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My 6 Biggest Goals for 2024

My 6 Biggest Goals for 2024

The new year is always a time to reflect on a past experiences and create a detailed plan for the future. But, creating personal goals and professional goals in isolation can be difficult. My hope is that sharing my goals and aspirations examples, you will get some clarity for your future plans.

Setting Goals That Truly Matter

It’s very common for people to set short-term goals and achieve short term success. Setting a specific goal and diligently working on an action plan to achieve it forms part of a larger picture. You need to have a clear idea about the long term vision for your life. In essence you need to think bigger.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Achievement

Welcome to Nomad Veronica, my corner of the internet that includes a mash up of all my experience that I believe could have a positive impact on society. As a passionate advocate for personal development and a thought leader in lifestyle transformation, I’m thrilled to share with you my journey and insights. Today, we are discussing a skill set that is an essential aspect of our lives: setting goals and aspirations examples that resonate with our true selves. Smart goals are more than just a mental list, the best way is to create a physical document showing the next step to a future that aligns with our deepest desires and values.

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set strong 2024 goals to live your best life

The Realization That Changed Everything

Seven years ago, I experienced a pivotal lightbulb moment. It dawned on me that the life I had meticulously built was a reflection of societal expectations, not my innermost dreams. Like many, I was caught in the roller coaster of living a life shaped by others’ opinions and social norms. But that moment of clarity was a game-changer. It taught me an invaluable lesson: our time on this earth isn’t meant for pleasing others, but for living authentically.

Goals and Aspirations: Your Personal Compass

This revelation led me to a profound understanding of the importance of goal setting. Each year, I dedicate time to reflect and set new goals, ensuring they are a true representation of what I yearn for in life. The focus extends beyond achieving long-term career goals or certain milestones, ensuring each step aligns with my core values and personal aspirations is crucial.

A Friendly Guide to Your 2024 Goals

As we step into 2024, I encourage you to join me in this journey of introspection and goal setting. Let’s dig into the essence of what makes us tick, steering clear of societal molds. The time has come to reflect on our true desires and identify genuine goals and aspirations. What are my true goals and aspirations examples? Remember, goal setting is not merely a task but a compelling method to live life according to one’s own terms.

Embark on a Path of Fulfillment

With each goal we set, we move closer to our ultimate career aspiration, personal growth, and true happiness. Each goal, be it in professional development, personal health, or embracing new challenges, acts as a foundation for an authentic life.

So, let’s embark on this journey together. Through this blog post, I’ll share my 6 biggest goals for 2024 and how I plan to achieve them. My hope is that it inspires you to create a list of goals and aspirations examples that truly reflect who you are and who you want to be.

setting professional goals for 2024

Goal #1 Monetizing the Blog

Since you are currently reading my blog, you may be curious to know my goals as a business owner. Examples of career goals are by far the most common when it comes to articles about setting goals for the new year.

The Road to 600 New Posts: Content is King

Creating a Content Powerhouse

To truly monetize a blog, content reigns supreme. My first micro-goal is ambitious yet crucial: publishing 600 new blog posts within the year. This initiative goes beyond enhancing my personal website, it involves adding value, improving reader engagement, and solidifying my position as a thought leader in the realms of nomadic lifestyle, entrepreneurship, motivation, and travel spheres. Each post will be a blend of inspiration, practical tips, and personal anecdotes, aimed at driving substantial traffic and increasing visibility.

Family Travel Hacking E-Course

Sharing Knowledge, Building Revenue

An exciting venture on my monetization journey is developing and launching a Family Travel Hacking E-course to add to my existing course lineup. By tapping into my own experiences and expertise, this course aims to empower families to travel smartly and affordably. The synergy created by imparting knowledge, elevating my personal brand, and generating a new income stream is ideal. This new e-course represents more than a mere product, it serves as a significant milestone on my professional career and educational journey in the travel sector.

Achieving 50,000 Monthly Sessions: Expanding Reach

Growing the Audience, Growing the Blog

Another critical goal is reaching 50,000 monthly sessions. This goal, represented by a specific figure, symbolizes the blog’s influence and its monetization potential via advertising and sponsorships. Achieving this requires strategic planning, leveraging SEO, and continuously refining the user experience. Every session counts as a step towards a thriving, profitable blog.

diversify your goals and aspirations for 2024 examples

YouTube Integration:

Embracing Multimedia for Wider Reach

Incorporating YouTube content is about adapting to the changing landscape of content consumption. By creating engaging videos that complement my blog posts, I aim to reach a wider audience and open up new monetization channels. This integration signifies a dynamic shift in my content strategy, catering to diverse preferences of my growing audience.

