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Steal My Airbnb House Signage

Steal My Airbnb House Signage

Until you’ve run an Airbnb it’s really hard to wrap your head around just how many things will confuse your guests. Nobody reads your welcome book and really the only way to make a big difference in the number of urgent messages you get is to hang signs all over the house. In an Airbnb, signs for guests can highlight specific rules or give instructions for how to use something.

I’m going to give you my thoughts on what signs enhance your guest experience and which signs are just nit picky. Students enrolled in my Airbnb e-course get downloadable templates of the exact Airbnb signs for guests that I use in my property.

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Why Airbnb Signs are a Must

Airbnb signs for guests do much more than just fill empty wall space in your vacation rental. They are the silent assistants that guide and inform, making a world of difference in how guests perceive and navigate your space. Without the sign to answer their question they would be blowing up your phone with urgent texts at all hours of the night.

A sign that means the hotel allows pets

Personalized Professionalism

At first I tried to exude professionalism by putting all important information into a extremely organized binder. Everything a guest could need for an enjoyable stay from house rules to the password for the wi-fi network was in that binder. But, nobody read it. The binder is too impersonal.

Hanging Airbnb signs for guests conveys that you care about their well being. I like to think of it as an upgraded version of a sticky note your mom might leave you on the fridge. Helpful signs show you know and understand what the guest is thinking as they approach that thermostat or television remote.

An image of a family checking in to their Airbnb.

Practicality Meets Hospitality

Effective Airbnb signs for guests should look good and be brief. For an Airbnb guest, clear and helpful signs for garbage disposal, parking, and emergency procedures like the location of fire extinguishers significantly reduce confusion and enhance safety. As a property manager, they show that you care about their comfort and safety.

A Nudge Towards Positive Reviews

Little details like well-thought-out rental Airbnb signs for guests in the competitive travel industry can lead to five-star reviews. They reflect the much effort and thought you’ve put into your rental space, distinguishing your property from typical hotel rooms. Guests appreciate these thoughtful touches, often highlighting them in their reviews.

Must-Have Signs Every Airbnb Host Needs

Becoming a top-rated Airbnb host involves attention to detail, starting with the right signs. These essential  Airbnb signs for guests are crucial for setting the tone for a memorable stay. This section focuses on the must-have signs that significantly enhance your guests’ experience.

an image of a reception sign for guests.

Address Signs

It always shocks me how Airbnb properties don’t prioritize a visible address sign. Your address should be large and visible from any direction your Airbnb guest could arrive. Our address is displayed both next to the front door and on the mailbox at the street. The last thing you want is for your arriving guest to feel confused and have extra anxiety upon their arrival.

Parking Signs

Clear parking signs are a must in areas where parking can be tricky. They guide guests, easing a common travel stressor. Outdoor signs should be large and reflective if possible. Thoughtful parking signs show the considerate and detailed nature of your Airbnb business, especially appreciated by guests who arrive by car.

Welcome Sign

Your welcome sign is the first sign your Airbnb guests should see inside your property. This sign should include the physical address of the house, your name and phone number, and phone numbers for emergency services. Airbnb signs for guests should inform not overwhelm.

An image of Airbnb signs for guests.

WiFi Network Password

Possibly the most important sign in your home is the one informing guests of your wi-fi password. Ensure your wifi password sign is clearly visible from the front door and not hidden away by the wifi router.

How Things Work Signs

Throughout your house there are likely nuances about how to make something work properly. We have signs for how to use our touch faucet, instructions for the thermostat, a how-to-guide for our washer and dryer, and information about using the gas stove. You don’t need to give them an entire manual. Simple instructions for the most basic functionality will suffice.

Caution Signs

Houses are not built to be perfect dummy proof spaces. There may be potential hazards you need to inform your guest about. For example if there is a lip in the flooring from one room to another there should be a sign. Outside our back door there are temporary steps that wobble if you don’t step in the center, we have a sign for that. Airbnb signs for guests are good opportunities to reduce liability for small imperfections about your home.

An image of a sign that says do not disturb.

Reminder Signs

You would think any potential guest would read the Airbnb listing before booking a place, but they often do not. Be sure to hang signs reminding them of things they should already know such as the oils in the pantry are allowed to be used. Remind them what day trash pick up is, what time check-out is, and where to put wet towels prior to leaving.

Open Close Signs for Shared Spaces

Open-close signs are essential for shared areas like pools or gyms. They provide guests with clear information on usage times and rules, promoting a smooth and enjoyable experience. These signs are a simple yet effective way to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of shared amenities.

Importance of Thoughtful Signage

Providing Airbnb signs for guests is an extra touch of hospitality that welcomes your guest and eliminates the need for them to reach out asking for help. As an Airbnb host, focusing on these rental signs makes your property stand out and ensures every guest has a comfortable and memorable experience.

FAQ: About Airbnb Signs for Guests


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