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10 Best Global Remote Work Locations + How to Launch a Remote Career

10 Best Global Remote Work Locations + How to Launch a Remote Career

My life is plenty of things but it doesn’t look like a curated Instagram feed. Young beautiful people have been highlighting the best remote work locations through social media for years now. But, in the back of my head I always wondered if it was possible for a married mom of two to become a remote worker and travel the world.

Turns out the answer is, yes. I left my home country of America over three years ago in search of a lower cost of living in some of the best cities on Earth. Today’s guide will not only reveal the Top 10 best remote work locations but also serve as your kick in the butt to start your remote work career now.

Being a social media influencer is by no means the only way to become a digital nomad these days. There are full-time jobs for reputable companies or limitless income you could earn from launching your own brand. If you’re already a digital nomad this guide might inspire a new income stream or prompt you to book a flight to a new spot. Aspiring digital nomads sift through these best options for both income and best destinations, while getting ready to take their first step.

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best remote work locations in the world

Understanding Remote Work

Remote work, once a novel concept, has swiftly become a central part of our professional landscape. In recent years, the digital revolution has propelled remote work from a rarity to a common practice, embraced by both individuals and businesses. This seismic shift has redefined how we view work-life balance, opening up a world where your career can thrive from any corner of the globe.

Digital Nomads Leading the Charge

Digital nomads, the pioneers of this movement, have shown us that work isn’t confined to an office. They’ve turned cities into buzzing hubs for remote workers. Their lifestyle, a blend of work and wanderlust, is not just a fleeting trend but a glimpse into the future of employment.

The Benefits of Remote Work

The perks of remote work are numerous. First and foremost it offers a work-life balance that traditional jobs seldom match. You can draft a report from a coffee shop in Paris or code from a beach in Costa Rica. The speed of internet has made remote jobs in major cities and small towns equally appealing. Plus, the ability to work from different places allows for a diverse and enriching life experience. For our family we prioritize safety and education for our kids along with a cost of living that allows us to live luxuriously. 

Remote Work and Economic Opportunities

Embracing remote work goes beyond a way of life, it opens doors to economic prospects. With the rise of digital nomad visas and coworking spaces worldwide, countries are recognizing the value remote workers bring. They’re not just visitors but they form an integral part of a global workforce contributing to local economies, often in places with a low cost of living. Obtaining a special visa that allows for remote work and tax incentives can be challenging, but if there was easy access than it wouldn’t be as special.

Preparing for a Remote Career

Transitioning to a remote career requires more than just a laptop and a dream. It demands high-speed internet, a reliable home office or access to coworking spaces, and a suite of digital tools to stay connected. 

Remote career requires technology

The Future is Remote

As we look towards the future, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. It’s a global movement, reshaping our understanding of work and opening doors to new possibilities. With the right tools and mindset, anyone can join this revolution, finding fulfillment and success in the best remote work locations around the world.

27 Ways Anyone Can Create Remote Income

1. Freelance Writing

Put your writing skills to work and start freelance writing. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or copywriting, companies always seek talented writers. This remote job offers flexibility and the chance to work from anywhere. Many freelance writers use inspiration from their travels to create their finished product.

Apply to Write for Nomad Veronica

2. Graphic Design

If you have a knack for design, offer your skills as a freelance graphic designer. With just a laptop and creativity, you can design for local business owners as a freelancer or get hired on as an in house designer for a major brand. In fact, many digital nomads will work both as a remote employee and as a freelancer to skyrocket their earning potential.

3. Web Development

Web development is a high-demand skill. Spend your days networking in co-working spaces or places with free wi-fi to find new potential clients or employers that are hiring.

4. Virtual Assistant

Become a virtual assistant, helping businesses with administrative tasks. This role has the lowest barrier to entry of any remote career. You can take on clients from anywhere in the world and learn many aspects as you go. Keep honing your skills so that you can expand your services as you grow your client list.

virtual assistant

5. Online Tutoring

Use your existing knowledge to tutor students online. Teach languages, math, or science to students anywhere in the world. Pick the subjects you had the highest scores in and use video calls to spread your mastery to young minds.

