Can Minimalism Be Colorful?

Minimalism is often associated with neutral colors like white, beige, and gray. However, can minimalism also incorporate bright, bold colors? The answer is yes, minimalism can be colorful!

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice centered around joy, simplicity, and purpose, not just a specific color palette.

The belief that minimalism is monochromatic is misleading and an excuse for people to reject minimalist principles.

Colors of Minimalist Homes

Colorful minimalism isn't just stark white. Your favorite color might be glitter or rainbow and that still works.

Colorful Minimalist Lifestyle

Creating a colorful minimalist home is in no way less minimalist than the monochromatic images on social media.

Use Pops of Color

Use pops of color throughout your space to add interest. For example, add a brightly colored throw throw blanket, patterned pillows, or paint one accent wall in a bold color.

Invest in Statement Pieces

Most people stick with neutrals for large pieces of furniture, fabric, or art work in their home, you don't have to be most people.

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