5 Best Minimalist Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Minimalist parents get a lot of negative feedback about how their lifestyle is going to impact their children.

Let’s take a look at how my family celebrates a minimalist birthday party for our kids.

At this point we’ve celebrated six birthdays for my older daughter and five birthdays for my younger daughter since becoming minimalists.

#1 Family Meal at Home

Family can mean different things to different people. You can keep your eating extravaganza to immediate family or extend the invite to anyone your child considers family.

#2 Family Meal Out

Again, who you choose to call family is not the important part of this minimalist birthday celebration. Food and focused attention on the birthday child is the point of the meal.

#3 Intimate Friend Party

My kids both chose intimate friend parties this year. An intimate friend party is one with very few guests which allows for a more extensive experience.

#4 Wider Friend Party

A minimalist birthday party for kids can look pretty similar to a traditional birthday party. But instead of splurging on decorations you focus spending on the experience.

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