Pack for Vacation Like a Minimalist

Are you tired of lugging around too many suitcases on your vacations? If you’ve ever wished for a more streamlined travel experience it’s time to learn to pack like a minimalist.

Minimalists thrive on focusing their attention on what matters most in their life.

In the case of vacation, a minimalist likely desires experiencing new surroundings, soaking in culture, and enjoying tasty food.

Before Your Trip

Prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to luggage. You don’t need a matching five piece set like your grandparents generation treasured.

During Your Trip

Don’t pack your suitcase to the gills just because you can. Leave room for items you want to bring back.

Pack Like a Minimalist

By following these tips, you can pack for your vacation like a minimalist, and have a more comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Consider Weather

Check the latest weather report and assume it is relatively accurate. Don’t pack that skimpy dress to a winter destination on the off chance you get a day of unexpected sun.

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