Can You Poop On a Plane?

Your Guide to  In-Flight Bowel Movements

You know there's a bathroom  on the airplane, but  what exactly are the rules for  doing your business while flying?

If your tummy feels funny  mid-flight....   Can you poop on a plane? Fear not, dear traveler!

In this ultimate guide to airborne poops, we’ll help you navigate the ins and outs of using airplane bathrooms, with humor and valuable insights every step of the way.

Timing Is Everything: Choosing the Best Time to Use the Restroom

To avoid long lines and cramped conditions, try to visit the lavatory during non-peak times.

If there are multiple people waiting, you may be sent back to your seat. Read the full article so you know when to jump up for your #2.

How to be a Considerate Pooper Mid Air

Keep it quiet: The airplane makes a lot of noise to cover your noises. Keep it quick: Avoid lingering in the lavatory.

How to Be a Considerate Pooping Passenger

Leave it clean: Close the lid and wipe surfaces for the next person. Lingering Smell: Bring travel size deodorizing spray to mask the aroma.

What to Bring for a Smooth Experience

– Wear your shoes! – Leave your phone at your seat – Bring travel-sized air freshener

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