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5 Feelings Minimalism Evokes

5 Feelings Minimalism Evokes

The road to minimalism is long and windy. No matter how motivated you are at the beginning of your journey there will be moments of hesitation. Embrace the feelings minimalism brings up.

It’s important to remember that minimalism is not the goal. The goal is something else and minimalism is the tool. Your journey towards minimalism can bring a wide range of feelings and emotions.

Today I want to focus on five positive feelings minimalism creates. By focusing on these five feelings you can achieve a happier more fulfilling life.

#1 Clarity

Distraction elimination allows you to gain clarity about what you truly want in life. Most people are so bombarded with what their life is supposed to be that they lose sight of what they want it to be.

Shedding expectations such as what you should own or could fill your time with is liberating. Clarity on the direction you truly desire is the most important new information you gain from a minimalist journey.

#2 Freedom

You don’t win at life because you gain the confidence to say no to things you don’t want. The only way to step into true happiness is by having the ability to say yes to what you do want.

Reducing the burden of possessions and obligations leads to a greater sense of freedom and flexibility. Being able to fill your space with stuff doesn’t make you free. Getting to choose how you spend your time is the greatest freedom which comes with unburdening yourself from clutter.

feelings minimalism brings up

#3 Peace

Stuff causes stress for the vast majority of people. So by getting rid of stuff you can shift your reality to peace and calm. All the excuses you have about why you keep stuff are just empty justifications which don’t serve you.

The living environment you create matters to your mental health and quality of life. All those possessions bog down your mind and you have the power to stop that impact.

#4 Gratitude

A gift that minimalism gives you is the ability to put value in experiences over things. Instead of being grateful for a new designer purse you enjoy a greater sense of gratitude from memorable moments.

Material possessions go from the pinnacle of success to being an obstacle preventing you from spending your money on people and places. You will feel grateful that you realized what’s truly important before it’s too late.

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#5 Purpose

Your life was not meant to be lived out of obligation and expectation. There are experiences and accomplishments you deserve to have despite them providing no economic value to society.

It is not your purpose to live for the benefit of others. Your true purpose is a unique path you can only uncover once you shed the hope that by pleasing everyone else you will magically become happy.

Feelings Minimalism Brings Up

Minimalism is a personal journey and the feelings that come with it are unique to each individual. You are more likely to find success with minimalism by understanding it’s a tool to change your life, not the goal itself.

Your willingness to accept change and embrace the journey are central to finding success with this journey. Any and all feelings that come up during this journey are natural and will help you develop as a person living their best life.

Take your time to celebrate progress and enjoy your journey. You’ll find that the end result of living a more minimalist life is well worth the self development work.


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