Expanding Product Lines Beyond Blogging

Crafting Unique Products for a Loyal Audience

Expanding digital and print-on-demand products is an extension of my creative expression and entrepreneurial spirit. From ebooks to customized travel gear, each product is designed to resonate with my audience’s lifestyle and interests. This not only diversifies income streams but also strengthens the connection with my community.

Launching a Public Speaking Career

Taking the Stage to Share and Inspire

Lastly, launching a public speaking career is about taking my message beyond the digital realm. Speaking engagements at conferences, workshops, and events will not only elevate my profile as an industry expert but also open doors to new monetization opportunities. Sharing my journey, inspiring others, and expanding my network intimately embodies this mission.

set goals that are bigger than you could ever imagine

Goal #2 Expanding My Network

Direct Connection with the Audience

Targeting a Broader Community

A key aspect of expanding my network involves growing my email list by 10,000 subscribers. The focus extends beyond mere numbers to nurturing a direct and intimate connection with the larger community. By offering valuable content, exclusive updates, and engaging newsletters, I aim to not only increase my subscriber count but also build a loyal and interactive audience. This effort plays a significant role in my long-term goals of creating a supportive and engaged community.

LinkedIn Growth

Cultivating a Strong Professional Network

Expanding my network on LinkedIn by 1,000 contacts is crucial for professional development and career advancement. LinkedIn serves as more than a platform for career transitions, it’s a nexus for engaging with industry leaders, potential employers, and professionals with similar interests. By actively engaging, sharing insights, and participating in discussions, I’ll be positioning myself as a thought leader and opening doors to new career development and collaborations.

Follow me on LinkedIn

Social Media Influence

Boosting Presence Across Platforms

Boosting social media followers across platforms is integral to my digital strategy. Social media, from Instagram to Twitter, is a powerful tool for personal brand promotion, professional aspirations, and connecting with a diverse audience. Through consistent, quality content and interactive engagement, I aim to attract and retain followers who resonate with my journey and aspirations.

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you deserve the life you want not the life that happens to you 2024 goals

Podcast Appearances

Engaging with Audiences through Conversations

Being interviewed on 6 podcasts is a strategic move to amplify my voice and story. Podcasts offer a unique platform for in-depth discussions, sharing experiences, and connecting with a new audience. These appearances are not just about sharing my journey, they’re about establishing myself as an authority in my field and contributing to meaningful conversations.

Guest Blogging

Writing to Reach New Audiences

Writing 12 guest posts on reputable blogs is a deliberate step towards reaching new audiences and strengthening my online presence. Guest blogging is a great way to share expertise, gain exposure, and build relationships with fellow bloggers and their audiences. Employing this mutually advantageous strategy perfectly supports my objectives of broadening my network and advancing professionally.

Joint Promotions

Partnering for Greater Impact

Finally, collaborating on 2 joint promotions is about leveraging collective strengths for greater impact. These collaborations are not just about boosting visibility but also about learning from peers, sharing resources, and creating valuable content that benefits both parties’ audiences. Adopting this strategic method facilitates both networking and professional advancement.

personal health goals are vital for long term happiness

Goal #3 Personal Health

Embracing the Run: 30 Miles a Week

Committing to Consistent Movement

A cornerstone of my personal health goal to lose 50 lbs is running 30 miles per week. This commitment goes beyond mere calorie burning to encompass a lifestyle transformation, enhanced physical fitness, and improved time management. Regular running will not only aid in weight loss but also boost my mental health and endurance. This disciplined approach is crucial for achieving my ultimate goal of a healthier self.

Health related goals and aspirations examples are the most broken New Year’s resolutions. Be extra vigilant to stay focused if you have a health goal for 2024.

Water as the Primary Drink

Choosing Health with Every Sip

Switching to drinking exclusively water marks a significant shift in my dietary habits. By phasing out sugary drinks and caffeine, I’m prioritizing hydration and purity in my diet. This simple yet powerful change is a stepping stone towards better health and plays a vital role in my weight loss journey. It’s a clear plan that’s easy to follow and highly effective.

