12 Travel Tips for Siblings That Fight

If you have kids that fight, you need to learn my travel tips for siblings that fight, so you can keep exploring too.

At the end of my life, I hope to die with a lifetime of memories, not dreams. Travel is above all my favorite way to create memories. But I have two daughters who fight like it is their job.

I don’t let their bickering stop us from seeing the world. We've been traveling non-stop for 3 years now. Here's how I learned to manage their behavior around the globe....

Tip #1 Set Expectations

My favorite tactic is to discuss thoroughly what actions each child is going to take to clarify expectations.

Tip #2 Kind Words

By concentrating on a positive instead of a negative they are building feelings of affection toward one another.

Tip #3 Silly Face

This is without a doubt one of my favorite travel tips for siblings that fight. It is amazing what making a silly face can do to de-escalate a situation.

Tip #4 Distract

You can find great gear for your distraction bag of tricks in the Target dollar spot or the Dollar Tree.

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