17 Things Making Your House Look Cluttered

You’ve cleaned your house. You have spent your nights and weekends organizing your stuff.

No matter what you seem to do, the excess stuff is making your house look cluttered. All the time and energy you’ve put into organizing your clutter never solves the underlying problem.

These 17 things are making your house look cluttered.

#1 Decorative Items

While a few well-chosen decorative items can add personality to a room, too many can make a space look cluttered and overwhelming.

#2 Too Much Furniture

A room with too much furniture will feel cramped and cluttered. Consider removing unnecessary pieces or downsizing the scale of the furniture.

#3 Cluttered Surfaces

Prevent your surfaces from being dumping grounds for items you want to delay dealing with properly.

#4 Pillow Overload

You shouldn’t need to remove all non-functional pillows to prepare your bed for sleeping. If a pillow is not serving a functional purpose than it is hindering your ability to live.

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