6 Ways Minimalism Can Create Income

Shift your focus from societal expectations to what is truly important to you with minimalism.

Unless you are an mega millionaire there are financial realities that must come into play as you progress on your minimalist journey.

In this guide we’ll explore how minimalism can create an income and thus securing your financial future.

#1 Sell Items

The most common initial influx of cash comes from selling items as you declutter. Click 'Learn More' for a guide to earn maximum profit from a kick off garage sale.

#2 Create a Blog

If you have a specific interest or a range of interests creating a blog will allow you to share your ideas and create an income stream.

#3 Consult

If you are an expert at something then offer your services as a consultant on that topic. Not everyone needs to be a general business coach to have value in the market.

#4 Sell Digital Products

You can sell e-books through kindle, low content through Kindle Direct Publishing, or print shirts via Merch by Amazon.

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