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21 Different Types of Minimalists

21 Different Types of Minimalists

Minimalism is not a one size fits all lifestyle. There are many different types of minimalists out there. You could identity minimalists on a sliding scale like hardcore minimalists to minimalism light. Or you could classify minimalists into sub categories depending on their reason for pursuing minimalism.

Why someone decides to start a minimalist journey is multi-faceted. Every minimalist journey is unique and interesting to learn from. Review this list of 21 different types of minimalists in order to see if any of them resonate with you. You might identify with only one type of minimalism or a whole bunch of them.

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Accessory Minimalist

Reducing the number of small items is their goal. Accessory minimalists don’t want a lot of keychains or jewelry or hats. Just a few small items can start to get overwhelming, so they keep them in check.

Aesthetic Minimalist

Most aesthetic minimalists are drawn to clean, simple lines, and monotone colors. Often all minimalists are lumped into this category, although it is only a subset of all minimalists who follow this idea.

Creative Minimalist

Artists of all kinds can create creative works following minimalist principles. Art that is just one or two colors on a canvas or a statue that is only simple straight lines, that is creative minimalism.

types of minimalist - digital minimalist

Digital Minimalist

Reducing minutes sucked away by screens is the primary goal of digital minimalists. They want Less apps, to reduce their digital footprint, and disconnect from technology when possible.

Environmental Minimalist

Sustainable living and reducing environmental impact are the central themes of environmental minimalists. You may find them creating off-grid communities or living in tiny homes.

Experiential Minimalist

Exploration over accumulation is their motto. Experiential minimalists seek experiences over possessions. Their love language might be quality time as they create memories through doing.

fashion minimalist types of minimalists

Fashion Minimalist

The wardrobe choices made by fashion minimalists are not as cookie cutter as you might think. Capsule wardrobes can be diverse in color and style while still adhering to minimalist ideals.

Financial Minimalist

Budgeting and frugality are central themes in financial minimalism. Building generational wealth and work life balance are equally important to this group.

Food Minimalist

Eating healthy and simple meals are the cornerstone of food minimalism. Many types of minimalists seek to make things simpler and that is certainly the case for food minimalists.

Health Minimalist

Maintaining physical and mental health aided by minimalism. No large gym equipment necessary to keep their body in shape.

Parenting Minimalist

Raising children in a minimalist home to reduce anxiety and teach them the value of simplicity. Parenting minimalists practice a less is more approach to toys and kids gear.

Personal Development Minimalist

The belief that personal development can be achieved through minimalism. Emphasis on why they are pursuing minimalism is at the forefront of their mind during the journey.

types of minimalist - professional minimalist

Professional Minimalism

Creating a career centered around streamlining processes, clutter free work space, and reducing waste. Professional minimalism does not mean your career needs to be about minimalism.

Relationship Minimalist

Putting connections and relationships at the center of your priorities. A relationship minimalist doesn’t reduce relationships, on the contrary they reduce everything else in order to strengthen relationships.

Rural Minimalist

Getting out of the hustle and bustle of city life is of the utmost importance to rural minimalists. Creating a calm and happy life in the country is satisfying to this type of minimalist.

Senior Minimalist

The pursuit of minimalism in their golden years is most important to senior minimalists. Check out Swedish Death Cleaning for a perspective on minimalism near retirement.

Spiritual Minimalist

Being less bogged down by stuff helps spiritual minimalists get in touch with their spirituality.

Student Minimalist

While attending school these student minimalists will prioritize less clutter for clearer focus.

types of minimalist - travel minimalist

Travel Minimalist

Packing light in order to hit the road on a whim is a central priority for travel minimalists. Creating new experiences is easier when stuff doesn’t hinder your ability to say yes to last minute trips.

Urban Minimalist

Finding calm within the hustle and bustle of a city is the goal of urban minimalists. They have chosen to stay within a large metropolitan area but still want to find peace through minimalist practices.

Zen Minimalist

Using meditation and mindfulness a zen minimalist pursues inner pease through Buddhist principles.

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