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Use this One Platform to Triple your Remote Earning Potential

Use this One Platform to Triple your Remote Earning Potential

You’ve decided to become a professional blogger. Unfortunately, you will quickly discover that starting your own blog is about so much more than being a great writer. You’ve got to master SEO, hit the right word count, source graphics, structure your URL’s properly, ensure all the proper EEAT signals, keep your core web vitals high, and grow your domain authority. All of a sudden your idea about becoming a professional writer becomes very little about writing. Luckily there are blog writers for hire that you can employ to do the majority of the article writing.

Blog content writers can do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of keyword research and producing large amounts of content. While it’s true they are unlikely to be subject matter experts that doesn’t really matter these days. Your article writers can send you high quality articles on a regular basis and you edit them using your expert knowledge. This is by far the best way to become a profitable blog owner in the shortest amount of time.

The Power of Blog Writers for Hire

You understand the significance of maintaining a vibrant and updated blog for your business. Professional blog writers bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to your content needs. They can transform your ideas into engaging posts that resonate with your audience.

Finding the right freelance writer used to require navigating job boards or signing a long term contract with a blog writing service. Nowadays most freelance bloggers find their potential candidates on Fiverr or Upwork. I feel like I’ve got the best kept secret stash of top blog writers that nobody’s talking about. Online Jobs is a freelance marketplace where you can hire the best blog writers for the lowest prices.

hire expert blog writers from the Philippines

Overview of Hiring a Freelance Blog Writer

List your requirements, from years of experience to writing style, and match them with the writer’s expertise. Once you find writer applicants, you’ll embark on a streamlined hiring process. 

Communicate your goals clearly to align their skills with your vision. Before officially hiring content writers you should always assign them a test project to see if they are a good fit. By doing so, blog writers for hire can produce a well-written blog article and you can decide which candidates are the right writers for your site.

This strategic approach will ensure that the hired talent can tailor content specifically to your brand’s voice. A well-structured blog post is a highly visible element of your content marketing strategy so choose your freelance blogger carefully.

Why Filipino Workers Are a Goldmine for Blog Writing

When searching for blog writers for hire, Filipino workers stand out for several compelling reasons. Firstly, Filipino writers are recognized for their exceptional command of the English language. This linguistic proficiency ensures that your blog’s content is articulated clearly and effectively.

Filipino writers often bring a unique blend of work ethic and adaptability to the table. They’re known to be dedicated to delivering high-quality content that aligns with your specific needs. Plus, they are generally open to flexible work hours, which can be a significant advantage if you’re operating across different time zones.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: You’ll find that hiring a writer from the Philippines can be surprisingly affordable without compromising on quality.
  • Cultural Adaptability: They tend to have a global perspective, making them great writers not just for local audiences but for international readers as well.

One thing I love about the writers I’ve hired from the Philippines is their ability to think beyond instructions. After a few weeks new writers are regularly giving me suggestions for how to improve processes or offering ideas to increase revenue. It’s easy enough to find a good writer, but finding an employee who will help you build your brand and grow with the company is extra valuable.

hire a VA to help grow your blog through content marketing

The Ideal Platform for Hiring Blog Writers

In the digital marketplace, finding the right talent for content creation is critical for your brand’s success. Online job platforms offer a wide range of candidates including SEO specialists, coding experts, and freelancers looking for both part-time and full-time work.

What makes Online Jobs stand out is the points system their applicants use. Each day potential candidates are given 10 points per day that carry over with a maximum holding amount of 60 apply points. Instead of blindly mass applying like you find on Upwork and Freelancer, candidates are required to apply using a number of points. This is a great way to determine how serious a potential employee is about the job.

I personally don’t even look at candidates that apply with less than 5 apply points. This added element of the application process gives both prospective employees and employers a new way to communicate.

