The Dark Side of Minimalism

Minimalism, like any other lifestyle choice, can have its own set of pros and cons. While minimalism can bring many benefits such as less stress, increased productivity...

and improved well-being, it can also have a negative side. Explore further the dark side of minimalism to decide if becoming a minimalist is right for you.

Remember, don’t judge any group of people by the actions of its most fringe members. By some estimates there are altogether over thirty million minimalists in America already.

Convert or Shame

Without a doubt the biggest dark side of minimalism are followers that demand conformity or ridicule. Minimalism has risen to an almost religious adjacent organization.

Extreme Minimalism

Minimalism can be taken to an extreme, where individuals may feel the need to get rid of all their possessions.


The newly conformed minimalist has the option to desperately cling to existing relationships or seek out a new circle.

Parental Neglect

I hate to even think about the adults responsible for tiny humans who might use minimalism as an excuse to neglect them.

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