12 Habits Every Minimalist Follows

Minimalists come in so many shapes and forms. There are no hard and fast rules that dictate all of minimalism. But, there are twelve key habits that every minimalist follows.

The reasons people become minimalists and the way they live their day to day lives is as unique as a falling snowflake. Even minimalists have trouble agreeing on a core set of values.

So whether you’re a seasoned minimalist or just starting to learn about the lifestyle, these habits should be embraced.

#1 Prioritizing

Prioritizing what is essential, what brings them joy, or whatever they choose to keep is something every minimalist does.

#2 Decluttering

You engage in constant re-assessment of what items deserve a place in your life. Items have a way of aging themselves out of relevancy in your life.

#3 Simplifying

The desire to simplify may or may not exclusively be in regards to possessions. Every minimalist wants to simplify something.

#4 Mindfulness

Getting rid of distractions in life through simplifying your space or schedule or mind, allows you to be more focused on the present.

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