Date your Husband Again

Most long term committed relationships fall into predictable patterns of behavior. Routines and obligations stop partners from making time to connect

Your partner is your primary relationship in life which does not mean you get to ignore them for 18+ years and automatically end up happy once the kids move out.

Love can be unconditional but desire, affection, agreeability, and selflessness are not unconditional.

Quality Time With Your Partner

Spending quality time with your partner can be simple, free, and enjoyable.

Learn Your Partners Love Language

Anyone in a committed relationship or in reality anyone who interacts with people on a regular basis would benefit from learning Gary Chapman’s love languages theory.

Keeping Your Relationship Spicy

Giving or getting a massage isn’t just great advice because your nerve endings are being stimulated causing desire.

Logistics of Making Time for Date Night

Something about first world culture perpetuates the myth that parents can’t ask for help.

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