Is Your Parent a Hoarder?

Do you think your parent is a hoarder? Hoarding is a disorder that affects millions of people worldwide.

People don’t just get over being a hoarder. Sending them this story or getting them to read a book won’t make them snap out of their hoarding.

This story will explore the symptoms of hoarding and how you can help your parent identify and overcome it.

What is Hoarding?

The #1 thing every child of a hoarder should know is that hoarding is a complex mental disorder, and it is not their parents fault.

How to Help Your Parent

If you believe that your parent is a hoarder, it’s important to approach the situation with sensitivity and compassion.

Educate Yourself

Learning about hoarding disorder can help you understand the condition. You can start to understand why your parent is struggling to get rid of possessions.

Talk to Your Parent

Have an open and honest conversation with your parent about their hoarding behavior.

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