Pro Tip: Write a book that guides your student in the subject matter and publish it on Amazon KDP. In your tutoring advertisement you can mention that students will need to buy the book you’ve published. You’ve got instant credibility and an additional income stream. 

6. Social Media Management

With businesses focusing on online presence, social media management is a sought-after skill. This is another role that is possible to do both as an employee and as an entrepreneur. You can use different factors like income potential and flexibility to determine which type of employment is best for you.

7. Digital Marketing

Offer digital marketing services to businesses worldwide. This role allows for a great work-life balance and the opportunity to work from beautiful beaches while listening to live music and sipping on a Mai Thai. Your role involves finding the best places online to get your employers or clients brand noticed.

8. Photography

Sell your photographs online or offer photography services. This creative path is perfect for those who love to explore different places and capture their essence. Every major city has iconic locations that tourists want to remember. Use your images to create merchandise, sell to local governments for stock images, or license to news outlets.

9. E-commerce Store

Start an e-commerce store. With dropshipping directly on Etsy, you don’t need a physical inventory, making it a great remote income source. The best way to grow your e-commerce store is to focus on a niche that appeals to a specific audience.

e-commerce  store to generate income

10. Online Courses

Create and sell online courses. Share your expertise on a subject and earn from every student who enrolls. Creating an audience in a particular niche and expanding out to many of these income streams is definitely a growth hack. The same people who bought your merchandise from your e-commerce store can purchase your e-course.

11. Blogging

Start a blog and monetize it through affiliate links, sponsored posts, or ad revenue. Blog about your travels, lifestyle, or any topic you’re passionate about. Use your blog to bring in an audience using search engine optimization. After they are on your blog and getting value they are more likely to engage by purchasing merchandise, online courses, or digital products.

12. YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel. Whether it’s travel vlogs, educational content, or entertainment, video content is a great way to earn income. Making videos is also a great way to grow your audience in order to pitch products or drive traffic back to your blog. Your entire remote income ecosystem is intertwined to appeal to the same audience. It is even possible to make money with just your phone as long as it has a decent camera.

13. Mobile App Development

Develop mobile apps. This technical skill can be lucrative and allows for remote work from any location. Apps earn money based on any price they set for users to download the app, recurring revenue based on a subscription within the app, and ad revenue if you choose.

14. Translation Services

If you’re bilingual, offer translation services. Work on translations for businesses globally from the comfort of your home. Many businesses are translating their websites or content catalog into other languages to open up new markets. While A.I. can do a lot of the heavy lifting it’s not perfect. That’s good news for you because you can simply pitch yourself as an A.I. translation editor.

beaches are the best remote work locations

15. Online Consulting

Use your expertise to offer consulting services in your field. The online coach model is still alive and well as a remote career. Whether it’s business, education, or technology, consulting can be done remotely.

16. Stock Market Trading

Learn stock market trading. This requires research and skill but can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. This is the first remote work career I’ve mentioned that requires a fair bit of startup money. Only the luckiest person alive can earn a full-time income by starting with a couple hundred dollars.

17. Rental Income

Invest in property and earn rental income. We turned our family home into an Airbnb to create a remote income stream while we travel the world. Operating both long term and short-term rentals is a great income stream as well as a great long term fall back plan.

18. Remote Customer Service

Many companies hire remote customer service representatives. Offer support via phone or chat from your home office. This role is best suited for people who can work from home as opposed to people launching their remote career from a local library.

19. Podcasting

Start a podcast. Discuss topics you’re passionate about and monetize through sponsorships and ads. When you start a podcast you will want to focus on consistency and a cohesive message. Create a brand that targets the same audience over and over again in different ways.

podcasting remote work

20. Affiliate Marketing

Engage in affiliate marketing. Promote products and earn commissions for every sale made through your referral. I probably sound like a broken record at this point. You will want to find affiliate programs that give you product options within your niche. It wouldn’t make any sense for a financial expert to be pitching kids craft supplies just like a travel influencer wouldn’t want to promote dining room furniture.

