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7 Remote Businesses You Can Start This Weekend

7 Remote Businesses You Can Start This Weekend

Aspiring digital nomads commonly ask me about the best places to start their remote job search. Landing a great remote job is becoming more and more common but tax complications, time zones, and the increased competition still make it a difficult line of work to get into. However, your search for remote jobs can end by just creating your own remote career.

Some of the best remote jobs are actually contract work or providing services to various industries through an agency you create. Starting a remote business can enhance your nomadic lifestyle by giving you more control over hours, pay, and the specific location you work.

In this article you’re going to find the most in-demand new remote jobs for 2024. You’ve come to the right place to learn different ways of leveraging skills into a remote business. Instead of scouring remote job postings you can create your own job type and offer your services to different fields remotely.

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  1. Virtual Assistant Services
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Online Tutoring or Coaching
  4. Freelance Writing or Content Creation
  5. E-commerce Business
  6. Web or Graphic Design
  7. App Development or Software Engineering
how to search for remote jobs

1. Virtual Assistant Services

In the era of digital workspaces and online entrepreneurs the need for virtual assistants (VAs) is exploding. You’ll find VAs providing valuable support with project management, customer service, and a multitude of administrative tasks. Companies who need VA’s often times don’t even realize they need a virtual assistant.

Key Skills

When advertising virtual assistant services be specific. Potential employers are spread thin and if you can show them that tasks they are sick of doing could be outsourced than your value is priceless:

  • Social Media – Create reels, carousel posts, SEO YouTube descriptions, and improve click through from Pinterest.
  • Website Marketing – Create a backlink strategy, make web stories, utilize RSS feeds, improve search engine optimization.
  • Email Etiquette – Learn to reply to business communications concisely and professionally on behalf of the business you are hired to represent.

Key Tools

Remote work opportunities for virtual assistants often involve collaborating with remote employees. You’ll need to be proficient with:

  • Project Management Tools – Familiarity with software like Google Sheets, Asana, Trello, or
  • Cloud Services – Google Drive, Dropbox, and similar platforms for file sharing and collaboration.
  • Password Sharing – Have an account on LastPass for sharing account access.

Quick Guide for Finding Flexible Jobs

Seek out flexible jobs that align with your lifestyle, allowing you to balance work with personal responsibilities. Here’s a quick format to structure your search:

  • Sort by relevance and date on each remote job board.
  • Pitch companies directly who are lacking in an area you can assist with.
  • Create relationships by first offering your services on platforms like Freelancer and UpWork.

Remember, the key to finding your ideal virtual assistant role is to effectively showcase your capability in managing tasks remotely while being an integral part of a dynamic team.

how to search for remote jobs

2. Social Media Management

If you’re venturing into the world of remote work, social media management offers a vibrant path to combine your love for digital marketing and social media platforms. In this role, you typically create content, handle customer support, and strategize to build brand presence online.

Where to Begin

  • Identify your Skillset – You should have a keen understanding of various social media platforms, some graphic design skills, and video editing abilities.
  • Preparation – Brush up on digital marketing trends and familiarize yourself with tools that help manage social campaigns.
  • Using AI – Learn to leverage the use of tools like Lately and Video Reformat AI to make your job easier.
  • Understanding Analytics – One of the extra steps you can take to increase your value is to become skilled in leveraging analytics to pivot content.

Finding Opportunities

  • Check out remote job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, and filter for social media manager positions in the remote category.
  • Explore specialized platforms such as Upwork for freelancer for contract roles.
  • Pitch yourself to influencers or local businesses who are on social media but not growing.

Networking and Growth

  • Immerse yourself in digital nomad communities to network and share insights.
  • Join groups or forums where remote workers exchange tips on how to search for remote jobs.

Remember, a strong portfolio showcasing your experience across different industries can considerably enhance your appeal to potential employers. Keep learning and adapting to new social media dynamics to stay ahead in the digital space.

how to search for remote jobs

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3. Online Tutoring or Coaching

If you’re keen on leveraging your educational expertise, online tutoring or coaching could be your gateway to a fulfilling remote role. With your skillset, you can guide students or clients from anywhere in the world. The digital age makes virtual vocations like these not only possible but also increasingly popular.

Identifying Your Niche

First, define your area of expertise. Are you a wizard at mathematics or a maestro in language arts? Then, solidify your knowledge in that domain. This specificity helps remote job seekers like you stand out to potential clients or employers.


Your passion for numbers and problem-solving can become your biggest asset. If you’re knowledgeable in algebra, calculus, or even advanced topics like statistics, your mathematical expertise is invaluable. Tailor your services to students or professionals seeking help in these areas. Emphasize your ability to simplify complex concepts, making mathematics accessible and even enjoyable for your clients. This specific skill set differentiates you from general remote job seekers, appealing directly to those in need of mathematical guidance.