Mindful Eating: Portion Control and Daily Activity

Balancing Diet and Exercise

Integrating portion control and physical activity into my daily routine is about creating a sustainable lifestyle change. The goal emphasizes mindful eating and integrating consistent physical activity, from brisk walks to home workouts. This approach involves deliberate decisions that support both personal health goals and long-term wellness.

your life is one decision away from being totally different

Cutting Out Coffee: Reducing Dependence

A Step Towards Healthier Habits

Phasing off coffee is part of my broader strategy to reduce dependency on stimulants and embrace natural energy. Reducing caffeine intake plays a role in enhancing sleep quality, lowering anxiety, and improving overall health. Undertaking this challenge is a vital part of my journey towards better health.

Diet Transformation: More Vegetables, Less Meat

Revamping Eating Habits for Better Health

Adjusting my diet to reduce meat consumption and increase vegetable intake is a crucial part of my weight loss plan. This shift towards a more plant-based diet is not only beneficial for weight management but also for long-term health and sustainability. Nourishing my body with what it genuinely needs represents a deliberate decision for my well-being.

Setting a 6 PM Cut-Off

Discipline in Dining Times

Implementing a rule of no eating after 6 PM is about instilling discipline in my eating habits. This practice aids in better digestion and weight management. Employing this strategy helps curb late-night snacking, aligning with my aspiration for a healthier lifestyle.

goal setting 2024 examples

Goal #4 Move to Portugal

Finding the Perfect Rental with a Pool

Laying the Foundations of a New Life

More than just moving, this is about creating a living space that brings comfort and joy to my family and me. The first step in my journey to move to Portugal is finding the ideal rental house, complete with a pool. A home with a pool symbolizes the leisurely lifestyle I aspire to in Portugal, enhancing our quality of life and providing a serene retreat. This goal is the starting point of a significant life transition and a crucial part of our strategic planning for the move.

Enrolling the Girls in School

Prioritizing My Children’s Education

An essential aspect of our move is finding a suitable school for my daughters. Selecting the right school involves more than logistics, it’s crucial for ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing academic success for my children. By researching and selecting the right school, I am investing in their personal development and making sure that our move positively impacts their academic journey. This decision plays a significant role in our family’s successful adjustment to life in Portugal.

Establishing Friendships and Citizenship Steps

Forming Bonds and Navigating Legalities

Establishing friendships and understanding the steps towards citizenship are vital for integrating into our new community in Portugal. This goal encompasses networking, building relationships with locals, and navigating the legal aspects of becoming residents. By actively participating in community life and understanding the citizenship process, we aim to lay down roots and truly belong in our new home.

reflect on 2023 while you set your 2024 goals and aspirations

Learning Portuguese

Connecting Through Language

Mastering Portuguese transcends learning a new language, it’s an immersion into the culture, enhancing effective communication in our new environment. This endeavor is key to feeling connected and making the most of our experiences in Portugal. By dedicating time to language learning, I am taking a significant step towards integration and understanding, essential for our family’s successful transition.

Moving My Parents to Portugal

Bringing the Family Together

A heartfelt goal in our move is to bring my parents to Portugal. Moving my parents represents not only a change in location but a continuation of our family narrative in a setting that enriches our lives, keeping us united and supportive throughout this transformative journey.

Cultural Immersion

Diving Deep into Portuguese Culture

Engaging with Portuguese culture, through educational classes and tours, extends beyond mere recreation, it’s an integral aspect of understanding and valuing our new surroundings. Participating in activities like cooking classes, historical tours, or art workshops is a journey towards forming a deeper bond with Portugal and its rich heritage. Embracing Portugal’s unique culture, traditions, and history is the essence of this journey.

set financial goals for 2024 that create generational wealth

Goal #5 Invest in Assets

Purchasing Grandmother’s House in Japan

A Connection to Roots and Legacy

The journey to invest in assets begins with purchasing my grandmother’s house in Japan. Investing in my grandmother’s house goes beyond mere finance, serving as a means to preserve our family legacy and connect with my ancestral heritage. Acquiring this property symbolizes a blend of personal values and smart investing, ensuring a piece of my family history continues to be part of our future.

Using a DSCR Loan for Oregon Property

Expanding Portfolio with Calculated Moves

Utilizing a Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan to invest in an Oregon property marks a strategic step in expanding my investment portfolio. Acquiring the Oregon property involves smart financing strategies to enhance the returns on this investment. The Oregon property represents a calculated choice to diversify my assets and strengthen my financial foundation.

strategize with big goals for 2024

Investing in Startups JetSet Sidekick and Toger

Empowering New Ventures

Investing in my startups JetSet Sidekick and Toger to catapult into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. These investments go beyond financial contributions, they’re about supporting innovation and being part of emerging business success stories. By investing in these startups, I’m not only diversifying my investment portfolio but also aligning with my passion for travel and technology.

