while experiencing the steadfast support of her husband. This film illustrates how personal growth and married life can intertwine, enhancing the bond between partners. You’ll be charmed by this depiction of a marriage that emphasizes mutual support and love as fundamental ingredients to a happy ending.

Marriage and Friendship

Exploring the journey from best friends to a happy marriage, films often captivate us with their portrayal of love and companionship. Let’s take a look into two iconic films that blend friendship with romance, securing their place in the list of great movies about marriage.

13. When Harry Met Sally (From Friends to Lovers)

In “When Harry Met Sally”, you witness the evolution of friendship into love. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal charm you with their undeniable chemistry. Their characters navigate the complexities of being best friends who fear crossing the threshold into romance. This romantic comedy challenges the idea that men and women can’t simply be friends without eventually falling in love and as a perfect couple, and depicts a love story that blooms over years of heartfelt companionship.

14. About Time (Time Travel Romance)

“About Time” introduces a unique blend of time travel with a poignant love story. As you follow Domhnall Gleeson’s character using his time-traveling abilities to perfect his love life, you’ll find a heartfelt narrative of how a married couple’s bond is tested and strengthened by life’s unpredictable moments. Tim and Mary’s journey is a testament to the strength found in the friendship at the core of a marriage. This showcase their evolution from friends to a committed, loving partnership.

Marriages with a Twist

When you explore the best movies about marriage, you’ll notice that not every story is about a picture-perfect life. Some of the most compelling tales are those where love and commitment meet unexpected complications, presenting a twist on traditional marital tales.

15. Gone Girl (Psychological)

In “Gone Girl,” your traditional happy couple facade quickly crumbles, revealing a chilling psychological thriller beneath. Ben Affleck’s character finds himself at the center of a love triangle and media circus. The main character’s quest to uncover the truth leads to a disturbing discovery about his wife, testing the very limits of marriage’s bond.

16. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Surreal)

Imagine erasing your memories of a dysfunctional family or a failed relationship. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” plays with this surreal possibility. Jim Carrey stars as a man who undergoes a procedure to forget his ex. This unravels a romantic comedy that tugs at your heartstrings and challenges your perception of love and commitment.

best movies about marriage

Older Couples Rekindling Love

In the world of cinema, stories of older couples finding their spark again resonate deeply with audiences. These films often blend the relatable struggles of family life, the resilience of enduring love, and moments of self-discovery during a midlife crisis.

17. Something’s Gotta Give (Older Romance)

When you watch “Something’s Gotta Give”, you’re in for a treat. Witness Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton navigate the complexities of a late-in-life romance. Diane Keaton’s character, a successful playwright, steps on an unexpected love story with Nicholson’s aging playboy after a series of events forces them to reassess their lives and feelings. This film offers an insightful and humorous take on mature relationships and the rekindling of passion against the backdrop of family dynamics. It’s a standout in the genre of the best movies about marriage, showcasing that self-discovery and new beginnings aren’t exclusive to the young.

The Impact of Career and Ambition

When you watch the best movies about marriage, you often see on screen how career and ambition can significantly shape family life. Films like Marriage Story highlight the delicate balance couples need to strike between personal ambitions and collective family goals. With Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver at the helm, this narrative becomes a poignant exploration of how professional aspirations can lead to both growth and friction within a marriage.

Ambition isn’t just about personal success but also one of the main reasons for marital problem, echoing true in countless real-life scenarios. You might appreciate why many characters in marriage-themed films struggle to prioritize. It’s not always a choice between right or wrong, but a complex decision that impacts both partners and, if present, their children.

In your quest for true love and a harmonious family life, contemporary cinema suggests you’ll often be asked to measure the weight of your dreams against the bonds of your relationship. Remember that family problems don’t stem from the pursuit of career success alone. It’s how you and your partner navigate these waters together that defines the strength of your marriage.

Here’s a table to summarize the dual impact of career and ambition in marriage as depicted in films:

Positive ImpactNegative Impact
Personal FulfillmentStrain on Togetherness
Professional GrowthNeglected Family Time
Financial StabilityMisaligned Priorities

Notice how these stories present a dichotomy. Personal fulfillment translating to financial stability versus the potential for creating a strain on togetherness and leading to misaligned life priorities. Use these insights from the movies to reflect on your own balance of career, ambition, and marriage.

Make sure you’re keeping a good balance in all these. Check out Date your Husband Again and Romantic Weekend for Parents for some guidance, along with watching the movies featured here.

Embracing the Beauty of Marriage in Film

Reflecting on the best movies about marriage, we realize each film is a unique exploration of love and partnership, especially for the married people. From the timeless charm of “The Notebook” to the raw honesty of “Marriage Story,” these movies offer a kaleidoscope of emotional journeys. They teach us about resilience, understanding, and the beauty of growing together in a husband wife relationship.

Whether it’s navigating life’s challenges or celebrating moments of joy, these best movies about marriage remind us of the enduring strength and transformative power of love.

So, let’s cherish these cinematic treasures that beautifully capture the essence of married life. 

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