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7 Tips For Decluttering Your Car

7 Tips For Decluttering Your Car

Since your vehicle isn’t part of your living quarters it often gets neglected in minimalism content. For most Americans a car is part of daily life and the state of the vehicle has the power to affect our mood. If you neglect decluttering your car it can cause stress and frustration during anxious morning and evening commutes.

Being intentional about the state of your car can set the tone for an entire day. Having everything you need without frantically searching is invaluable. At the same time, you want to simplify the items you keep in the car because there is a finite amount of space.

uring my pre-minimalism days, I cluttered my Honda Pilot. When I downsized to a Kia Sorento, I had to keep it more organized because it was smaller. Finally, as I became a minimalist I transitioned to the Kona EV which was the smallest car our family could possibly squeeze into. I had to really practice what I preached once our daily vehicle got that small.

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#1 Remove Trash

You might chuckle that the first tip is to get the garbage out, but c’mon you know how a car can get. Junk mail is between the seat and the console, empty Starbucks drink in the cup holder, dropped french fries are under the seat. Your first priority is removing the literal trash from every nook and cranny. Decluttering your car gets easier after this initial more labor intensive session.

#2 Relocate Items

Next, you need to identify items that you want to keep, they just don’t belong in the car. If soccer season ended last month and your cleats are still in the trunk, you must relocate those items to their proper home. Wrapping supplies you threw in the trunk on the way to a kids birthday party three weeks ago need to go back to their spot inside.

keep your car clean and decluttered with daily routines

#3 Organize

Now you need to get the items that will stay in the car organized. Create categories pertaining to work, school, hobby, and emergency situations. You need to decide what items should stay within reach and which items you can store under the trunk flooring. Remember, part of minimalism is having easier access to the important things.

#4 Invest in Items

The fun part! Your minimalist mentor wants you to go spend money. Figure out the proper items to get your car organized exactly how you want it. Invest in the phone clip you want, get the right-sized storage bins for your trunk, and buy the purse hook you’ve been dreaming of. These car organization items will all be small investments for a functional space you use daily.

#5 Trash Bin

Decide on an ongoing trash solution. There are bags that can be clipped to various places within a vehicle or their are cinch bag solutions that can be tossed around the car to whomever has garbage.

#6 Car Wash

A clean car inspires people to keep it clean. This Jedi mind trick simply means that clean spaces are more likely to stay clean. People treat a space as well as it looks, so make it look organized. Go vacuum the car out and spring for a car wish every now and again to keep the trend of decluttering your car alive.

wash your car to keep it fresh

#7 Declutter Daily

Maintaining a decluttered vehicle is much easier than having to do huge cleaning sessions on an ongoing basis. Each night you should remove all the relocate items and put them back to their proper spots inside your residence. Clear out any garbage from your designated bin. Plus, bring any supplies needed for the next day out of the house, to prepare your car for tomorrow.

Decluttering Your Vehicle is a Priority

In the go go go society we live in, creating an easy to use transportation experience is essential. Decluttering your car is a great way to simplify your life and reduce stress. By following these seven tips, you can reclaim your car and keep it clutter-free.

Imagine a stressful morning where everything is going wrong and you have an important presentation at work. The kids are acting a fool and you spilled coffee on your first outfit choice. In the rush out the door you don’t realize you forgot your computer bag. In a chaos car, you could look in the back seat and assume it’s tossed amid sports equipment and backpacks. But, in a clean car you could easily see no laptop bag as soon as you open the door. Your day is saved because your vehicle was clean.

Don’t procrastinate your minimalism progress. Roll up your sleeves and get started on decluttering your car today!


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