If your forte lies in the realms of biology, chemistry, physics, or any other scientific field, there’s a wide audience waiting for you. Your deep understanding of scientific concepts and ability to communicate them effectively makes you a perfect candidate for remote science tutoring. Offer your services to students or even adults looking to expand their scientific knowledge. Position yourself as someone who can bring the world of science to life, beyond just the theoretical, making it a practical and engaging subject for learners of all ages.

Language Arts

As a language arts enthusiast, your expertise in reading, writing, and critical analysis is a beacon for those struggling in these areas. If you are helping students with literature assignments, improving writing skills, or offering insights into the depth of poetry and prose, then your guidance can be transformative. Showcase your ability to enhance comprehension and expression, two skills highly sought after in the remote job market, especially among students and professionals looking to polish their communication skills.

Test Prep

Specializing in test preparation offers a unique opportunity. Your understanding of exams like SAT, ACT, GRE, or even specialized tests like LSAT or MCAT makes you a valuable asset. Highlight your strategies for tackling these tests, including time management, critical thinking, and specific content areas. This niche is particularly lucrative as you’re catering to a broad spectrum of remote job seekers, from high school students to adults pursuing further education or career changes.


If music is your calling, there’s a whole world of remote opportunities waiting for you. If your expertise is in playing instruments, music theory, or vocal training, your skills are in demand. Offer personalized lessons, performance techniques, or even music history education. Your ability to connect with students remotely and share your passion for music sets you apart in the remote job sphere, attracting a diverse range of clients from aspiring musicians to hobbyists.

In each of these sections, make sure to stress the importance of not just your knowledge, but also your ability to teach and engage remotely. This is what truly makes you stand out in the remote job market.

Crafting Your Profile

For a successful job search, create a compelling profile on job platforms. Highlight your qualifications and previous experience. Be honest and professional to build trust with your audience.

Make Yourself Stand Out:

  • Include testimonials from clients who have had great results after your tutoring.
  • Write and publish a book through Amazon KDP which will show your authority.
  • Have a professional looking office space to conduct your sessions.
how to search for remote jobs

Networking and Best Practices

Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Connect with fellow tutors and join relevant groups on social media. Sharing best practices can lead to new opportunities and enhance your online tutoring or coaching business. Remember, it’s about what you know and who you know.

Finding Remote Tutoring Jobs

There are tutor gig websites where you can create a profile and clients will reach out to you. But, you can also create an online presence and cut out the middle man of using an online tutoring website to find open positions.

4. Freelance Writing or Content Creation

In the evolving landscape of remote work culture, you might find the allure of a home office quite appealing. Freelance writing and content creation offer you the flexibility to work from anywhere, giving you the autonomy to design your workspace to your liking. One of the best things about these career categories is the ability to create residual income which has a compounding effect as time goes on.

Popular job categories in this field range from blog writing to video production. There are numerous sites where you can submit writing in exchange for one time payments. But, if you take that same content and publish on sites like Medium then you can get paid based on the number of readers who are paid members. It’s even better if you have the patience to grow your own website where you have full control.

Best Remote Job Sites for Freelance Writers and Content Creators

  • Smartblogger – If you are looking for a home job writing you can look at this collection of remote job openings for writers.
  • Creative Penn – Follow Joanna Penn’s advice and become a successful self-published author on Amazon KDP.
  • – Opportunities for both freelance contracts and full-time positions

Remember, content creation is not confined to just blog or book writing. Think social media posts, press release writing, and video production. Each is a distinct and sought-after skill in the digital marketplace. Ensure your skills and portfolio align with these in-demand niches to carve your path in the future of work.

Lastly, adapt to the remote work culture by networking, keeping abreast of market trends, and consider scaling your efforts by hiring remote team members. Your journey in freelance writing or content creation begins with writing your first words.

I’m about 300 articles deep into my remote writing adventure and I’ve already scaled to multiple employees. My homepage was designed by Ivory, web stories are created by John, most blog posts are written by Julian and Jen, and my Pinterest is run by Mae. This blog is a team effort relying heavily on remote workers from the Philippines. If you’re looking to post your first remote job, head over to Online Jobs for reliable freelancers.

5. E-commerce Business

Creating an e-commerce business can range from creating print on demand products to sourcing the best affiliate products from around the web. In the beginning most people bootstrap their e-commerce ventures by doing all the jobs themselves. However, e-commerce is filled with part-time jobs which can later be outsourced. You can eventually graphic designers, content creators, customer service, and data entry professionals.