How to Find the Best Writers on Online Jobs

To secure good blog writers, start with writing as specific of a job posting as possible. Hiring on Online Jobs happens fast, so before posting the opening you should do a few things:

  1. Determine a ‘test task’ that shows the skills necessary to be successful in your company.
  2. Write a document with step-by-step instructions for potential candidates to follow.
  3. Decide on 2-4 questions you would like to ask a potential employee during a written interview.

When crafting job ads, remember to specify the role of the freelance content writer in your marketing strategy. This helps in attracting writers who are adept at content marketing and can contribute to driving organic traffic to your site. By taking these steps, you can confidently hire blog writers for hire who can deliver quality, consistency, and creativity to help your business thrive online.

Bear in mind, skillsets outside of freelance writing can also be hired on Online Jobs. You defiantly should consider other roles such as Pinterest expert, social media manager, google web stores creator, and website developer. 

turn your blog into a money making business

Maximizing the Potential of Your Blog with Quality Content

Creating exceptional content for your blog isn’t just about sharing your ideas. It involves strategic planning and understanding what your audience craves. High-quality content ensures that your blog stays ahead in a competitive market.

When you aim for great content, prioritize SEO-friendly aspects. This includes thorough keyword research to understand what potential readers are searching for. Your blog posts should not only be engaging but also optimized to attract more traffic. SEO-friendly content becomes a group effort when you hire professional content writers. Both you and your hired blog writers can think about and implement SEO strategies which will make your blog even better than before.

Crafting well-written blog articles involves more than impeccable grammar. Relevant content that provides value will encourage readers to return. It’s here that blog writers for hire play a critical role, as they have the expertise to merge quality writing with SEO savvy.

Use these guidelines to steer your content creation:

  • Quality Over Quantity: Aim for well-researched, thoughtful posts rather than frequent, lackluster updates.
  • SEO Foundations: Apply best practices in keyword placement and meta-descriptions for visibility.
  • Engage and Retain: Deliver content that resonates and keeps your audience coming back for more.

Content is the lifeblood of any blog. Invest in good content to maximize your blog’s potential and keep your audience engaged.

Financial Benefits of Hiring Freelance Blog Writers

Hiring freelance blog writers is a cost-effective measure for your business. You avoid the full-time salaries and benefits typically associated with in-house employees. Instead, you pay for content as needed, which allows for better budget management and reduces financial strain.

With freelance content writers, you’re not bound by annual salaries, you can scale your content production to match your current budget. This flexibility prevents overspending and gives you control over your content strategy without the commitment of ongoing salaries.

hire the cheapest VA to write content for your blog

Professional bloggers can be more affordable than full-time employees or content marketing agencies. For business owners, this means you bypass many hidden costs, such as recruitment, training, and human resources expenses. Your budget goes directly into content creation, maximizing return on investment.

By hiring freelance bloggers, you effectively convert fixed labor costs into variable costs. You also benefit from a diverse range of expertise and styles, which can attract a wider audience without additional training costs. Blog writers for hire can offer fresh perspectives and maintain content quality, keeping your audience engaged.

Example Pay Guidelines

Open RolePay
Entry Level Writers$4.00 USD/hr
Experienced Writers$5.00 USD/hr
Expert Writers$6.00 USD/hr
Writing Team Supervisor$7.00 USD/hr

Expanding Your Content Strategy Beyond Blog Posts

When you’re looking to diversify your brand’s digital presence, consider going beyond traditional blog posts. Your audience seeks varied content, and you can deliver with your team of expert writers. Here’s how to expand your content strategy effectively.

Guest Posts

  • Visibility: Collaborating with peers for guest posts increases your reach.
  • Authority: Sharing expertise on other platforms builds credibility.

Pro Tip: If there are slow times for your writers keep them busy and employed by researching guest post opportunities in your niche. They can even reach out to the blog and pitch them.

Press Releases

  • Announcements: Ideal for sharing company news, ensuring you keep your audience informed.
  • Media Attention: Attracts journalists, potentially leading to wider coverage.

White Papers

  • Insightful reports to educate your audience on complex issues.
  • Establishes your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Video Scripts

  • Engage visual learners with content that stands out.
  • Optimize for platforms like YouTube to enhance SEO.