21. E-Book Writing

Write and publish e-books. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, e-books can be a great source of passive income. Your e-book create brand recognition and build a loyal following that could eventually lead to a book deal with a publisher. Be sure to utilize both free and paid e-books for optimal results.

22. Voice-Over Work

If you have a good voice, try voice-over work. Record from a home studio and work on projects from audiobooks to commercials. There are numerous freelance platforms that purport to match voiceover work with voiceover actors but be wary of any that require large fees.

23. Fitness Coaching

Offer online fitness coaching. With virtual training sessions, you can guide clients from anywhere. The options in the fitness world are vast. You can offer custom workout plans that you pre-record instructions for and email on a rotating schedule or you can do private workouts over a video call. Either way, your goal is to motivate your clients to reach their fitness goals.

24. Remote IT Support

Provide IT support remotely. Help clients with their tech issues from a distance. With the rise of remote workers there is often not enough tech savvy staff to manage the technology. Learn how to remote access a computer and solve tech headaches from afar.

remote IT support

25. Handmade Crafts

Sell handmade crafts online. Utilize platforms like Etsy to reach a global market. The idea of selling handmade goods isn’t usually considered remote, but it can be with the right strategy. As a digital nomad you have access to local supplies and traditional inspiration that can lead to a very unique product line. During your free time you can make some location inspired jewelry or piece of artwork. Just be sure to price your items high enough to truly make an impact on your financial situation.

26. Travel Consulting

As a travel enthusiast, offer travel consulting services. Help others plan their dream vacations. I became a travel agent early in my nomadic journey because access to discount hotel prices and perks like free upgrades made it a no brainer. What you will naturally find as a full-time traveler is that people will ask you for vacation advice. With this remote career you can charge them for your labor and make commissions from the parts of their trip you book for them.

27. Public Speaking

Use your expertise and confidence to share a message through speaking. Virtual events have become standard within numerous industries. Plus, if you are so inclined you can accept live speaking gigs which pay for you to travel to your next destination. The next great place might just be a keynote speech contract away.

Each of these 27 ways presents a unique opportunity to create remote income, offering the freedom to work from the best remote work locations across the globe. Maybe you prefer the hustle of big cities or the tranquility of small towns, these remote income streams can adapt to your lifestyle, giving you the liberty to live and work on your own terms.

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Finding the Best Remote Work Locations

Identifying Your Ideal Remote Work Setting

Finding the best remote work locations starts with understanding your preferences. Do you thrive in the energy of major cities or prefer the calm of small towns? Consider what environment boosts your productivity and creativity. Some may seek the buzz of coffee shops in a bustling downtown area, while others long for quiet spots near beautiful beaches. Living in a small city within a short drive of a major city could be a good compromise.

Cost of Living

When scouting for the best remote work locations, the cost of living is a major factor. Look for places with an affordable cost of living, allowing you to maximize your remote income. Many developing countries throughout southeast Asia are popular for digital nomads. Be thorough in your research to ensure major expenses like rent, transportation, education for your kids, and food costs all pencil out within your budget.

consider the cost of living in finding the best remote work locations

Connectivity is King

A reliable internet connection is non-negotiable for remote workers. High-speed internet is a must. You may need to hang out in a coworking space to get access to the fastest internet speed in the region. In the case of internet connection free isn’t always best.

Work-Life Balance and Local Amenities

Your remote work location should offer a great work-life balance. Places with public parks, outdoor activities, and rich cultural experiences can significantly enhance your quality of life. The best city will balance urban convenience and access to nature.

Visa Regulations and Stay Duration

Consider the legal aspects, such as digital nomad visas, for a longer stay. I was able to secure my residency visa to Japan based on family heritage and I have also applied for ancestry citizenship to Romania. Our next destination is Portugal which I applied for based on earning residual income from real estate. One of the best ways to secure visa approvals is by having remote income or residual income that comes from outside the country you intend to live.

Community and Networking Opportunities

Being part of a community is vital for remote workers. Look for locations with a thriving community of digital nomads and expats. This network can be a great source of support and inspiration. Cities with coworking spaces and regular meetups or events are ideal for making friends abroad.

