Perfect Budget Friendly Travel Charcuterie Board

Incorporate a travel charcuterie board for vacations or full-time travel.

If you are looking for a wooden board for the first time you may be overwhelmed.

The perfect charcuterie board will be a major crowd pleaser for your next tailgate party or holiday season.

A Culinary Adventure On-the-Go

As a full-time traveling family we utilize charcuterie boards as a great option to sample local flavors displayed like a piece of art.

The Gourmet Experience Every Traveler Craves

Enter the Travel Charcuterie Board — your wandering culinary desires can try out new types of cheese, a variety of cured meat, and colorful fresh fruit.

A New Twist on a Timeless Tradition

Charcuterie boards have long graced our holiday party at home, boasting an assortment of soft cheeses, salami river, different shapes of fruits, and more.

Join Us on a Culinary Journey

Whether you’re an international globetrotter or someone who enjoys van life roadside meals, there’s a travel charcuterie board perfect for you.

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