Go from Minimalist to Nomad

Minimalism and nomadism have a lot in common. Six years ago we became a minimalist family.

Almost three years ago we became a nomad family. Now we are a minimalist nomad family living in Tokyo, Japan.

I created this website and my coaching programs to help other families take a straighter path to their end goal.

What Is a Minimalist?

A minimalist is someone who chooses to possess less stuff despite the cultural norms.

What Is a Nomad?

A nomad is someone who moves from place to place. Historically nomads were commonly found to move based on seasonality of a region.

Can Parents Become Minimalist Digital Nomads?

Of course you can be a parent and a minimalist digital nomad. Both lifestyles prioritize simplicity, freedom, and flexibility.

Why Go from Minimalist to Nomadic?

One of the main benefits of minimalism is the freedom it provides. By decluttering your life, you free up space, time, money, and energy.

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