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DO NOT Attempt Minimalism Until You Know These Harsh Truths

DO NOT Attempt Minimalism Until You Know These Harsh Truths

I love minimalism. Though, as much as I love minimalism, I want to acknowledge that it is not for everyone. If you’re considering dipping your toe into this lifestyle, this article is for you. Do not attempt minimalism until you understand these realities.

There is nothing on this planet that is going to be right for everyone. Still, there’s a lot of people out there who would benefit and enjoy minimalism if they knew more about it.

Confirmation bias is a strong indicator of future behavior. What that means is if you came to this article hoping minimalism was not right for you, this article will make you dig deeper into that opinion. However, if you came to this blog seeking a glimmer of hope that even you can use minimalism to turn your life around, these points will all seem absolutely reasonable to you.

Either way, do your best to check your assumptions at the door and read with an open mind. Minimalism isn’t for everyone, but it could be for you.

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Minimalism is Not One-Size Fits All

Many people believe that minimalism is a quick fix for all their problems. I wish it was a magic wand that could solve everything, alas it is not. Indeed, it’s a personal journey that requires time, effort, and a willingness to change.

Just imagine what a fortune I could make if I sold an “Instant Minimalist” service. Especially if I could come into someone’s life and do the purging, set up their technology, and poof they were a minimalist. Certainly that would be amazing for everyone involved. Sadly, the process of minimalism is what makes someone a minimalist, and it’s different for everyone.

Being a Minimalist is Hard to Maintain

Unquestionably the world we live in is deeply rooted in consumerism. Do not attempt minimalism if you’re unwilling to adjust future behaviors limiting your accumulation of items. Minimalism is a lifestyle change and it can be hard to maintain. It will take self-discipline and effort to maintain your minimizing.

Going on vacation can be a very minimalist activity, until you start buying souvenirs because that’s what you’ve always done. Spending a weekend at the farmer’s market is a great way to soak up quality time with loved ones, unless it leads to making unnecessary purchases. Doing activities does not always need to be about purchasing things.

minimalists don't want you to know - do not attempt minimalism

Minimalism is Not Just About Things

While decluttering items is a big part of minimalism, it’s not the only aspect of it. Minimalism also involves being mindful about your consumption habits, prioritizing what matters to you, and simplifying your life.

Reducing reliance on technology, streamlining your schedule, and focusing on what makes you happy are all common elements of minimalism. You can think of minimalism as a buffet. Hence, you pick the elements you like and leave the rest.

Confronting Emotional Attachments

Many people find it difficult to let go of sentimental items. Confronting your emotional attachments is the number one deterrent for people considering minimalism. It’s also the biggest weight off your shoulders when you re-evaluate your relationship with those sentimental objects.

Do not attempt minimalism if you are going to avoid acknowledging your emotional clutter. Let go of your overzealous blanket labeling of items as sentimental. The immediate dismissal of any conversation about sentimental items has not served you in the past and that’s why minimalism is such a great solution.

Difficult Decisions Await

Minimalism requires you to make difficult decisions about what to keep and what to let go. This can be difficult and emotional, but it’s a necessary step in the process.

If you are the type of person to delay decision making, surprisingly minimalism can help with that. Many many decisions will need your judgement on this journey. Remember, not choosing is still a choice. Your past inability to let go is what lead you to seek out minimalism in the first place.


It’s true, minimalism might lead to letting go of relationships and even people that no longer serve you. Initially this can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Existing friends, acquaintances, and onlookers do not like when people make dramatic changes to their lives.

Be willing to create new friendships within your new lifestyle. Come meet like minded friends in our free FB community. Change is inevitable but growth is optional. I have a feeling you’ll choose growth.

Not a Destination

Minimalism is not a destination, it’s a journey. Specifically, it’s a process of constantly evaluating what’s important to you and making adjustments accordingly.

Most people assume becoming a minimalist is some sort of end goal. Instead, it becomes a rude awakening to realize minimalism is the tool to reach goals you’ve never allowed yourself to think about.

do not attempt minimalism

Focus On You

Above all, minimalism is about self-discovery. Do not attempt minimalism until you are ready to undertake some inner work. You’ll need to identify your values and priorities without regard to social expectations. Knowing your goal keeps the minimalist journey on track even when it’s hard.

This lifestyle is highly focused on creating the life you wish you had, but never had the tools to create. Be sure to follow me on social media for updates on when my book, “Stop Lying to Yourself,” comes out to help you identify your life goal.

Minimalism Can Be Addicting

I gotta be honest with you. My biggest warning to anyone considering minimalism is that it can be addicting. Once you minimize your possessions you’ll find yourself downsizing in various areas of life, this includes social circles, online presence, and your obligations.

Learning the skills to distinguish important versus meaningless presence in your life will infiltrate everything. The more you feel in alignment with your goals, the more you’ll minimize.


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