10 Tools to Accelerate Your Minimalist Journey

Starting a minimalist journey can be as challenging as it is rewarding. You don’t have to pursue this lifestyle without resources.

You will find guidance on every aspect of minimalism in this blog. Today we’re exploring tools for your minimalist journey.

Using the right tools for your minimalist journey can make your path both easier and faster.

#1 Timer

You can use your phone timer or an egg timer from your kitchen for your purge parties. Set time boundaries for your decluttering sessions.

#2 Label Maker

Creating intention through labels feels like a big commitment. Consider the organization of a space carefully before buying label tape, so you don’t waste money.

#3 Scanner

One of the biggest space suckers in a home is old photographs. So many photos taking up your space are absolutely unidentifiable.

#4 Budgeting App

Learning new spending habits and getting control of your finances is my favorite fringe benefit of minimalism.

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