8 Ways Becoming a Minimalist Can Be Fun

To everyone who’s thought about minimalism in the past but couldn’t bring themselves to start because it seems like such a drag, I hear you.

There are a freaking lot of steps from where you start to where you want to end up. I want to show you that the journey to becoming a minimalist can be fun.

Starting any new habit is hard. Add in the fact that minimalism has a stigma, can be lonely, and requires a ton of personal effort and I can see why the average person would avoid it.

#1 Invite a Friend

Doing things with loved ones is just more fun! Encourage a friend or family member to join you on your minimalism journey.

#2 Make it a Game

Turn your minimizing sessions into something you look forward to. Each session should have unique goals.

#3 Learn New Skills

Use the decluttering journey to fall down some hobby rabbit holes. As you are clearing out items you haven’t seen in years, consider utilizing or fixing that object.

#4 Give Back

As you declutter your excess items there will be lots of opportunity for reflection about how privileged you are.

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