Your Why Is Wrong

Motivation is the cornerstone of progress in our lives. In entrepreneurship circles this is often referred to as “your why.” Your why is the ultimate reason you do things.

Almost everyone has at least some answer as to their why. Parents will commonly say their reason to work hard is their children. 

People who work in social services might claim their motivation comes from helping others. Anyone involved in community action could believe their purpose is creating positive change in the community.

Socially Acceptable Why

If you are somebody who already knows your why, chances are it is very superficial. Society has molded your vision of what is possible for “someone like you.”

“Why” That Lives in Your Head

There is a secondary level of desire that you like to think about but you never really let the idea out of your head.

The “Why” You Kick in the Face

This third level of desire enters your mind and you immediately kick the idea in the face.

Use That Motivation

Once you realize that fleeting thought could actually be fostered into your daily life, it is a game changer.

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