Hiring E-commerce Remote Workers

There are numerous online platforms where you can post remote job listings. But, after a lot of trial and error I can’t say enough good things about Online Jobs. I have hired all the support staff for this site from Online Jobs. 

Types of Remote E-commerce Positions

  • Customer Service – Answer client emails and respond to feedback posted publicly online.
  • Data Entry – Input product information and maintain databases.
  • E-commerce Manager – Oversee online sales strategies and web content.
  • Web Designers – Maintain website content and create graphics as needed.

When writing your job description for an e-commerce remote job, required skills, such as proficiency in e-commerce platforms, attention to detail, English speaking ability, and exceptional time management. Don’t forget to mention if a minimum internet connection speed is required, as workers in developing countries may not always have fast wi-fi. With these tips, your quest to hire your first freelancer for your e-commerce business will be a success.

how to search for remote jobs

6. Web or Graphic Design

Finding remote ok jobs in web or graphic design is fairly easy. Independent graphic designers are hired all the time by top remote companies for both gig and contract work. Whereas small local businesses are always in need of reliable web designers to create or maintain their online presence.

Discover Platforms Specializing in Remote Work

Start by exploring job boards dedicated to remote opportunities. Sites like We Work Remotely and often list jobs in design fields. For more control over your remote profession you can dedicate yourself to a particular niche and advertise yourself specifically to businesses you would like to service.

One example would be to go take lots of beautiful photos of plumbing fixtures at various showrooms and then work your way through all the plumbers with good reviews but no online presence. You can repeat that kind of process for various industries like landscaping, electricians, general contractors, or HVAC service companies.

Update Your Online Portfolio

Your portfolio is your digital handshake. Showcase your best work and ensure it’s up-to-date. Include a diverse range of projects to demonstrate your capabilities.

  • Use Social Media and Networking – LinkedIn and other social media platforms can be powerful networking tools.
  • Connect with industry professionals and join groups related to web and graphic design.

Impress with Your Original Content

By providing original photos and a portfolio of success stories in the industry you can move through various geographical regions providing the same offer. A major benefit of sticking with a specific industry for a while is that you will understand their jargon, be able to suggest new offerings, and have a deep understanding of effective marketing ideas.

Remote Job Opportunities by Industry

Tech StartupsWebsite UI/UX design
MarketingDigital campaign graphics
PublishingE-book and web content design

Creative industries are in constant need of talented designers, making it easier for you to find opportunities that suit your lifestyle. Remember, being a digital nomad means you can work from anywhere, so tailor your job search to reflect the lifestyle you want to cultivate.

7. App Development or Software Engineering

When you’re trying to land a new job in the tech industry, specifically look for roles in app development or software engineering.  Tech jobs like software developers and software engineers are increasingly location-independent, offering you the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere. Plus, even though startups are risky they often pay well over market rate and also offer equity positions for people in certain roles.

Identify Your Niche

First, pinpoint whether you’re more inclined towards app development or software engineering. While both require coding skills, app development often focuses on mobile or web applications, whereas software engineering can involve broader technical architecture.

Search Strategically

To optimize how to search for remote jobs, use job boards that cater to tech roles. Examples include Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs, and specialized remote job websites. Tailor your search with keywords like “remote software developer” or “remote software engineer” to filter the relevant opportunities.

Perfect Your Application

Your resume should reflect not just your technical expertise, but also your capability to work independently, a trait highly valued in remote positions. Highlight any prior experience you have in working remotely, and when possible, showcase your work through a well-maintained GitHub repository or portfolio website.

Leverage Knowledge into Your Own Creation

After working a regular job in software development or app creation you might feel ready to venture out on your own. Leveraging skills you learned on the clock is a great way to launch into your own online remote career. Once you get an idea that seems poised for income creation, go for it.

how to search for remote jobs

Remember, companies in the tech industry often look for candidates who can adapt to rapidly changing technologies and methodologies. Keep your skills sharp with continuous learning and be ready to showcase your adaptability in your application process.

Start Your Remote Career Now

In your quest for how to search for remote jobs, you’ve armed yourself with effective strategies that can significantly increase your chances of landing the perfect remote job as a freelancer, independent contractor, or agency owner. Remember, a flexible schedule and an improved work-life balance are within reach.

Persistently search through recommended job boards, optimize your online profiles, and tailor your application. Seamlessly maneuver between applying for remote jobs and pitching yourself to companies that are a good fit for your business. The best way to create a remote career is to be open and flexible.

If remote job offer doesn’t fit with your career goals be willing to say no. Your digital nomad life should prioritize work-life balance above people pleasing. Don’t burn bridges if you decide to turn down a hiring manager because you never know when they might have the perfect opportunity for your professional growth.

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