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Launching Messy to Minimalist – Minimalism Online Course

Launching Messy to Minimalist – Minimalism Online Course

I never thought I’d start an online course business. The only people launching e-course content seem to be people teaching about how to create e-courses. I created a minimalism online course after being minimalisms un-paid spokesperson for the past five years.

One morning six years ago I was rushing around the house looking for my daughters doll for show-and-tell at school. Frantically looking for things was a common occurrence in my life. The doll ended up being on the kitchen island, which was so cluttered with junk that I had walked by the doll a dozen times and totally missed it.

That night I became a minimalist. I didn’t set out to become a minimalist, it just happened. Stuff was suffocating my family and I just kept purging until one day I realized we were a minimalist family.

Messy to Minimalist Online Course

Messy to Minimalist E-Course



Who Should Become a Minimalist

These days we are a minimalist nomadic family living in Japan. But if you met us five years ago we were a seemingly normal American family living in the suburbs, driving our electric vehicle 45 minutes one way to take our spoiled kids to an expensive private school. Our life easily translated to gag worthy Instagram posts with designer purses and luxury vacations.

Now that I look back on the stress of our former life, I see how minimalism can help everyone. The stress you feel in your daily life is based on choices you’ve made over many years leading up to this point. Past choices do not have to dictate every future decision for the rest of time.

I’ve spent almost two decades coaching women business owners to create their best life. The most important thing I’ve learned over that time is that people suck at understanding what they truly want. You are socialized to think and feel so many incorrect things about happiness. Be sure to read my article, ‘Your Why is Wrong’ in order to start untangling the mess of misinformation in your head and heart.

In short, everyone would benefit from a shift towards minimalism. This minimalism online course shifts you away from being an accumulation mindset consumer.

What is the Minimalist Program

I’m sure you’re curious, “What is the minimalist program?” In the beginning you’ll find minimalism explained in detail. Several lessons center around the mental process of becoming a minimalist. Then you’ll find room by room lessons explaining how to go about minimizing every area of your home. There are lessons about maintaining your minimalist lifestyle after your initial purge, how to communicate about minimalism outside your home, and bonus lessons about digital minimalism, packing for vacation, and holding a successful garage sale.

In total you will find 33 lessons in this minimalism online course plus 4 bonus lessons.

As I’ve said, I never thought I’d be launching an e-course about minimalism. But damn am I proud of this program.

This minimalist program isn’t just about the logistics of purging your stuff. A substantial focus of this minimalism online course is the mental process you will go through as you decide what to get rid of. It’s easy to say, just get rid of your old clothes that don’t fit. But there is a real roller coaster of emotions when it comes to body image, money you spent, and memories from when you used to fit into those old clothes.

Minimalist Online Course was Born

I’ve been minimalism’s unpaid spokeswoman for years. My social media followers surely thought I was a broken record spewing minimalism to anyone who would listen. After repeating myself over and over all these years it only made sense to start an online course business about minimalism.

I researched the best time to launch an online course, how to launch your own course, and above all where to promote my e-course online. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about how to start an online course business. I’m an expert on minimalism.

I interviewed friends, clients, and social media followers to discover how to explain minimalism to regular people.

Once I realized why people were avoiding minimalism it helped me to create this minimalism online course.

Launching an E-Course About Minimalism

An e-course is the perfect way to teach minimalism. Lessons are self-paced to be watched and then complete actions. There is no point in sitting down and watching all the lessons straight through. You watch a lesson then walk away from the screen and complete the steps from the video.

Coaching clients one on one about minimalism is incredibly time consuming. Clients would constantly re-schedule sessions because they were always procrastinating their homework.

I don’t have a magic want to show up in everyone’s house and force them to do the things I tell them to do. At least with a self-paced course you are able to move fast when you are highly motivated and slow down when life gets in the way.

The best part about purchasing Messy to Minimalist is that you always have access to ask questions, share wins, or vent about a difficulty. You’ve got a community of other people on their minimalist journeys cheering you on!

Messy to Minimalist E-Course


Minimalism Explained

If you need minimalism explained like it’s a foreign language, you’re in the right place. This minimalist program will start at the beginning and get your mindset in the right place before you ever touch a single possession.

The end of covid might not be the best time to launch an online course, but if you’re ready for change in your life, today is the day. Right now you live a life based on expectations. You have based every goal on your upbringing, community, family, friends, and what you felt was possible.

Instead, this minimalist program will help you re-write your life path. Minimalism is not your goal. You have some other goal that you never let yourself think about and minimalism is the path to get you there.


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