What is Minimalism

Minimalism is a movement that favors experiences over material possessions. I give the elevator speech of what I do here at Nomad Veronica surely a hundred times per week. Without fail the number one question people ask after my pitch is, “What is minimalism?”

At this point, I almost feel like I am selling the concept of minimalism. The vast majority of people I meet surprisingly have not heard of the concept. It is fun educating people on how becoming a minimalist can, in fact, improve their lives.  However, most of my conversations are centered around all the things that minimalism isn’t.

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Things Minimalism Isn’t:

  • Owning only as many items as can fit in a backpack
  • Having less than 100 possessions
  • Only having one pair of shoes or jacket or bra or (insert any item here)
  • An empty pantry
  • Getting rid of family heirlooms or incredibly sentimental items
  • Empty walls and no decorations
  • Living in a tiny home or off grid

People have all kinds of pre-conceived notions about how strict the rules are for minimalists. Being a minimalist doesn’t require joining a club or taking a test, contrarily minimalism is what you make it.  Don’t let the scary extreme versions of minimalism deter you from implementing minimalist principles into your life.

What is Minimalism?

  • It is a verb
  • Actively choosing to have less so you can experience more
  • Having items that serve a purpose (hint: that purpose can be that it makes you feel good)
  • In general, being able to find any item you are looking for
  • Not feeling overwhelmed by your possessions
  • Healthy attachments to items
  • Less stress, more calm

Minimalist Challenge

If you’re ready to explore the concept of minimalism in your life, join our Facebook community. I am also building a fun and supportive group of like minded people on Clubhouse if you want to listen to my free audio trainings.

How to Become a Minimalist

Becoming a minimalist allows room for experiences beyond the burden items cause most people. How many times have you heard someone say they can’t do something because they are cleaning their house or complain how hard it was having people over because cleaning took so long? Minimalists have a much easier time maintaining their homes because they don’t have so many personal objects to contend with.

What is minimalism to you?

what is minimalism

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