Employing Kids for Roth IRA Contributions

Educating and Investing in Family’s Future

A unique aspect of my investment strategy is employing my children to contribute to their Roth IRAs. This approach serves dual purposes: providing them with an opportunity to earn and learn about financial responsibility while securing their financial future. Employing my children for their Roth IRAs teaches them about diligent work and the early benefits of saving and investing.

Contributing to Investment Accounts

Strengthening Personal Wealth

Regular contributions to my personal investment accounts are a cornerstone of my asset-building plan. Regular contributions to my investment accounts signify a dedication to securing my financial future and achieving independence. Through diversified investments, I aim to create a robust financial buffer that supports my personal and professional aspirations.

Enhancing Real Estate Value

Adding Value through Property Improvement

The final goal in my asset investment plan is to upgrade my existing Oregon rental property with a new deck. This enhancement is a strategic decision to increase the property’s value and appeal. Enhancing the profitable rental with a deck is a strategy to increase the value of my current assets, ensuring they continue to yield consistent returns.

women focused 2024 goals examples

Goal #6 Be Present

Technology-Free Hours with Kids

Fostering Deep Connections

One of the key elements to being present is dedicating technology-free time with my kids. Allocating technology-free time is crucial for fostering uninterrupted attention and enriching interactions with my kids. These moments are precious, offering an opportunity to strengthen our bond and share experiences that are not overshadowed by the digital world. Making a concerted effort to be entirely engaged, actively listening, and participating in my children’s lives is my focus.

Child-Led Weekends

Empowering Choices, Building Memories

Another step towards being present involves letting my kids choose our weekend activities. Allowing my kids to choose our weekend activities demonstrates the value I place on their interests and decision-making abilities. Engaging in activities like park visits or home-based craft projects is a great way to nurture their creativity and spend valuable time together.

Cooking and Homework Together

Collaborating in Daily Life

Collaborating on cooking and homework is about turning everyday tasks into bonding moments. Engaging in these activities together not only teaches responsibility and skills but also provides a platform for conversation and learning. Maximizing our time by turning everyday tasks into chances for bonding and personal growth is the key focus.

your life deserves to be everything you want it to be set 2024 goals

‘Yes Day’

Celebrating Freedom and Joy

Organizing a real ‘Yes Day’ is a unique way to be present and engage with my kids. For one day, saying ‘yes’ to their requests (within reason) allows them to feel heard and valued. Organizing a ‘Yes Day’ offers a delightful and thrilling break from the norm, fostering happy memories and emphasizing the value of spontaneity and adaptability.

Hiring a Maid for Cleaning

Creating Space for What Matters

Hiring a maid for cleaning is a strategic decision to free up more time to be present with my family. By delegating this task, I can focus more on being with my kids and less on household chores. Giving priority to quality time with family over other duties ensures treasured moments together are maximized.

Play and Reading Time

Nurturing Through Active Participation

Finally, dedicating time for active play and reading with my kids is essential. These activities are not just entertaining, they are vital for their development and our relationship. Through play, we bond and learn from each other, and through reading, we explore new worlds together. This dedication strengthens both our familial bonds and supports their personal development.

Goals and Aspirations Examples to Follow

aspirations are different for everyone decide on yours 2024

14 Different Types of Goals You Could Set for 2024

Setting goals is essential for personal and professional development. If people around you aren’t looking to the future than researching goals and aspirations examples is a smart idea.

Below are various types of goals you might consider in different areas of your life, each vital to your overall well-being and success.

1. Career Goals

Advancing Professional Aspirations

Career goals relate to your professional life and might include earning a promotion, changing careers, starting a business, or enhancing your skill set for better job opportunities. Setting career goals is important for job satisfaction and achieving your ultimate career aspirations.

2. Educational Goals

Pursuing Knowledge and Academic Achievements

Educational goals involve advancing your knowledge and academic qualifications. This could be pursuing a degree, taking online courses, attending workshops, or achieving certifications in your field of interest. Educational goals are vital for intellectual growth and can open up new career opportunities.

