5 Airbnb Hosting Secrets

Looking back on the history of Airbnb, we see that the very first short-term rental was set up as an air mattress in the founder’s living room.

These days guests expct a  LOT more than an air mattress. Only hosts and homes with great reviews will make consistant revenue.

This business is all about people relating. Connecting is fun! Your space might not be perfect right now, but Airbnb rental decorating is easier than it sounds.

Leave Yourself in the Home

Being viewed as real people is especially important because the way we run our business rarely results in us meeting any guests face-to-face.

Airbnb Rental Decorating

Whether your kitchen has bright red cabinets or you showcase African art in your living room, these are the kinds of spaces that Airbnb guests love.

Ask Careful Questions

The question I’ve found most helpful to glean information is: What are you most excited about during your visit? Their answer usually yields a detailed response.

Personalize a Welcome Gift

Investors who interject themselves into the sharing economy often lose sight of the person-to-person connection.

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