Have a Successful Garage Sale

Becoming a minimalist has countless benefits including earning income by selling your junk. Having a successful garage sale can turn your household clutter into cash. How I Became a Minimalist Let’s talk about becoming a minimalist for a minute. Maybe you’ve heard of the concept since there was a documentary

Become a Minimalist

Deciding to step outside the cultural norm and become a minimalist is scary. People will probably talk about you behind your back. You will feel pressure to keep your consumer mindset. There will be days where you will question everything and wonder who gave you this crazy idea of becoming

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a movement that favors experiences over material possessions. I give the elevator speech of what I do here at Nomad Veronica surely a hundred times per week. Without fail the number one question people ask after my pitch is, “What is minimalism?” At this point, I almost feel