3. Relationship Goals

Fostering Stronger Personal Connections

Aiming to enhance relationships involves deepening connections with partners, family, friends, or colleagues, fostering stronger interpersonal ties. This could involve improving communication skills, spending more quality time with loved ones, or building a supportive network.

you are powerful enough to reach your goals and aspirations

4. Financial Goals

Achieving Financial Stability and Growth

Financial goals involve managing and growing your finances effectively. This might mean setting a budget, saving for retirement, investing in stocks or real estate, or working towards being debt-free. Financial goals help secure your future and relieve the stress associated with money matters.

5. Self-Care Goals

Prioritizing Your Own Well-being

Self-care goals are about taking time to look after yourself. This might mean regular spa days, taking up a hobby, or simply ensuring you get enough sleep each night. Self-care is crucial for maintaining mental and emotional health.

6. Health Goals

Prioritizing Physical and Mental Well-being

Health goals focus on improving physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall health. These could include regular exercise routines, adopting a balanced diet, or practicing mindfulness and stress management techniques. Health goals are crucial for maintaining energy levels and overall quality of life.

7. Personal Development Goals

Continuous Learning and Self-Improvement

Personal development goals are about self-improvement and growth. They can range from learning a new skill or language, reading a certain number of books each year, or working on personal attributes like patience or empathy. These goals contribute to a richer, more fulfilled life.

8. Home Goals

Creating a Harmonious Living Environment

Home life goals might include organizing and decluttering your living space, undertaking home improvement projects, or creating a garden. A comfortable and pleasant home environment can significantly impact your daily mood and productivity.

aspirational life starts with big goals

9. Passion Goals

Enjoying Leisure and Recreational Activities

Passion goals are about making the most of your leisure time. Whether it’s traveling, participating in sports, or engaging in creative pursuits like painting or writing, these goals are important for relaxation and personal enjoyment.

10. Spiritual Goals

Exploring and Deepening Spiritual Beliefs

Spiritual goals are centered around exploring or deepening your spiritual beliefs. This might include regular meditation, joining a spiritual community, reading religious texts, or taking time for spiritual retreats. These goals can offer a sense of peace, purpose, and connection.

11. Environmental Goals

Contributing to Environmental Sustainability

Environmental goals focus on contributing to the sustainability of the planet. This can involve reducing your carbon footprint, engaging in recycling and conservation efforts, or supporting eco-friendly initiatives. These goals help in making a positive impact on the environment.

12. Community Goals

Engaging in Social and Community Activities

Goals related to community involvement include volunteering, participating in local events, or engaging in community service. These goals foster a sense of belonging and contribute to the well-being of your community.

13. Technology Goals

Keeping Up with Technological Advancements

In today’s digital age, setting goals to improve or acquire new technology skills can be crucial. This might include learning to code, understanding digital marketing, or becoming proficient in the latest software relevant to your field. These skills are increasingly important in both personal and professional contexts.

14. Travel Goals

Exploring New Places and Experiences

Adventure and travel goals involve experiencing new cultures, exploring different parts of the world, or undertaking adventurous activities like skydiving or scuba diving. These goals can broaden your perspective and enrich your life experiences.

set travel goals for 2024

Embracing Goals and Aspirations Examples to Fulfill in 2024

Setting Goals That Resonate

The process of setting goals and aspirations transcends mere checklist completion, aiming to craft a life aligned with one’s deepest desires and core values. From monetizing my blog to moving to Portugal, each goal outlined is a step towards a more fulfilling personal and professional life. These aren’t just aspirations, they’re blueprints for a future that aligns with my core values and personal development.

Your Own Goals and Aspirations Examples

Now, I turn to you, my readers. Think about your goals and aspirations examples for 2024. Are they aligned with your true self? Every goal, from career progress and health improvement to honing interpersonal skills, should mirror the overarching aim of achieving a desirable life. Remember, the first step towards achieving your goals is to have a clear plan and the motivation to see it through.

Share Your Goals and Grow Together

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Share your goals and aspirations examples for 2024 in the comments below. Let’s create a community of support and inspiration, where we can share experiences, offer advice, and celebrate our successes together. Participating with positive feedback, offering helpful suggestions, or simply sharing good energy will kick off 2024 right!

Together Towards Success

As we move forward, let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with pursuing our goals. With hard work, strategic planning, and a commitment to our aspirations, we can turn our dreams into reality. Let’s make 2024 a testament to what we can achieve when we set our minds to it and work towards our goals and aspirations examples with passion and determination.

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