  • Access experienced content creators for a multifaceted strategy.
  • Gets your content in front of more eyeballs by sharing audiences.

Social Media Platforms

  • Engages with a broader audience through platforms they use daily.
  • Encourages sharing, increasing organic reach.

By hiring blog writers adept in crafting various types of content, you ensure your strategy remains fresh and engaging. Offering a mix of content types like videos, white papers, and press releases keeps your brand relevant and appealing to a wider audience. Remember, the goal is to keep your readers interested and coming back for more.

become the owner of your blog business instead of just an employee of your blog

Tips for a Smooth Collaboration with Freelance Blog Writers

When you embark on hiring blog writers for your content needs, it’s imperative to establish a seamless workflow. To ensure that your collaboration with freelance blog writers is fruitful, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Identify Your Needs

First, define the goals and the target audience of your blog. Ensure you choose writers whose writing skills match your content strategy. Writing samples and previous work can play a crucial role during the selection process; they reveal a writer’s proficiency and style.

Set Clear Expectations

Next, lay out clear guidelines for the writing process. Provide a comprehensive brand style guide that outlines your voice, tone, and messaging. Best practices dictate that you should discuss deadlines, scope, and budget in detail to prevent any misunderstandings.

The biggest factor to consider is regarding the usage of A.I. Some blog owners reject any use of artificial intelligence while others embrace it. My blog’s policy is to allow our writers to use A.I. as a first draft but require heavy editing. We can access all the A.I. outputs and compare them to the finished product.

Communicate Efficiently

Hiring a professional content writer from another country will teach you very quickly where you are lacking in the communication department. Learn from your own mistakes. Initiate regular check-ins without micromanaging, as collaboration surpasses mere management. Treat your freelancer as a valued team member and encourage a two-way feedback loop.

Always assume a mistake made by a blog writer is a mis-communication. Every single time I have perceived a screw up by a blog writer I have asked why they did it that way. It becomes immediately obvious that what they did was logical based on my instructions and I simply needed to be more clear. 

By sticking to these tips, your partnership with freelance blog writers will not only be smooth but also rewarding for everyone involved.

blog writers for hire from anywhere

Grow Your Blog Through Hiring

Hiring a blog writer can invigorate your content strategy, fuel search engines visibility, and bolster your online presence. With blog writers for hire, you delegate the lot of work involved in creating consistent high-quality content. This partnership allows you to focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

By teaming up with an experienced writer, you not only get engaging content but also benefit from their SEO knowledge and income generation ideas. This expertise ensures your articles rank well and have something available for sale once guests arrive at your site. Success in content marketing is not just about producing articles, it’s about the right articles.

Your collaboration with a content marketing strategist or a full-time writers can be a game-changer. It’s an investment that can yield returns in brand loyalty, customer engagement, and ultimately, the growth of a successful business. With careful hiring, you amplify your brand’s voice and authority in the digital sphere.

Hire Your First Blog Writer This Week

You may feel overwhelmed by too much information after reading this blog. However, you can hire a good freelance blog writer within the week as long as you take action. Your potential customers are waiting for your content and you’ve already got ten thousand things to do. When you hire blog writers then get to be an extension of your brand and your voice to grow rapidly.

As you head over to Online Jobs you will create an account. There are two pricing tiers and the vast majority of personal blogs will only need the Pro tier, that’s what I have. You can post three job openings per month. But I have found, with training new content writers it would be very difficult to hire more than a couple people per month.

Within a few weeks your new blog writers will be creating excellent blog posts that you’ll feel proud to publish on your business blog. As your blog expands to a larger audience you can teach your blog writers to make infographics from your educational content and do niche research for even more valuable blog posts.

A blogging business is about more than just content writing there are dozens of other aspects happening behind the scenes in order to publish one successful post. Hire blog writers so that. you can complete more of the tasks you know you need to do but just never have the time.

FAQ: Blog Writers for Hire


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