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10 Best Cheap Minimalist Products

10 Best Cheap Minimalist Products

When people take my Messy to Minimalist e-course they always side eye me for pretty quickly suggesting products for them to purchase. Everyone thinks minimalism is about not purchasing new items. On the contrary, minimalism is about purchasing the right items. This article will introduce some of the best cheap minimalist products to help you get organized and bring joy.

Learning to control your impulse to purchase unnecessary items starts with understanding why you press add to cart in the first place. You might be the type of person who spends money to give the appearance of wealth. It might be your intention to buy items that make it clear you’re a manly man. Buying things could be your way to fulfill a void in your life.

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Understanding our tendencies towards irrational buying patterns allows us to stop those behaviors. As you glance through this list, be aware that there is no once size fits all solution. Not every product I suggest will solve a problem that you have in your house.

Below are products that bring me joy and solve problems that existed in my space. I hope you will find this list of the best cheap minimalist products helpful.

Best Cheap Minimalist christmas organization

Minimalist Christmas Organization

Yes, even minimalists can decorate for the holidays. It’s time to give some major thought to all the holiday decor you have haphazardly stored awaiting it’s once per year appearance.

Proper storage containers for annually used items can bring massive relief. By using proper storage containers, your items are less likely to be damaged, easier to locate and will put you at ease when preparing to use them each year.

Snag my favorite ornament organizer

Minimalist Coffee Mug

Some minimalists find attraction to a very muted design aesthetic. Other minimalists, like myself, love loud items. I have very few possessions but statement pieces are found throughout.

I am not a morning person. Doesn’t matter if the morning is 7am or 1pm, waking up is rough for me. Cue the coffee. Have one coffee mug that you love reaching for to kick off your day.

Pour your coffee into a super oversized mug

Best Cheap Minimalist coffee cup
Best Cheap Minimalist bed frame

Minimalist Bed Frame

Speaking of waking up, if you go to bed each night in a bed you don’t love, it’s time to change that. We spend at least one third of our life in bed. You should make that time as lovely as possible.

My favorite minimalist look comes from a company called Zinus. Yes, I have this bed in my actual bedroom which is now a rental property.

On a grown up level this bed is great because it has a bar to strap things to. From an environmental perspective it is made from sustainable bamboo. Plus, from a cost standpoint it’s extremely cheap for a stylish steady bed frame.

Go to sleep in style with a new bed frame

Art You Love

Less is more when it comes to minimalist decor. But, I am not the kind of minimalist that wants to be surrounded by blank white walls.

Cue these amazing vinyl stickers. No matter if you rent or own, leaving no damage on the wall is a win. You can change your mind frequently and put new stickers on the wall on a whim.

Jazz up your space with vinyl decor

art for minimalists

Minimalist Food Storage

The way our kitchen storage develops is at best random. We put stuff away wherever there is room with any item we happen to have available.

Intentional organization is very minimalist. Going through and creating a purposeful storage system encourages ditching the items that don’t suit your needs.

Give your kitchen a minimalist overhaul

Best Cheap Minimalist food storage
Best Cheap Minimalist grocery bag

Reusable Grocery Bag

I know, you’ve got tons of totes. It’s time to streamline your bag overload. How many times have you forgotten your grocery bags in the car or in the house? I was the same.

My issue was that I could never figure out how to fold up the dang bag to get it back into the attached pouch. Don’t judge.

But, now I have a bag that has a separate pouch! It does not require some crazy origami folds to get it stuffed in there. My grocery bag lives in my purse and no matter where I am I’ve got a storage bag with me.

My secret weapon to remembering my grocery bag

Minimalist Window Coverings

Our surroundings have such a dramatic affect on our well-being. Having natural light during the day and darkness while we sleep aide in our circadian rhythm.

Typically, window coverings are considered expensive and potentially custom, but with this product, it is not the case. I can’t say enough good things about these Arlo window coverings. These blinds are in every room of my house except the bathrooms.

If you love sleeping in a cave, get these blinds

Best Cheap Minimalist window covering
Best Cheap Minimalist hangers

Minimalist Hangers

Closets are emotional mine fields, especially for women. Overhauling your closet is as simple as getting new hangers.

Your first closet purge will happen as you switch from your old plastic hangers to new velvet hangers. Gradually you will start deciding certain clothing isn’t worth wasting one of your nice new hangers on, and that item will go in a donate pile.

Fancify your closet with velvet hangers

Dedicated Workspace

I’m guilty of making the bed, couch, and dining room table into my office. Letting work overtake spaces intended for other things is less than desirable.

Create a clear dedicated workspace to work more productively. Even children deserve a place where their mind can focus on the task at hand.

This particular desk I’m linking is lavender in one of my child’s rooms and teal in the other child’s room. I love things being consistent throughout the house while still allowing personalization.

Give your children a place to focus

Best Cheap Minimalist kids desk

Best Cheap Minimalist Products to Transform Your Space

Investing in the right products for your space will quickly bring calm into your life. Your space should bring you joy, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can start with the best cheap minimalist products to see quick results for minimal money.

These are the solutions that have worked for me in my home. Let me know what you think of this list. Are there other best cheap minimalist products I should add for people to know about? I’m always open to new ideas.

Best of luck on your journey to minimizing and simplifying your home.

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