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How Come All Minimalists Talk About is Minimalism?

How Come All Minimalists Talk About is Minimalism?

Straightaway, I bow my head in shame. I am one hundred percent guilty of yammering on about minimalism to anyone who will listen. To understand why minimalists love to talk about minimalism, it’s important to first understand what minimalism is. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that involves getting rid of unnecessary possessions and focusing on what truly matters.

Minimalists talk about minimalism because it affects every aspect of our lives and becomes a central theme of our existence.

While the theme of minimalism is simplicity the effects of the lifestyle are extremely complex. Most core identities eventually work their way into our conversations. Mothers talk about their kids, religious fanatics talk about their beliefs, and employed individuals tell people about their job.

Throwing out the topic of minimalism can be a way to connect with others by seeing if there is any common ground. The challenging nature of becoming a minimalist leaves people on their journey seeking like-minded individuals to strategize with. Being able to discuss minimalism gives a person an outlet to bounce ideas off another person and reflect openly about their journey.

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Talking Points of Minimalists

It’s Transformative

For most people who join the minimalism movement there is an evolution happening. They use minimalism as a tool for a life-changing transformation.

When someone goes from feeling stuck to being motivated, excited, and happy, it makes them want to tell everyone. This seems especially true for minimalism because it’s such an inclusive movement that doesn’t require money or particular skills.

It’s Inspiring

Anyone who transitions from a life they don’t love to living the life they were meant to live becomes inspirational. It’s not socially acceptable to point out when people are living less of a life than they are worthy of, but the people around you notice.

I share my minimalist journey in order to give hope, ideas, and inspiration for people ready to make changes in their own lives. A boring suburban mom becoming a minimalist so she can slow travel with her family is defiantly inspiring for somebody out there.

minimalism is meaningful

It’s Contagious

When you talk about minimalism with others it catches on. Normalizing a previously fringe lifestyle shows the social shift away from consumerism. Our words catching on creates shifts in behavior in the broader population.

I saw the creator of Minimalism : a Documentary About the Important Things at an airport and immediately I wanted to go talk to him about the impact he and this movement have had on my life. Talking about it creates a community of like-minded people who seek you out to bond over this topic.

It’s Meaningful

Minimalism becomes more than what we do, it becomes who we are. The connection I have with minimalism goes much deeper than surface level because it touches every aspect of my life.

Everything that matters to me including my family, health, time, and impact are all interconnected with minimalism. Talking about basic stuff like the weather, traffic, or what you’re doing this weekend is not for me. I prefer to talk about your purpose, creating more pleasure in your life, and ensuring you stop lying to yourself about your desires.

It’s a Source of Pride

Accomplishing the many complex steps on a minimalist journey is satisfying. Once you achieve your minimalist goals there will be a deep sense of pride. You rejected the status quo and took control of your own life and future.

Making a conscious choice to be different is both awkward and empowering. The pride of minimizing the objects ins’t necessarily long lasting, but the pride of who you’ve become will last forever.

It’s Shocking

Above all else, I think I talk about minimalism because I would never have believed how amazing it is before trying it. I sought out minimalism because of desperation. It felt like stuff had taken over my life.

Little did I know that minimalism was so freaking amazing. If I don’t tell non-minimalists about all the benefits and possibilities then who will? I never would have known if Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus wouldn’t have talked about minimalism in their documentary.

Minimalists talk about minimalism

Talking About Minimalism

Very few people at this point in time have never heard of minimalism. But, very few people are taking action to become minimalists. However, the data is promising because a majority of Americans are ‘thinking’ about becoming minimalists.

I keep talking about minimalism in order to break down the steps, show people the path, and explain all the mysteries that keep people from embracing the lifestyle. If I can move people from the thinking mindset towards taking action, than I’ll be doing what I set out to do.

So, there you have it. These are some of the reasons why minimalists talk about minimalism so much. It’s a conversation that touches on the deepest questions about what’s important in life and how to create a life that is rich and fulfilling. And that’s why all minimalists talk about minimalism.


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