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9 Ways to Document Your Minimalism Journey

9 Ways to Document Your Minimalism Journey

The path towards minimalism is windy and long. If you’ve decided to embark on a journey towards minimalism you might be looking for ways to memorialize the process.

In the beginning it won’t feel like a big deal to decide you’re becoming a minimalist. But, as you begin to shift your mindset and your behaviors the lifestyle will take hold of you really fast.

Use these nine ideas to track your progress and reflect on all your success. Keeping track of your minimalism journey ensures you have evidence for those days when your negative self talk is trying to derail the progress.

Before & After Photos

Everyone thinks they will remember what something looked like before a dramatic change. But, the truth is, our minds adjust quickly to our new normal and the dramatic shift evaporates from our brain.

Take the before photos. Don’t prepare the space or try to stage the before photo, just take the photo as each space truly exists.

Mid-process photos and after photos will give you a visual representation of the progress you’ve made. Create an album on your phone to keep minimalism journey photos.


Spend a few minutes each night writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as you simplify your life. You can include things like what you decluttered, how it made you feel, and the lessons you’ve learned.

The feelings you have throughout your minimalist journey will morph and evolve rapidly. By taking just a few minutes to document your experience in real time you’re giving your future self a real gift.

minimalism journey vlog


You might prefer to document your road to minimalism with video. Turning the camera on yourself to reveal your inner most thoughts can be daunting but also cathartic.

If you’re doing a massive purging day it can be documented as a time lapse video. Answer questions about your minimalist philosophies that your future kids or grandkids might find interesting.

Virtual Scrapbook

Another way to keep yourself motivated is by creating a virtual minimalism brain dump. I highly suggest Pinterest as the platform to curate your minimalist virtual scrapbook.

On Pinterest you can create a private or public board where you can include quotes, progress photos, inspiring blogs, and motivation photos. Your board can be a space to both reflect and reenergize you.

minimalist journey course

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Similar to keeping a journal, another option is launching a blog. Writing your thoughts, feelings, and progress in a public forum creates a sense of accountability.

By becoming the person who’s embarking on a public minimalism journey you can inspire others. Teaching others as you go can create a community unlike any guru. The people who find you during your journey will become your early super fans for all your minimalist adventures.

Social Media

Document your minimalism journey on the social media platform of your choice. Create visual content on Instagram, short storytelling videos on TikTok, or long form videos for YouTube, indeed the choice is yours.

Start finding like minded people by utilizing and following hashtags that resonate with you. Interact with other minimalist creators. Get involved in the online minimalist community which will welcome you with open arms.

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Minimalism Jar

Around your house find a clear plastic or glass container to use as a visual progress tracker. Cut brightly colored paper or find some small scraps of colored paper to write on.

Every time you minimize an item subsequently write down that object. The more you declutter the fuller the jar will become. Setting declutter goals is fun and satisfying with the minimalism journey jar.

Mind Map

If you are artistic then maybe a mind map will help you track your progress. Illustrate the steps of your minimalist journey while including goals and rewards along the way.

Breaking down your big journey into tiny manageable steps is an effective way to stay motivated. Color in areas of the mind map as you reach the goals you created.

savings stockpile minimalist journy

Savings Stash

I’m particularly fond of this strategy because it sets you up for financial security. Becoming a minimalist has a tendency to free up cash as you sell items and preserve cash by reducing purchases.

For every item you eliminate, whether you sell it or not, transfer a pre-determined dollar amount into savings or an investment account. I suggest $1 per item.

At the end of your minimalist journey you can take your cash stockpile and create an epic experience to celebrate your new lifestyle.

Remember Your Minimalist Journey

It never dawns on people that they should have documented their journey until it’s too late. Thinking back and trying to re-create the past will never hold the same significance as evolutions captured in real time.

Whether you choose to document through writing, photography, video, or sharing your story with others, capturing your story will help you stay focused on your minimalist goals. Start documenting your minimalist journey today and watch as your life transforms in ways you never thought possible.

The process of documenting your adventure can provide a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. Anytime you reflect back on your progress it can serve as a reminder of how far you’ve come and all you’ve accomplished. Have fun with your minimalist journey.

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