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3 Habits You Will Drop Once You Become a Minimalist

3 Habits You Will Drop Once You Become a Minimalist

Minimalism offers a simpler and more fulfilling way of life. Shift towards minimalist habits in order to enjoy the full benefits of minimalism. People who adopt this lifestyle find that they are able to focus on what truly matters while letting go of the things that are holding them back.

Minimalists create habits that align with their purpose.

At the same time, minimalists will drop habits they realize are no longer serving them. For anyone who thought minimalism was only about purging your stuff, get ready to have your mind blown.

Becoming a minimalist is an entire mindset and lifestyle shift that will turn you from a person just surviving life to someone living their best life. Here are the first three behaviors minimalists will drop like the bad habits they are.

minimalist habits for decluttering life

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Habit #1 Impulsive Buying

After your big initial minimalist purge, you will become more mindful about your purchasing habits. Your minimalist purchasing habits will focus on buying only what you truly need or what aligns with your values and priorities.

Your emotional purchasing decisions will decrease more and more as you become more confident in your minimalism. Every item coming into your space and life will be scrutinized through a lens that never existed before minimalism.

Habit #2 Using Justifications to Keep Possessions

You will no longer use the three justifications to explain why you keep pointless objects. Minimalism encourages letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy.

Once you understand the psychology behind keeping unnecessary items, you’ll stop hiding behind those meaningless excuses. Minimalists realize that they’re just saying they have an emotional connection to something because someone they know once had that item in their home.

minimalists say yes more often

Habit #3 Saying No Too Often

The overwhelming advice these days is that people need to re-claim their time by saying “no” more often. In fact, the exact opposite is true. If you want a fuller life you need to stop saying no to the things you actually want to do!

You do want to take that trip. Going out with the girls and having a night off from mommy duties is something you’d like to do. Calling in sick to work and taking a spa day would be preferable. You say no when you want to say yes far more than the opposite.

Becoming a minimalist allows you to get clear about your goals and priorities. You can stop saying no when you want to say yes. Once you fill your life with all stuff you are excited about and want to be doing, there won’t be room in your life to say yes to the crap you don’t want to do.

Minimalist Habits

Your shift towards minimalism will involve eliminating bad habits and adopting new good habits. You’ll stop impulsive buying, making excuses for keeping junk, and saying no when you want to say yes.

Creating meaning in your life starts with understanding what you wish to gain from your life. Minimalism is not the goal. You use minimalism as the tool to create the feelings you want out of your life. I use minimalism to create connection, calm, and clarity.

You can use minimalism to evoke the feelings you most desire in your life. Drop the bad habits that kept you stuck in the life that isn’t meant for you. Embrace the good habits that will bring you closer to your dream life.


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