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Becoming a Travel Agent

Becoming a Travel Agent

I did a thing! My family has been living internationally for almost one year now. Seeing that we will continue to live as full-time international nomads indefinetly, I have decided to become a travel agent.

In my family it’s always been me who books the travel. My nine year old has been to nine countries while my seven year old has been to eight countries. If I had been a travel agent during those trips, then our experiences would have been greatly enhanced.

Being a travel agent is both financially and logistically beneficial. Read on to find out if becoming a travel agent is right for you.

Why Should You Become a Travel Agent?

Money is the primary reason most people work. Becoming a travel agent has three financial benefits.

Firstly, for every vacation or experience booked a commission is earned. You will earn commission each time:

  • You book a personal trip
  • You book a vacation for family or friends
  • You book a group trip
  • You book travel for anyone your marketing attracts
  • You enroll a new travel agent
  • An agent you enrolled books travel

Secondly, every personal trip you book has the potential to save you oodles of money. Becoming a travel agent is ideal weather you just want to save money on a yearly famiy vacation or you become a full-time traveler like me. Having access to travel agent rates across companies and programs can be a huge cost savings.

Thirdly, as an independent travel agent you can structure yourself as a business for tax benefits. I am not a tax expert or financial advisor, this is simply what I know by being a business owner. Becoming a business owner allows you to deduct expenses from your revenue and lower your tax burden, while still maintaining your lifestyle.

Becoming a Travel Agent from Anywhere

What Travel Agency Should You Join?

As you can imagine, there are pros and cons to most business decisions. I chose to align myself with an agency called InteleTravel.

The key factors that affected my decision were:

  • No sales quotas
  • 70% commission split, versus most agencies offering 50%
  • Once you earn $5,000 in commission, your split share goes to 80%
  • No sales minimum to apply for CLIA card

As an independent InteleTravel agent, you can earn commission when booking:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Vacation Packages
  • Limited International Flights
  • Car Rentals
  • Insurance
  • Tours
  • Activities
  • Event Tickets

There are many other agencies to choose from but I am happy with InteleTravel.

Where Can You Live as a Travel Agent?

InteleTravel agents can launch their business in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, or the Carribean. Luckily, where your business operates and where you live can be two different places.

Many travel agents become full-time travelers. My mentor has lived abroad for two years while operating her travel business. I plan to live abroad indefinetly. Legally my business is licensed in America, but I will be working from wherever I happen to be.

If you are concerned about tax or legal consequences regarding operating your business from aboard, consult an accountant or lawyer.

Becoming a Travel Agent Who Travels Full-Time

How Do You Become a Travel Agent?

Starting your InteleTravel business has a modest startup cost and a small ongoing maintenance fee. Your startup cost is $179.95 while your monthly fee is $39.95.

Visit LAUNCH MY TRAVEL BUSINESS to start selling travel today. There are three people sitting in beach chairs on the launch page. On the right side of the page you will see the words YOUR PRODUCT. Click the words LEARN MORE on that right side. Lastly, on the next two pages you’ll click PURCHASE NOW to enter your information for your new travel business.

Becoming a travel agent is all about marketing. As a new travel agent you can announce your new business on social media, through direct marketing, and personally contacting your inner circles. The more you advertise the more people that can potentially book their travel through you.

If given the choice between being a travel agent that nobody knows about and a successful profitable travel agent, I assume you would want the later. You are a dozen group trips away from a wildly successful business. Be the travel agent who books the trips not the one who sits around and waits for business to find them.

Good luck on your new business!

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