Safety and Healthcare

Safety and access to good healthcare are important factors too. Choose locations with a high level of safety and reliable healthcare facilities. This consideration is especially important for those planning a longer stay or traveling with family. We have received excellent healthcare in numerous countries and the number one shock is how inexpensive it is.

perks of working remotely

Exploring Beyond the Obvious

Finally, don’t be afraid to explore beyond the well-trodden paths. While popular destinations like Bangkok and London are great, sometimes the best remote work locations are the lesser-known gems. These spots often offer unique experiences and a chance to immerse yourself in different cultures.

Finding the best remote work locations will enhance your remote working experience and overall lifestyle.

Best Remote Work Locations

#1 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai stands out with its affordable cost of living and vibrant digital nomad community. It’s a hotspot for remote workers, offering cultural richness, delicious food, and fast Wi-Fi in cozy coffee shops and modern coworking spaces.

#2 Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a paradise for remote workers seeking beautiful beaches and a laid-back lifestyle. Its warm weather, affordable living, and numerous coworking spaces make it a top pick for digital nomads.

#3 Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s rich history, dynamic culture, and thriving tech scene attract remote workers worldwide. The city boasts an excellent public transport system, diverse neighborhoods, and a lively arts scene, making it a great spot for creative professionals.

#4 Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is renowned for its digital nomad visas, stunning architecture, and a community that warmly welcomes remote workers. With its mild climate and a growing number of coworking spaces, Lisbon is a top choice for those seeking a European city experience.

Lisborn, Portugal is one of the best remote work locations

#5 Austin, Texas, USA

Austin’s lively music scene, flourishing tech industry, and great food make it an attractive location for remote workers. The city’s warm weather and friendly locals offer a welcoming environment for digital nomads.

#6 Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a hub of culture and creativity. It provides a low cost of living, an array of coworking spaces, and a chance to experience Mexico’s rich history and delicious cuisine.

#7 Toronto, Canada

Toronto’s diversity and vibrant city life are perfect for remote workers seeking an urban environment. The city has a strong economy, numerous coworking spaces, and is known for its multicultural communities.

#8 Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers a unique blend of beach life and urban living. Its architectural marvels, great weather, and thriving arts scene make it a popular destination for remote workers and digital nomads.

#9 Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town’s stunning natural landscapes, affordable lifestyle, and cultural diversity make it an alluring spot for remote workers. The city is also known for its great food and outdoor activities.

relaxing while working remotely

#10 Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington’s scenic beauty, friendly community, and focus on work-life balance make it a gem for remote workers. It’s an excellent place for those who love outdoor adventures and a peaceful lifestyle.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or just starting out, these best remote work locations are sure to inspire and facilitate your remote working journey.

Embracing the Remote Work Lifestyle

A World of Opportunities Awaits

Remote employees have a unique opportunity to spend months of time in the best remote work locations. Typical tourists only get to see these destinations for a long weekend or a week at a time. A digital nomad can pick a home base and use it to road trip all around a region.

Freedom of Choice

The beauty of remote work lies in the freedom it offers. You have the power to choose your work style, whether it’s freelance writing from a cozy coffee shop or managing digital marketing campaigns from a sunlit beach. The best remote work locations are more than just places and they are gateways to new experiences and growth.

A Community of Like-Minded Nomads

Remember that you’re not alone in this journey. The global community of digital nomads and remote workers is ever-growing. Choose hubs where ideas, cultures, and experiences converge, creating a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

community of like-minded people

The Future is Now

As we look to the future, the trend of remote work is only set to grow. With advancements in technology and a growing acceptance of this lifestyle, the opportunities for remote income are expanding. Now is the time to embrace this change, to explore the best remote work locations, and to create a life that blends work with passion and adventure.

Your Next Step

I’ve heard a lot of advice saying you should start by taking some test remote work trips. My personality is more all or nothing. I jumped into my remote work adventure within a very short time period. Not everyone is willing to jump into a brand new lifestyle without some test runs, so pick the option that will lead you to actually act.

The paths to remote income are diverse, and the best remote work locations are waiting. Embrace the journey, and let your work take you to places you’ve always dreamed of.

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